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  1. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    Seems more like a list of a-holes than anything else ,not that that`s a bad thing .

    1. Piglette
      Piglette at |

      So why aren’t you on the list?

  2. eatdogs
    eatdogs at |

    You forgot Hagar the Horrible…

    1. merl
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  3. Name (required)
    Name (required) at |

    I find your lack of Cnut The Great disturbing

  4. Avid_Lister
    Avid_Lister at |

    Freydis = my kind of girl!

  5. Nik Hughes
    Nik Hughes at |

    7. Harald Hardrada was actually killed by the forces of Harold Godwinson at Stamford Bridge, who then went on to fight William Duke of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings.

  6. The Beard
    The Beard at |

    What about Harald Fairhair? He was the first king of Norway, and the father of Eric Bloodaxe.

  7. Anton Þórðarson
    Anton Þórðarson at |

    I´m sorry but that story on Egill Skallagrímsson is just horribly wrong, At first he was born in Iceland and was not exiled by the king of Norway. He did not die peacefully. I was taught in school he drowned himself after his son Böðvar died during a storm, the reason being because he did not have anyone to punish and get his revenge on so he did it on nature itself

  8. Anton Þórðarson
    Anton Þórðarson at |

    But the killing is actually correct though :Þ

  9. Random_factor
    Random_factor at |

    Bonjour… Au revoir

  10. Frank
    Frank at |

    Well they change Allot of things especially in england..norway and so on to claim their story theirs..Ragnar Loðbrók also came from Iceland, but history channel changed that…Go figure..sucks that they have to change and ruin history to claim something else, when there are stated facts of the real story..

  11. rockman11
    rockman11 at |

    Gunnar hammundarson is probably the only badass in this list others are just normal vikings. Freydis seems badass too. I mean hamundarson was ambidextrous swordsman marksman and potentially world’s best high jumper. Freydis well fighting while being pregnant sounds way too badass

  12. Al
    Al at |

    There were lots of great Vikings and Hardrada had lost the Battle at Stamford because they took1/2 his army and left there bodyarmor behind to travel faster and were surprised by a large army, or the English throne would be full Viking instead of 1/2

  13. weirdhelloperson
    weirdhelloperson at |

    very good site

  14. icecream
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    you go girl

  15. Daniel Howard
    Daniel Howard at |

    Please correct the page. Harold Hardrada died at the hands of Harold Godwin NOT at the hand of William the Conqueror!!! The Anglo-Saxon army had to fight and defeat Harld Hardrada first and then rush to the Battle of Hastings where they were rather tired and in a close battle lost England to the Normans – a very sad day in our history.


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