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  • Dennis

    What about Godzilla?…No wait..he wasn’t prehistoric..He was caused by radiation…never mind.

    • Brandon Noble

      Megalodon should be number one!

      • Brandon Noble

        10.Sea Scorpion 9. Helicoprion 8.Kronosaurus 7. Basilosaurus 6.Elasmosaurus (Pleasiosaurus) 5. Dunkleosteus 4.Mosasaurus 3.Hainosaurus 2. Tylosaurus 1. Megalodon <What the list should be!

        • zai

          What about the PLESIOTH

    • dave petro

      these marine dinosaurs were pretty cool to look at

  • Mike D.

    what about Sigmund da Seamonster?

  • Dennis

    Hey, you left out Nemo.

    • chase

      no nemo is not a apex predotor he is a prey fish 🙂

  • The Riddler

    Nice list, although I expected the number 1 monster to be a bit more…monstrous.

    • Let’s just say this list was ranked in no particular order. 😉

    • Tom

      I guess #1 got there because it can still kill you. 😀

      I think it is a good list as it stands. I would have expected Meg at #1, but I did not realize most of these beasts existed until today. And giant stingrays? Yeah, never getting near a body of water larger than my bathtub ever again.

  • Brian Myers

    #2 … “They lived in the same oceans and ate the same food as the Megalodon, so this whale actually had to compete with the largest predatory shark ever.”

    WHY has this not been made into a drive-in movie yet?!?!?!?!?

    • Dennis

      Because there are no drive-in movies now.

  • Ian

    Hey giant squids are still alive too, and they’re pretty monstrous…

  • Wow, Jaekelopterus rhenaniae are the sea scorpion…

  • dallas daniel hessler junior

    they did not mention the kraken

    • Grumpy

      You forgot Cecil, the seasick seaserpent!

  • Dennis

    What about the Rosie O’Donnellsaurus? That’s as terrifying as it gets.

  • Colin Burns

    Six giant fearsome predators of the ancient seas are not shown here. I doubt you have done much research on everything and anything ever written about them. Here is a list of Apex predators:
    PURRUSAURUS , which is a type of Cretaceaus Caiman up to 13 metres long.
    SARCOSUCHUS, a Cretaceaus Crocodile up to 15 metres (50 ft) long.
    The DEINOSUCHUS is another Cretaceaus Crocodile up to 15 metres (50 ft) long. The above three are considered with the top seven greatest bite force of all time.
    The ICHTYOSAUR is a giant predatory sea reptile in which the largest of the specjes is at 75 feet long that looked like a cross between a dolphin and a fish with a shark-like tail.
    The DUNKLEOSTIUS, at around 33 ft long is considered in the top three apex sea predator of all time and top two bite force along with the PREDATOR X, an apex at 49 ft and considered to be the one with the greatest bite force (x4 that of T-Rex) of any other creatures past or present.

    • Colin Burns

      Correction. Deino is an Alligator. Top three greatest bite force at number one is the MEGALODON, then a toss up between DUNKY and PRED X for 2nd and 3rd.

      Based on updated findings.

  • August

    Just so no one is confused liopluridon was not 20 feet long but actually 20-30 METERS long with the largest being close to 50 meters making it one of, if not the largest predatory animal ever to live on the planet.

  • Hina

    Thanks for the great list! Very interesting!!

  • Alas

    I’d except Godzilla as NUMBER 1

  • Hezekiah

    Levyatan.. that sea monsters was mention in the bible… find it in The book of JOB

  • Alas

    Well Godzilla is not real,so it is not number 1. The true number 1 is the 300 ton balenosaurus whale.

  • zai

    How big was MICRORAPTOR?

    And how long was is it?

    What year was they live?

    pls. reply me

    • Colin

      Microraptor was not a sea creature but a small feathered Dromaeosaurid dinosaur and is a link between birds and dinosaurs. Their size ranges between 42 to 83 cm (1.4 to 2.7 ft). From the early Cretaceous period between 110 – 120 million years ago. Its torso is less than one hand wide.

  • Rob

    “nor the ability to echolocate”

    I read that as nor the ability to eat chocolate

  • Da guy

    Maui is not a Maori god. He’s a Hawaiian demigod


    Maui is a Maori god and Hawaiian demigod that came to New Zealand ! Duh?.

  • Thunder griffin

    Megalodon is no. 10? Below a STINGRAY?!?!
    I feel disappointment towards my favorite of all sharks.