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  1. George
    George at |

    I kinda disagree with the Irish being on there only because in recent years they've been far less productive and thus in the national spotlight far less. I'd even argue that the Red Sox (my boys) should have made the list as they're being hated on by the entirety of Yankees fans for actually winning titles and making the playoffs.

  2. Rick
    Rick at |

    I think TV ratings actually go up when ND plays because people want to see them LOSE, not see them win. Most Irish fans expect their team to be invited to a big bowl game every year because they think it's their birthright, and not necessarily because they've earned it. Their teams tend to be overmatched in bowl games, especially lately, leading to their consecutive string of bowl game losses. They are 0-2 against Oregon State in bowl games.

  3. a cowboys fan
    a cowboys fan at |

    The cowboys rule the egales suck

  4. Trav
    Trav at |

    I am kind of surprised OSU made the list, seeing as how you could list about a dozen other teams from any conference you want to think of that do a similar thing. In their defense, very few other teams take a non-conference game to schedule someone big to potentially make or break their season, especially not schools from the south. Also, in 2006 they earned their chance, and in 2007 you could argue that no one really wanted to be in the title game because everyone kept losing.

  5. c18
    c18 at |

    dang i was sure my raiders were gonna pop up anytime, that was a close one.

  6. england!!
    england!! at |

    Hi, im not here to comment on this top 10 list but I would like to ask why football (soccer to you) is hardly (if ever) mentioned in your sports 10 lists. I understand that you Americans arn't as fond of it as the rest of the world is, but you have to remember that this site is on the WORLD wide web and soccer is the most popular sport in the world. I believe that this site will become a lot more popular if you include these additions and if you need any help making them I would be happy to oblige.

  7. dave
    dave at |

    did you forget about how much fans and players detested the boston celtics? i also would take the flyers or red wings over the penguins anyday.no raiders?you got it right with the yankees.

  8. alex
    alex at |

    a few teams i would add:

    boston red sox

    pittsburgh steelers

    oakland raiders

    san diego chargers

    PRIDEMW at |

    suprise you did include soccer clubs on your list.you might need to re-do?

  10. Bert
    Bert at |

    With all due respect, the most hated hockey team in the NHL has got to be the Leafs. Save for the city of Toronto, the entire rest of the country hates the Leafs. Though they have been plenty easy to laugh at for the last decade or so.

  11. ArmyAviator
    ArmyAviator at |

    WOW bunch of haters hmmm yankees are first place in another list but i cant figure it out oh yeah jaja they are 1st in MLB standings…..go yanks!!

  12. Funkywhiteboy
    Funkywhiteboy at |

    Yankers and Cowpokes to my bad self oughta fight it out for the title,

    and I hope they beat each other to a bloody draw.

  13. Greg
    Greg at |

    you forgot the Toronto Maple Leafs… they are way more hated than the pens, they are hated even by their own fans, lmao, sad but true (I"m one of them 🙁

    in fact I believe they are the most hated team in the NHL, they make the most money of all teams (it's true) and they produce nothing, no cup in 43 years and no cup in sight anytime close to being in my lifetime, lol…. but still…. go leafs go:(:(:(

    but still the Montreal Canadiens are still my most hated team and I think I speak for alot of Canada when I say this… BOOOO MONTREAL (sports teams)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

  14. Dwyane
    Dwyane at |

    I don`t agree with the Spurs their just a fun loving team. Everybody likes them, but I agree with the Lakers they win to much . This season (2009-2010) THe Miami Heat beat them. (One of the worst teams).

  15. Ajax
    Ajax at |

    Here are some teams that are hated from other leagues – did it escape your narrow american mind to look at other countries?

    Collingwood Magpies – Aussie rules football

    Arsenal – English Premier league – soccer

    Manchester Utd – English Premier League – soccer

  16. Bob
    Bob at |

    So why the heck isn't Chokelahoma on the list. They have played for the National title 4 times in the last 10 years and lost twice in a row. They don't play tough teams outside their conference. The Big 12 has as many losses to the SEC as the Big Ten does in the last 10 years in the BCS championship. I don't get it.

  17. Justin
    Justin at |

    how are the spurs a disliked team??? i am a spurs fan and i disagree about them being a boring team man.

  18. keith
    keith at |

    Texas U.

  19. antonioblanco
    antonioblanco at |

    On a more recent note, the Buckeyes almost dominated Arkansas. If it wasnt for every first string defensive back getting hurt, including one of the nations best in Chimdi Chekwa, this game would have been a route. Mallet is pretty damn good though.

  20. Mick
    Mick at |

    That is an interesting list; as these are US teams and sports, there are also hated teams in soccer and the hatred is just as heated. One of the biggest is the hatred between Celtic and Rangers in the Scottish Football league. Those two teams go beyond the mild hatred of the teams you mentioned above. It is unfortunately a religious battle between Catholics and Protestants.

  21. defense base act lawyers
    defense base act lawyers at |

    @Ajax Right on Manchester Utd! That one should be on the list! Btw, the Yankees on #1? Not sure if I love or hate that. LOL

  22. SoutherConference
    SoutherConference at |

    Where’s Duke????? This list is a joke.

  23. Ally
    Ally at |

    The Penguins are not one of the most hated teams. Try somewhere like Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Detroit, etc etc etc

  24. weeg
    weeg at |

    im a steeler fan and im appaled that they are not on the list cos u either love em or hate em

  25. kelly mcclendon
    kelly mcclendon at |

    need to update ur site old girl……. bama has won 3 more national titles since saban arrived.

  26. David
    David at |

    I know the article is old but bama has won 3 of the last 4 national championships. So ur arguement doesnt make since now. Although i love to see my teams on a list like this cause it means we are doing good. I agree with most of the rest of the list but USC should replace ohio state


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