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  1. Litte_Sam
    Litte_Sam at |

    I am sorry but this list is stupid. Where’s Marilyn?!?!

    1. YoureStupid
      YoureStupid at |

      How’s the list stupid? Because it doesn’t contain the one death you thought would be on here? A death that’s hardly questionable btw

    2. ElysiaValentine
      ElysiaValentine at |

      You might try using these lists to learn new things rather than just looking for things you already know about. It will probably make your experience more enjoyable.

      1. Todd
        Todd at |

        You need to copyright this post and put it everywhere. Brilliantly stated!

        1. Shell Harris
          Shell Harris at |

          Thanks for the gracious compliment.

  2. Ian
    Ian at |

    nice list!!! I didn’t know about ANY of these

  3. Austin R
    Austin R at |

    WHAT! No Kurt Cobain?

  4. Mark S.
    Mark S. at |

    A few more recent and even more intriguing cases, which should be on this list:

    Gary Webb: An investigative reporter best known for his 1996 “Dark Alliance” series of articles written for the San Jose Mercury News and later published as a book, in which he investigated Nicaraguans linked to the CIA-backed Contras who had smuggled cocaine into the U.S. Their smuggled cocaine was distributed as crack cocaine in Los Angeles, with the profits funneled back to the Contras. According to Webb, the CIA was aware of the cocaine transactions and the large shipments of drugs into the U.S. by Contra personnel. His articles generated fierce controversy, and the San Jose Mercury News backed away from the story, effectively ending Webb’s career as a mainstream-media journalist. In December 2004 he was found dead from two (!) gunshot wounds to the head, which the coroner’s office judged a suicide… . In the years after his death new evidence based upon multiple government sources have confirmed that his allegations were basically correct.

    David Kelly, British weapons expert involved in the United Nations weapons of mass destruction inspection team in Iraq, found in woods near his home in Oxfordshire, UK, in July 2003, after he was exposed as the source of a BBC story that alleged the British government “sexed up” intelligence on Iraqi weapons, with slashed wrists and an overdose of painkillers in his blood. After his death the UK Government decided that evidence related to the death, including the post-mortem report and photographs of the body, should remain classified for 70 years… .

    Gareth Williams, an employee of GCHQ (British Counterpart of the NSA), seconded to the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) was found dead in suspicious circumstances at a Security Service safe house flat in London in August 2010. His body was found in a bag, padlocked from the outside, in the bathroom.The inquest found that his death was “unnatural and likely to have been criminally mediated.” A subsequent Metropolitan Police re-investigation funny enough concluded that Williams’s death was “probably an accident”, with the only evidence that he apparently had been visiting ‘bondage-related websites’… .

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