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  • Karenftx

    Commenting late but a great addition would be Dorothy Arnold who was an heiress in NYC in the early part of the 20th century. No one has ever seen her since she disappeared and her family had the resources to mount quite a manhunt.

  • Lana Churner

    I keep looking forward to 1/20/2013 when a certain individual in the White House will do a disappearing act.

    • Rob Noneson


  • 3243

    Another mysterious disapperance is that of John Brisker, a pro basketball player with the Pittsburgh Pipers/Condors in the ABA (1969-72) and then with the Seattle Supersonics (1972-75) who was notorious for his violent temper. He went to Uganda in 1978 a few years after his career ended. Some who knew him say he went to start an import-export business; others say he went to serve as a mercenary for Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. All that is known is that Brisker made a couple of phone calls to people who knew him shortly after his arrival, and then he was never heard from or seen again. No one knows whether Brisker was executed along with Amin and his followers in 1979, or whether Amin himself murdered him. Brisker was declared legally dead in 1985, but to this date, no remains have ever been found.

  • Slarty Bartfast

    One left out is the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in 1961, The son of Governor Nelson Rockefeller and a fourth-generation Rockefeller, Michael disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern [Papua, Indonesia]. He was a photographer doing ethnographic studies of the tribes. He and Dutch anthropologist René Wassing were in a 40-foot dugout canoe about three miles from shore when their double pontoon boat was swamped and overturned. After their two guides went for help Michael decided to swim for shore, about 12 miles away. Wassing was the last person to see Michael Rockefeller alive. After Wassing was rescued it was realized Rockefeller was missing. There ensued a massive search but he wasn’t found. Most likely he either drowned or was attacked and killed as he went ashore.

  • Todd J

    Another mysterious missing persons case is that of Jim Thompson.