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  • Peter Boucher

    I would have that Siobhan Fallon would be on here

  • Jim Ribs

    If you like watered down and stolen skits, SNL is the show for you!

    If you like original sketch comedy that doesn’t rely on catch phrases and constant celebrity impressions, check out Monty Python’s Flying Circus,Mr. Show, Upright Citizens Brigade, The State, Reno 911, SCTV and a few others I’m probably forgetting.

    I don’t know what it is but it always seems to me like SNL was 2, 3 years behind those shows.

    • Try this list – – SNL is there too, but many of the ones you mentioned are there as well.

    • dl

      i pretty much agree except for reno 911. watching a show about a bunch of goofy-ass guys running around in their underwear trying to act like cops? i don’t think so.

      • cullen

        That show was 85% improvised script…do you know how incredibly hard that is? How talented you have to be to be able to think right on the spot and interact with other characters.

        And it was only one person wearing shorts, and he was their gay lieutenant…where in discovery of him being homosexual totally backs up the fact of him wearing ridiculous shorts. And they weren’t acting like cops, they were making fun of stereotypical cops and cop shows– especially the show “Cops”

        • dl

          well i guess these hooligans weren’t very good at improvising then.

          how hard is to improvise when all you have to do is put
          on a ridiculous looking police uniform and run around acting
          like an idiot?
          how about getting up on stage and improvising witty jokes
          and humorous observations at comedy clubs? why don’t
          you try that and see how easy that is?

          i detest this show even more because of your comment.

          one way to make it better: have the “real cops” beat the
          $#!^ out of these jerks with clubs (especially the gay guy)
          arrest them and put them in jail for public disturbance and
          impersonating a police officer.

          then get to see what happens to them in maximum security
          prison. hahahahahahaha!

  • I read this list weeks ago, but when I read it today someone occurred to me that I can’t believe didn’t the first time I read it: Julia Louis-Dreyfus-

    • Jim Ribs

      Jay Mohr and Harry Shearer as well.

  • Hamish

    What about Larry David?

    • daddyostjames

      Larry, was on “Fridays”on abc best remembered as “howdy doodys “flunky yes man, often sayin “yes.sir Mr.doody “in the 1980’s, gootimes:-)

  • Dennis

    Janeane Garofolo is about as funny as a dead frog.

    • cullen

      Her delivery-style of her comedic persona is in fact a dead-pan delivery…so…you got the dead part right.
      And she’s one of America’s funniest and underrated comedienne’s, much like Sarah Silverman, who did all of their work themselves and tried really hard to get their foot in the door and keep it there.

      • Dennis

        The only funny thing Garofolo does is wear those big horn-rimmed glasses trying to look like an intellectual-Now that’s funny. The only work horse-faced Silverman does is trying to find a man but to no avail so she has to take..well..other routes,let’s say.

  • Eric

    Chris Elliot.

  • flabbergasted

    Please tell me i’m not the only person who noticed that the article on Christopher Guest shows not one but TWO photos of Harry Shearer labelled as Christopher. Makes you wonder if the author is writing any of this based on personal knowledge or is just getting it off wikipedia having never watched the comedians, you know, actually ON snl… As well, most of the references to Guest are actually Shearer. Way to mix them up mate.

    • You are incorrect. I created the image with the arrow pointing to Christopher Guest. That is the right person. Harry Shearer is below him to his right, beside Julia Louis-Dreyfus. And the pool photo is just a scene from the sketch we linked to. That has Harry Shearer and Martin Short. We state he wrote the sketch, not that he was in it. We have great personal knowledge of the show and are big fans. You are wrong, mate. Booyeah!

  • johnnycanuck

    I stopped watching SNL in the late 70’s due to the unimaginative humour that the earlier cast members clearly had..

  • Dennis

    SNL was a riot in the 70’s with such as Gilda Radner,Chevy Chase and John Belushi–Trying to watch it now is like trying to dig a splinter out of your rear.

  • Mitche

    Larry David wasn’t a cast member. He was a writer. A bad one.

    • daddyostjames

      cast member on abc show”Fridays” see above at hamish says ^;-)

  • Peter Boucher

    Don Novello, a.k.a. Father Guido Sarducci !!

  • Dennis

    And also very funny

  • Mike Rea

    And lets not forget Chris Rock.

  • Harry shearer I don’t believe counts. Jay mohr had 2 seasons on the show and chris rock had waaayy more than 1 season. Read the intro, guys, I said one season max

  • Alaric

    I’m glad to finally see some credit for Ben Stiller. I agree that I wouldn’t recommend everything he’s done (I’d even say steer way clear of quite a few), but when he’s on things, he’s really pretty good. Thanks author dude.

  • dl

    how about a list of ‘top 10’ comics who did well on sn l but then flopped after the left (or got fired from) the show? (ah . . . did somebody say norm macdonald??!)

    • dl

      (above comment contains misspellings because of problems with page locking up and an invisible f&@&!#g cursor – turning ME into the cursor $#&!! %&#$@&#$@##!)

      how about a list of ‘top 10? comics who did well on snl but then flopped after they left (or got fired from) the show? (i.e. that norm guy? lol.)

      btw – macdonald was the best ‘update’ host EVER! hands down. (sorry, chevy.)

  • S.Freud

    Sarah Silverman wasn’t funny then, and she isn’t funny now.

  • Dan

    How is Dave Attell not on this list? Along with Louis CK, he’s every working comedians favorite comedian.

  • Rhyan W

    Keenan Thompson made it but these talents, all far Far FAR superior to him, flopped…. just shows you what a non comedy show SNL has been for the past 20 years.

  • Yorick

    SNL completely lost it 20 years ago. The last funny piece was Tina Fey as Palin and that was all Fey. Few things remain relevant after 15 years on TV.(Lorne Michaels)

    • fry

      did you even watch SNL during those years? The Palin bit wasn’t even funny, it was just popular. The whole show was hilarious, mixed in with 1 political sketch with Fey as Palin to get some ratings.

  • Richard

    Laura Kightlinger is not caucasian?

    • Lindsay

      I was wondering where they were going with that, too…

  • basher

    For real guys…Silverman and Garafolo are not funny at all. Truth.

  • Robert

    I am glad Robert Downey Jr. didn’t stay on SNL. He is a talented serious actor with a sharp. sophisticated
    sense of humor. SNL’s humor is lame, repetitive & sometimes grossly vulgar. In fact, some of it is
    actually painfully not funny.

  • Zapatilla Loca

    Al Franken..writter, comedian, he was good enough, he was smart enough, and gosh darn it, everyone liked him…

  • demian

    and Gilbert Gottfried?