Save Walter White is a Real Website You Could Donate Money to


Save Walter White dot com, was a website that played a small, but key plot point in the show Breaking Bad. If you haven’t been online in, oh, about 3 years, Breaking Bad is probably one of the best TV shows ever. That’s not subjective, Breaking Bad is objectively the perfect TV show. So it’s understandable that a lot of people are a little upset that it is set to end forever very, very soon. So for those people, here’s a little piece of the show that will last forever,

That colour scheme will ensure it is burned into your eyes forever.

That colour scheme will ensure it is burned into your eyes.

The website is exactly like the one featured on the show, up to and including the heartfelt message from Walter White Jr describing how freaking awesome his dad. But wait you ask, wasn’t the website set up to secure donations for a fictional characters cancer surgery, how did you even donate money to that?  Well voice in my head, clicking the donate button used to take you to the National Cancer Coalition’s donation page, however after that group was voted one of the worst charities in America, AMC instead made it take you to their page on Breaking Bad. Wow, when a company would rather have their link send people to a show about a drug dealer than a cancer charity you know you’re a bad cancer charity.


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