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  • Bliekus

    I think Santa Claus was more inspired by the Dutch Sinterklaas (saint Nicholaas) You should look it up, they also look a lot alike except for the fact that Santa Claus (being a Coca Cola invention) was a lot fatter. But in the end Santa Claus is a mashup of more then one European holiday/mythical figures.

  • Penelope Kara

    Wonderful list! From now on i will thing different, some things, about Christmas. Thanks a lot!

  • Alina

    What a beautiful and educating list. Thank you Theo 🙂

  • Atheena Brown

    I don’t think he was a Dutch, I think the legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas. It is believed that Nicholas was born sometime around 280 A.D. in Patara, near Myra in modern-day Turkey which I believe makes him a Turkish, great list by the way

  • englishsunset

    If you first consider, Jesus, being the “reason for the season”, everything else is simply tinsel and happenstance.

    Just enjoy! He’d have it no other way.


  • marcel

    8 legged horse.
    8 reindeer pulling Santa’s sleigh.
    Coincidence? Or symbolism of 1 reindeer being representative of each of Sleipnir’s legs?
    Even the list could tie in to Odin’s story as he was known to have 2 ravens or crows that he could use to watch the world and report to him on any thing and any one of interest. Add in Odin also having Heimdall watching every thing in all 9 worlds of Norse myth, and you have some of the basis for the stories of Santa knowing who’s been good/bad and awake/sleeping.
    As for Saint Nick from Turkey, he was the human inspiration that was combined with parts of the mythological to create what we now know as Santa.

  • Connor

    Woah, number 1 blew my mind!
    Fantastic list fellas!

  • Theodoros II

    Amazing list guys. Theodoros you did it again brother. I always learn something new when I read your pieces and that’s why you are my favourite writer.

    • Theodoros II

      In case some guys wonder….No I didn’t go crazy or something. I was just reading this list to my 5 months baby-son and he stopped crying. At the end he was laughing and had fun with the images of the list. So this was a comment from my son not a “self-treatment” …..And yeah he calls his daddy either “chap” or “brother.” He’s a tinker like that. Merry Christmas everybody !!!!!!!

  • Hestie BG

    Great list Theo! 😀

  • FMH

    The problem with those Odin-St. Nicolaus connections is that there is no contemporary evidence. All those similarities are there because they were written down in a time where St. Nicolaus and even already Santa Claus were celebrated in that way.

    That Martin Luther decorated the first Christmas Tree is also quite wrong. Plants as decoration were commonly used for many festivals religious or not. If you look at pictures of German festivities around in the 1920s you often see stages decorated with pine branches. That the specific use of a Christmans Tree has a Protestant origin, might be true though, because for a long time the Catholioc church was against its use. That Luther himself put up the first one is a legend though.