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  • 5minutes

    You probably could’ve left off “Sonoran” and just gone with “Coral Snake”. We’ve got one on the east coast (the Eastern Coral Snake) that’s just as bad.

    Also… I noticed that the author covered the second most painful insect sting, but neglected the most painful: the bullet ant.

    Also… what about the animals who naturally produce tetrodotoxin, like the pufferfish and the rough-skinned newt? Or the stonefish or scorpionfish? All tiny – all designed to give you a very bad, very final day.

    • Scott

      THEY don’t bite/sting…you have to eat them pufferfish and newt.

      • James

        poison dart frog doesnt bite or sting!

  • Rene

    Regarding the blue ring octopus (& cepholopod researchers have come to the conclusion that octopus, octopuses, and octopi are all correct, because I think they got tired of arguing about it) apparently, if you are able to communicate that you just pissed one off & got stung (because they prefer to just leave your presence & be left alone), and you are intubated (hose rammed down throat so you can breathe) you can actually survive after spending several agonizing days in a hospital. I’m hardly an authority, but these are my favorite of all the cephs, so I’ve read everything I can get my hands on about them.

  • Vee

    The ex-wife is the most deadly animal on this planet.

  • Jamie

    Yeah, not to mention about the Irukandji – I’ve read about it being so bad that the people who actually survived getting stung by the d— thing actually BEGGED to die at the worst of it. Some of the after effects (if you survive) last for WEEKS or longer. Among these are severe pain like being stung by a swarm of Giant Japanese hornets, as well as muscle spasms – I’m not making this up, even though nothing like that has ever happened to me.

  • Brett

    Never leaving my house again!

  • tonydude

    You should have daddy long legs to the list. Even though it’s teeth are too tiny to bite you it could kill you in seconds if it’s teeth were larger.

    • Kabal

      That’s actually not even remotely true, sorry to burst your bubble

      • tonydude

        LOL I posted a comment on here? XD I totally forgot about it

  • zombie

    What about pygmies??….they small, use poison darts, AND eat you, highly underated, pygmies are
    ‘specially if they pissed at you…..

    • Axiry

      If you look at the top ten myths about spiders on this site, they say that what you state is a myth.