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  1. unknown
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    where is yao ming???

    1. white jamacian
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  2. Kenneth Fink
    Kenneth Fink at |

    This list is horrible, to put Nate Robinson ahead of any of these players is outright stupidity. He sucks!!! All he can do is jump and that is it, he barely plays for crappy Knicks team. At least Webb had skills beyond dunking, including three straight seasons of 18+ points per game as a King not to mention he was a starter. Avery Johnson shouldn't even be on the list, and to not have Calvin Murphy #1 is slap in the face to the only guy on the list who is or will ever be in the Hall of Fame. (Bogues has an outside shot, but I doubt it) The list idea is great, but the order is and some of the players included are senseless.

    1. TyP
      TyP at |

      @Kenneth Fink

      How can you say Nate Robinson sucks? You obviously never watch a game he played. He has one of the biggest hearts on the court.

      2008-2009 with the Knicks he average 17.2 ppg with many 30+ points and one including 41 points in a game. Also had a huge block on Yao Ming.

      Nate is an explosive player to watch. He just needs to have the opportunity to play.

      1. Thom
        Thom at |

        Nate may very well be the most unguardable player on here, given his superior (even to Spud Webb) athleticism and defensive ability. Or maybe Mighty Mouse…

    2. Muggsy Bogues
      Muggsy Bogues at |

      Hey kenneth, the list is about the shortest players in the nba and not about the skills of the shortest nba players…before you make any comments, pls. read and make sure you understand what you are reading for you to make intelligent comments eh?

      1. Avery Johnson
        Avery Johnson at |

        @Kenneth muggsey was great, plus he had a good jump shot. hornets rule. haha!

    3. dj
      dj at |

      umm I think the order was from tallest to shortest not worst to best

    4. Sam Sneed
      Sam Sneed at |

      You nimcompoop. Learn how to read.

  3. elsewhere
    elsewhere at |

    it would've been really useful if u had doubled in metric. as it is now i have no idea how tall, or short, these guys actually are.

    1. Ben
      Ben at |

      People cannot still be this dumb can they?

      Heard of google?
      So easy to find out the metric equivalent if you take 5 seconds to search online…..

      1. elsewhere
        elsewhere at |

        no need for name calling.

        i read this site to unwind and learn fun facts. I can’t be hassled to google and transfer every player’s height in meters(which most of the world uses)

        1. Ben
          Ben at |

          It would have taken like 1min at most.
          Instead you would rather wait ages for someone to reply to your comment.


  4. dknypg83
    dknypg83 at |

    @unknown, c'mon, yao ming at 7' 6" (229 cm) would be in the list of the tallest!! and @kanneth, ya, the list is about the shortest men who has ever been accepted in the NBA, not among the best… still, good review though… btw, @elsewhere, it's easy… just change the feet-inches into inches only (1 foot = 12 inches), then multiply by 2.54 if u wanna get them in centimeters… just for your reference, 5'11" would mean 180 cm and the shortest 5'3" would be equivalent to 160 cm… anyway, interesting post!! cheers…

  5. KingSwagga323
    KingSwagga323 at |

    Ken Y u seem so mad? & btw have u not watched nate play? He has a outside shot Dummy. Stop being such a Hater!

  6. Sports Star Pro
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    Remember, smaller ball players are always faster. This is because smaller players have to work harder to compete with the taller ones and you have to have more speed. However, speed is just not enough. You should also have more stamina to run off your tail.

  7. Issues in Sport
    Issues in Sport at |

    The contest was made more interesting because Spud Webb was up against his Atlanta Hawks team mate Dominique Wilkins at the time. Wilkins was the winner of the previous year’s slam dunk contest so he was the man to beat. The air was full of excitement as Wilkins, also known as the Human Highlight Film, went up against the short Webb.

  8. Charlie Hall
    Charlie Hall at |

    Louis Herman “Red” Klotz belongs on the list. He played for the Baltimore Bullets in the 1940s and is 5’7″. He is best known for being the owner/coach of the team known as the Washington Generals who have lost over 13,000 games to the Harlem Globetrotters.

  9. Jay
    Jay at |

    How about Charlie Criss?

  10. name
    name at |

    where is j.j barea

  11. Tristan
    Tristan at |

    man those are some short dudes… where is john stockton…

    here is a funny joke I saw about the Miami heat and the Lord of the Rings, http://ponderingstuff.com/2011/11/14/miami-heat-rings/

  12. Baseball Training
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    the dunk contest with spud webb back in the 80’s was one of the best contests all time

  13. Nicholas
    Nicholas at |

    I just coming here to know about the small players of NBA!
    Idont know if better be a big tall or small player.

  14. Naveen
    Naveen at |

    Isiah Thomas hasn’t been listed here, but should be. His height is 5 ft 9 inches (175 cm). Here’s the source:

  15. Omer W. Miller
    Omer W. Miller at |

    You failed to mention Charlie Criss. He was only 5-8 and played eight seasons with Hawks, Clippers, and Bucks.

    1. Omer W. Miller
      Omer W. Miller at |

      Criss would actually be number 4 in your top ten list.

  16. Omer W. Miller
    Omer W. Miller at |

    5 excuse me.

  17. sleek martins
    sleek martins at |

    i fall in love with basket ball during my primary school days but no court around me and there was no people to play the game with;i only saw two people playing it all through my high school days and it was one’s i met them in the court,after then i see them no more.now my problem is height because i have heard about basket ball player and their height but i am just 5″8″ft.i started basket ball this year,somebody tell me how can i meet up to play in any basket ball association i wish to,am 27 years?how can i improve faster?am trying my best compare with people i started with.

    1. Torrance Harvey
      Torrance Harvey at |

      I had a twin brother that had his head chin level over the basket. His head was about 13 inches over the rim. He did this while playing against our dad in a basketball gym about 12 years ago. My brother grabbed the rebound and went straight back up. His head went 13 inches over the basket. He layed the ball in the hoop instead because his head was past the basket. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw because I SAW IT WITH MY OWN EYES. This was a standing vertical because he did this without running first. This this when my twin brother was 16 years old at the time. Me and our our dad was amazed by it so we told him running vertical and he basically jumped 8 inches higher. His head was about 21 inches above the basket. Our dad measured his vertical afterward. At that time, my twin brother was 5’3 and had a standing reach of 6’10. HE COULD TOUCH 12’7 ON THE BACKboard while just standing first and he could touch 13’3 on the backboard while doing a running vertical. My twin brother standing vertical was 69 inches and his running vertical was 77 inches. I would had video taped it back when he did thi amazing thing, but our mom and dad did not own a video camera at that time. It sucks though because I want all of you people to see this amazing thing for yourself you people would be amazed by it as well. My twin brother is now 28 years old and is 5’8 now. It is very much possible to jump that high because my twin brother did it a while back while witnessing it and it was amazing to see. We never videotaped him doing it his name is not on the very top of this chart plus we never told Guininess Book of World Records about it. I just had to tell yah that it is possible jump that high.

      My twin brothers Measurements as a 16 year old 12 years ago

      Standing vertical 69 inches
      Running vertical 77 inches
      Height With Shoes 5’3
      Standing Reach 6’10
      Max vertical Reach Whilw Standing 12’7
      Max Vertical Reach While Running 13’3

      My Twin brother is now 5’8. His name is Terrance Harvey. He was very athletic and still is. He is a great basketball player. Always has been, but he is currently doing something else right now. He is very talented at so many things so it is very hard for him to choose. He could easily get INTO THE NBA easily and dominate when he decides to try to get into the pros. He just had surgery 2 years ago. My brother never played high school basketball or college basketball because he had a very bad injury but never went into surgery for it because he decided not to at the time. Alot of people resemble him to Michael Jordan back then while playing in the gym and still do He is a person that can easily be better than Mj if he decides to play basketball again. No disrespect to Michael Jordan! Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson was my twin brothers favorite basketball players growing up and still is. Thats all I have to say about my twin brother.

      1. Tommy
        Tommy at |

        Haha…compared to MJ……that part cracked me up

  18. tigers34
    tigers34 at |

    Also, Ty Lawson, point guard for the Denver Nuggets is 5’11. You kinda left him out.

    1. Lebron James
      Lebron James at |

      ty lawson sucks

  19. Lebron James
    Lebron James at |

    yo heat willl win again cause we are just buying paull from clippers and second choice is rondo or deron williams.erik spoelstra has made an excellent decision.spurs cant win as tony parker is leavin for fiba euro championship.the competittive team against heat is oklahoma city thunder .because of westbrook,durant and ibaka.we will win now no doubt.


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