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  1. Ash
    Ash at |

    I'd have added Sylvia Plath somewhere, but good solid list.

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      I am amazed that Sylvia Plath is not on this list. 32 years old and divorced from Ted Hughes (Great Britain’s poet laureate) She did the “deed” by shoving her head into a gas powered stove and put the gas on, while her children were still sleeping. On a rather distasteful note, I remember recently seeing an episode of “Family Guy” and Meg (the daughter) was distraught and crying over not being invited to a party. Her mother Lois said “well I am going to help you”. So what does Lois do ? She hands Meg a bottle of Ambien and a Sylvia Plath novel………..go figure, Family Guy

      1. Zed Head
        Zed Head at |

        I really expected to see her name, too!! She went out by oven, too. Who wrote this trash??

        1. JudeThom
          JudeThom at |

          It’s not trash just because your favorite poet is not on the list. Calm down and breathe deeply.

    2. hackademic
      hackademic at |

      I’ll second that

  2. Not Known
    Not Known at |

    What about Sylvia Platt?

  3. Brandt
    Brandt at |

    Yeah, Sylvia Plath almost made it on my list… there are so many writers that I could've selected, really. It was difficult to decide which ones to include.

  4. Ck
    Ck at |

    I know it's "honorable", but of all the ways to die, why would you do seppuku? Talk about painful…!

  5. Lizaio
    Lizaio at |

    If I had been writing the list, I would have used EITHER Anne Sexton or Sylvia Plath. I think you made a good choice. Everybody knows about Sylvia Plath – Anne Sexton is a little more obscure. And a better poet, in my opinion.

    Great job on the list.

  6. Ian
    Ian at |

    What about Iris Chang?

    1. Brandt
      Brandt at |

      Never heard of her before, but I just went and read some bios about her. Interesting story; thanks for mentioning her.

  7. dan
    dan at |

    i'm frankly amazed that david foster wallace isn't on this list.

  8. Patrick
    Patrick at |

    Robert E. Howard?


    1. LuisE.
      LuisE. at |

      One of the most influential fantsy wirtters along Tolkien

  9. Nate
    Nate at |

    Honestly why is Sergei Esinin not on here. He was a Russian poet who hung himself after writing his goodbye poem in his own blood on a hotel floor. I mean jesus, talk about epic…

  10. Sage
    Sage at |

    As I kept scrolling down I was expecting Sylvia Plath with each different writer. When I got to number two I was sure she had made the top of your list.

    Then, disappointment.

    What the hell? Sylvia Plath is the embodiment of writer suicide. You may not have liked her work but of the writers that have offed themselves, she's quite possibly the most famous for doing so. I don't remember anyone making a major film about Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

  11. everett marm
    everett marm at |

    John Kennedy Toole would have been a good addition

  12. John Smith
    John Smith at |

    No DFW?

  13. MK
    MK at |

    What about Sylvia Plath? David Foster Wallace? John Kennedy Toole?

  14. Darren
    Darren at |

    Take that mediocrity Sexton off the list and put Plath in her place will ya? Jeez. And where’s Paul Celan, Hart Crane, Thomas Chatterton, Randall Jarrell, Kleist, mayakovski, Nerval, Pavese, Trakl, Tsvetayeva? There’s a clear bias for American writers too, which is a joke, since you guys have barely produced anything to compare with the European greats. Is that fear and loathing guy really a better writer than Mayakovski or Nerval? You may know something about literature my friend, but as Pope said, ‘A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’

  15. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    How about Hart Crane (1899-1932), America poet and author. He was homosexual and while on an ocean liner, made a pass at a male crew member and was reported. He was drunk on his final day of life by committing suicide and as to how he ended his life, he went on deck, stood on the edge of the ship, and his last words were “Goodbye Everyone” then jumped overboard. His body was never found.

  16. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    Here is what you do. Go on to YOU TUBE and type in : Sylvia Plath reading her poem entitled “Daddy”. Its the way that she recites it that gives you a “no wonder she was suicidal” feeling in the pit of your stomach. As far as Hunter S Thompson (who, yes, is my 20th century literary idol) goes, when he committed suicide at the age of 67, his personal physician said that he should have died 35 years prior to that due to the amount of drugs he was taking. Read “Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas” and you’ll get what I am talking about. He actually had access to bottles of RAW ETHER !!!………Go Figure. He did have his own reasons for wanting to take his life and that was he did not want to live beyond the age of 50. So at 67, he wrote his suicide note and just simply said that he was tired of living. He had an arsenal of guns and chose a pistol and did the dirty deed. I know life is tough, but I hope that I go beyond 67.

  17. Jason
    Jason at |

    What about Gogol? I mean his is a quite dramatic story: he went into an insane depression, burned the section part of “Dead Souls” and starved himself to death — it took 9 agonizing days!

  18. Dale Harris
    Dale Harris at |

    Robert E Howard should have made the list…

  19. Dan
    Dan at |

    The act of suicide flies in the face of the most basic of human impulses–self preservation. To end one’s life is therefore an extremely irrational act, placing the individual in the extremely sad state of being profoundly unaware of what it is they are truly doing.
    This places them completely beyond paradigms of moral and rational constructs, leaving the rest of us to focus on the creative, productive and loving aspects of their former lives, giving us great resources of information as we console their families, friends and those who admired them.
    Let us endeavor to study the neurology of these individuals, trying to find any organic clues leading to a clear understanding of a desperately sad behavior.

    1. KT
      KT at |

      How about it’s an evolved ability you stupid wanker?

      Go back to your goddamn books, when you know fuck all about life, death and suffering.


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