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15 Responses

  1. Tony at |

    I think the Theramin should be on this list.

  2. Sean Easley at |

    I considered the theramin, and opted to put the optivideophone (a type of theramin) on instead. Maybe an oversight…I play with my theramin all the time, so I don't think of it as that strange anymore.

  3. Ben at |

    I have actually been in the Luray Caverns and heard the organ played. It as many years ago; I'm glad it is still well-tuned.

  4. Gwen at |

    I like all of these, really neat. I would like to hear them all in their natural environment. Well, except for the nanao guitar. I give credit to the Beatles for bringing unique instruments to the forefront for up and coming bands. I am not sure if that is true, but they are one of the most popular. I like the highway keyboard things they have invented as well. I think Japan did it first? I am unsure. Also there are a few more but unfortunatly I cant remember it. Sometimes the neatest music comes from nature. Ben Franklin invented the armonica, the strange sounding glass bowls? It sounds strange and evil ive heard people say but in my opinion its very interesting to listen to. I love hearing unique instruments. Thanks for letting me know about these! Really good list I am never disappointed.

  5. Bibliomaniac at |

    You left off my favorite–the glass armonica. I first saw it in a special about Ben Franklin.

  6. Steve Stevens at |

    Hmmm… I wonder where he got the inspiration to build that bubble bong, I mean organ.

  7. Sarah at |

    Aww, you should have put the daxophone. Really strange but cool instrument :)

  8. otcconan at |

    It is not that the nano-guitar’s sound is so slight.

    The pitch is so high that we cannot detect the waves with our ears. You’d be surprised how many loud sounds you never hear because you can’t due to the frequency. Put more simply, it’s possible that something that small could be amplified 180 dB and you still couldn’t hear it. High frequency sounds, no matter how loud, cannot cause our eardrumss to resonate. Probably developed during evolution to help us avoid hearing loss.

  9. London Cheap Theatre Tickets at |

    When most of us think of a musical instrument, we might think of a guitar, a piano or even a set of drums. All normal enough instruments to be sure, but there are stranger musical instruments out there. These strange instruments may not produce a melodious quality we would expect, but certainly they will make you look, if not listen, twice

  10. jake at |

    what about the hurdy gurdy?

  11. Matt at |

    It’s pretty common but I reckon the trombone is weird, like a musical platypus.
    When I was young I used to think they swallowed the slide.

  12. Leonardo Da Vinci at |

    No, the #1 most strange instrument would be the Giant Harp Haunted House. It is the biggest instrument, and it has light, soft and interesting music, if you just get the GIANT flutes and other GIANT light instruments in the house. But it also has Booming, scary, and Death Music if you get the GIANT drums, GIANT guitars. These voices may scare you to death, or maybe make you deaf. This house-like instrument is connected to other instruments. And you cannot live on there.

  13. Elena at |

    I’m not so keen on this list. I have a particular issue with the “bazantar” thing; instruments like this have existed for centuries, plus this one sounds like a sitar, in fact, it appears the guy just glued a sitar and a bass together. So it’s even less original than let’s say a “viola d’amore”.

  14. Ludwa at |

    Check out some of the instruments people are inventing right now!

    For example, have a look at these indiegogo campaigns for kids trying to develop new instruments:

  15. Michael Asimos at |

    I never thought of using the earth as a mechanism of the music itself. what a fantastic list.

    I think the hang drum is pretty interesting too.


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