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  1. Jimmy Kimmel
    Jimmy Kimmel at |

    I heard that Hoffa was planted in cement and dumped into the Hudson alive.

    1. Muleskinner
      Muleskinner at |

      Nah, that was old school by the 70’s Kimmel.. I think more likely Hoffa ended up in three pallets of canned dog food

  2. Glub0t
    Glub0t at |

    Hey, i tought that d.b. Cooper in serial prison break was just a story 🙂

  3. fifthfourththird
    fifthfourththird at |

    They found several members of flight 19 resting peacefully on the bottom of the sea. Mystery solved.

    1. Vic Torino
      Vic Torino at |

      No they didn’t

  4. GoochCamper
    GoochCamper at |

    Funny enough this popped up on one of my RSS feeds. Looks like a movie is in the works about Fawcett. And by in the works I mean on the fast track.


  5. tarobanod
    tarobanod at |

    With regards to Earhart, many said that Fred Noonan, her navigator, was a notorious drunk and not the orignal selection as crewman for the voyage. Neither one was familiar with their updated radio equipment, and though nearby Navy ships heard transmissions from the Electra, they could not effectively reply due to the duo's choosing of the wrong frequency. Close but no cigar. Before the flight, Earhart was asked if the Pacific was the leg of the trip she feared the most. She shook her head and replied, "It's Africa… All that jungle.. it'd be hard to land."

  6. Ruth
    Ruth at |

    Many times, my mother has pondered whether Hoffa is under my bed. At times, I must agree. All essentials of life are down there…and then some.

  7. GoochCamper
    GoochCamper at |

    DB Cooper Update! A new link with a French comic popular in the 60's!


  8. Fenny
    Fenny at |

    I always heard that Hoffa was in the cement support foundations for the Ambassador bridge, which spans the Detroit River. But I'm assuming it's local myth more than anything.

  9. Roy
    Roy at |

    The Ambassador bridge was built a long time before Hoffa disappeared.

  10. Kirk
    Kirk at |

    No Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt? I mean come on – not many countries lose a leader… sure, the odd one dies, but disappears?

  11. Kayley
    Kayley at |

    Yay, D.B. Cooper made the list. I wish I knew who he even was.

  12. Dan
    Dan at |

    I would have put Amelia Earhart at No. 1.

  13. GoochCamper
    GoochCamper at |

    Just last year the DB Cooper case was revived and garnered the national spotlight yet again when the FBI believed to have found his parachute. I think it turned out it wasn't, but it shows how big of a deal he was and still is.


  14. iWena
    iWena at |

    Where's Osama BinHidin' ?

  15. GhostSurfer
    GhostSurfer at |

    Recording to the (Flight 19) story an interesting fact is that even one of search planes looking after the 13 missing airmen also disappeared in this story.Really sad that nothing of this was mentioned in the YouTube movie.

  16. SplitRain
    SplitRain at |

    I think that once I get my head around time travel that I'm gonna go back and extort the hell outta Jimmy Hoffa. Don't worry though, I'll make sure he gets dissapears again like a week later or something, just long enough to get all of his loot. Look in California. 😉 Good luck!


  17. Irishred
    Irishred at |

    What about A-Rod in the playoffs? Good list though!

  18. Simply Ridiculous
    Simply Ridiculous at |

    Good list!! Loved it.

  19. Nick
    Nick at |

    Harold Holt should be one of them. The Prime Minister of Australia went missing, never to be found WHILE BEING THE PRIME MINISTER! I think that should be more notable than Bierce. He also disappeared in the 60's, so it's relatively recent as well.

  20. Kangel
    Kangel at |

    um hello natalie holloway

  21. JohnsonSton
    JohnsonSton at |

    The list is too "old", i.e. most of those disappearings happened so long before, when there was not the equipment to properly investigate. I dare saying that it was easier to disappear like seventy years ago than it is nowadays (and even nowadays it is possible).

  22. LED Lighting Bulbs
    LED Lighting Bulbs at |

    What a great list! What about Lord Lucan 😀

  23. Albert Herring
    Albert Herring at |

    What, no Shergar?

  24. Katie
    Katie at |

    The Lost Colony people I’m sure were murdered by Indians. bcuz it said that English dude came back to find all his members gone and the settlement dismantled. hmmm, I wonder why? and since someone mentioned that the guy driving Earhart’s plane was a drunk and that they were both inexperienced with the plane equipment, it’s a good possibility that their plane just crashed and landed somewhere deep in the ocean. I still don’t know about them though :/ But the Crater & Cooper stories are just plain freaky!

  25. Violet
    Violet at |

    Amelia Earhart’s story is overrated. There’s a really good chance they crashed or landed in an island, got caught by the Japanese and executed. So it’s not as if her disappearance did not make sense.

    I think people are drawn to the story because she a female pilot at a time when it was uncommon. However, this is not a unique story. There’s another missing female pilot who disappeared under the strangest circumstance. Gertrude Vreeland Tompkins Silver went missing in 1944.

    But some of the disappearances on the list are really mysterious and weird. The Carter case even spawned the idiomatic expression “pull a carter” which means to disappear.

    A good candidate for this list are the Sodder siblings; John Lake, the Newsweek Sports Editor; Maud Crawford, the first female attorney in Camden, Arkansas; and of course Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt.

    1. david root
      david root at |

      what about raoul wallenburg?

  26. Karenftx
    Karenftx at |

    Commenting late but a great addition would be Dorothy Arnold who was an heiress in NYC in the early part of the 20th century. No one has ever seen her since she disappeared and her family had the resources to mount quite a manhunt.

  27. Lana Churner
    Lana Churner at |

    I keep looking forward to 1/20/2013 when a certain individual in the White House will do a disappearing act.

    1. Rob Noneson
      Rob Noneson at |


      1. MR_22
        MR_22 at |

        Took a little longer than expected, but he’s gone now! Yay!

  28. 3243
    3243 at |

    Another mysterious disapperance is that of John Brisker, a pro basketball player with the Pittsburgh Pipers/Condors in the ABA (1969-72) and then with the Seattle Supersonics (1972-75) who was notorious for his violent temper. He went to Uganda in 1978 a few years after his career ended. Some who knew him say he went to start an import-export business; others say he went to serve as a mercenary for Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. All that is known is that Brisker made a couple of phone calls to people who knew him shortly after his arrival, and then he was never heard from or seen again. No one knows whether Brisker was executed along with Amin and his followers in 1979, or whether Amin himself murdered him. Brisker was declared legally dead in 1985, but to this date, no remains have ever been found.

  29. Slarty Bartfast
    Slarty Bartfast at |

    One left out is the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in 1961, The son of Governor Nelson Rockefeller and a fourth-generation Rockefeller, Michael disappeared during an expedition in the Asmat region of southwestern [Papua, Indonesia]. He was a photographer doing ethnographic studies of the tribes. He and Dutch anthropologist René Wassing were in a 40-foot dugout canoe about three miles from shore when their double pontoon boat was swamped and overturned. After their two guides went for help Michael decided to swim for shore, about 12 miles away. Wassing was the last person to see Michael Rockefeller alive. After Wassing was rescued it was realized Rockefeller was missing. There ensued a massive search but he wasn’t found. Most likely he either drowned or was attacked and killed as he went ashore.

  30. Todd J
    Todd J at |

    Another mysterious missing persons case is that of Jim Thompson.


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