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  • Dan

    Great call in making Boy Meets World #1. Rather sad to admit, but I still get goosebumps thinking of the Superbowl episode where Shawn managed to get to the game. I keep seeing it on DVD and as soon as my sons a few years older will pick it up for “him” 😉

    • Amber

      This is like over a year later but I totally agree with you! The Eskimo (superbowl episode) is one of my favorites in the entire series. I always get so excited when Shawn holds up that sign, it’s so amazing.

  • Dodo

    Dinosaurs wasn’t crap…it was funny and entertaining!!

    • lol


  • jason stone

    i actually liked perfect strangers..and my favorite character from step by step was sasha mitchell..the dim witted character…but i agree that boy meets world was one of the best shows i’ve ever seen..i related more to that show than any oter that was on tv in my lifetime..a really well done list that i didn’t even remember half of them until seeing the title and bring back memories

  • Eric

    Never watched any of these.

  • teendetectivekc

    what does TGIF stand for?

  • Luigi

    TGIF = Thank God it’s Friday.
    And wow this list makes me feel old.
    Good calls, but if there were room for an honorable mention u gotta place the Fresh Prince of Bel-air hands down 😉

    • CBomb

      Normally TGIF stands for, “Thank God It’s Friday,” however with ABC’s family friendly spin on things, they had it stand for, “Thank Goodness It’s Funny.”

  • Cornflakes

    You put Boy Meets World at #1, and Full House at …#5?!?!
    This list is totally wrong. You are probably too young to be making this list anyway. THERE WOULD BE NO TGIF WITHOUT FULL HOUSE. Period.

    And to Luigi, in the comments: the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air wasn’t even on ABC, sigh. Hence, it couldn’t possibly be on TGIF.

    • CBomb

      I never even watched Boy Meets World and know it’s better than Full House was.

  • Baas

    I think Boy Meets World at #1 is perfect. Love this list, its also very well written.

  • Nisha

    I agree with boy meets world. But Hangin with Mr. Cooper was hilarious. Its too bad you have such bad memories of these shows I loved most of these shows they might seem corny now but that the “magic” of childhood at the time I loved watching all of these shows.

  • Fred Flintstone

    This list FAILS hard. Dinosaurs isn’t on this joke of a top 10 list. The guy who made this list can’t count and this list is in the wrong order.

  • Stinky McBoogerballs

    I totally have the same dolphin shirt as the guy from boy meets world (on the far right)

  • barniggle

    Dinosaurs wasnt on TGIF to the posters above, it was on ‘the hump’, something else.

    • casino bonus

      I have exactly the same tshirt with dolphin as that guy from boy meets world. Excellent post btw

  • beckymonster

    Boy Meets World was one of the greatest sitcoms ever!
    Part of me wanted Topanga and Shawn to get together though =X

  • jake

    Who wrote this article? They must have spent the 90s getting drunk, high, and listening to grunge rock. These shows were great, although half the shows on the list were never part of the TGIF line up.

    • blah

      yeah they were

  • blah

    mr belvedere, just the ten of us? um hello?

  • milkone

    Perfect Strangers, while having pretty crap storylines, did have some of the best physical comedy of that era, along the lines of Jack Trippers slapstick falling over the couch every week. Yeah it`s cheesy, but you can really tell the difference between it being done well and done poorly. Maybe you think thats not a big deal, but look at current shows trying to do it and you’ll appreciate the chemistry between Cousin Larry and Cousin Balki. Also, why is Topenga not in the Boy Meets World picture? She was pretty much the only reason any of my friends watched it…

  • cherrybomb16

    hey full house was a really good show, and you forgot the best 90s tv show: THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR!!

  • Options Trading

    I also have exactly the same tshirt with dolphin as that guy from boy meets world. Excellent post btw buddy

  • jordanne mcgee

    Bring back TGIF….. Take out Perfect Strangers and put in Fresh Prince!!!!