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  • Luke Betts

    Guy Fawkes, far from being a traitor was only ever person to enter the house of commons with honest intentions.

  • RalPh henlan

    Perhaps, in a future list, you could add the name of WIlliam Joyce (lord haw haw).

  • Tony S.

    The worst traitor of all time has to be Edward VIII of England (aka the Duke of Windsor). He told Hitler that if Germany kept bombing England, England would probably surrender. He was a Nazi sympathizer who worked against England’s interests every step of the way. Some said he helped Hitler conquer France. His story has been kept hidden by the rest of England’s Royal Family for more than 70 years, but is coming out in the open more every year now.

  • Tom Mitchell


    I question the inclusion of two of the people on the list. Jane Fonda, though despicable and naive, did not reveal any information to the North Vietnamese–she was merely a propaganda trophy.

    Judas Iscariot (a pseudonym: ish keriot means man of the towns in Hebrew) was not a traitor in any real sense of the word. Jesus was tried by the legal ruler of Galilee, Herod Antipas, and by the Romans. If he really was the son of God than his going through with the torture and execution by the Romans was voluntary. Since Jesus was one man and the only one who suffered as a result of the “treachery,” his betrayal should hardly be considered the most important in all of human history. On the other hand, from the viewpoint of Christianity he was merely an agent of God.

  • Michael

    How is Lu Bu not on this list, yet Jane Fonda is? Jane Fonda simply spoke out against an unpopular war. How can that compare to Lu Bu’s betrayals of, first, his foster father, Ding Yuan, then after that, Dong Zhou? Both of whom he murdered for a horse (in the first case) and a woman (in the second case). Later on, when given sanctuary by Liu Bei, he took over Xia Pi (the city which Liu Bei governed) for Yuan Shu while Liu Bei was defending the territory from Yuan Shu’s army. He (Lu Bu) later on betrayed a proposed alliance with Yuan Shu by refusing to marry his daughter off to the latter’s son. All these betrayals eventually led to Lu Bu’s sad end at the hands of Cao Cao in 198 CE, who assisted Liu Bei in retaking Xia Pi at the time.
    If this is just a case of needing a woman on the list though, why not Pocahontas? Her assistance of the British when they arrived led to the deaths of not only much of her own tribe but that of several others as well. Or do only people who disagreed or opposed POVs you like make the list?

    • Scott

      To all the Jane Fonda supporters who gripe about her being on this list. She gave aid and comfort to the enemy at a time of war. She is a traitor. That said, I agree with most of you that there are WAY bigger traitors in history than Jane. I don’t think she would make my top 10. Top 100, yes.

  • CKAinRedStateUSA

    How can John Kerry not be on your list?

    He met with North Vietnamese Army and Viet Cong officials in Paris, while still an officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve.

    Expand the number of listings and include this despicable traitor.

  • Red 2

    Jane Fonda was a traitor, but one of the top ten of all time? No

  • Fred234

    0bama will be on this list soon.