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  • ParusMajor

    Yea, Penguin 337! Free bird! 🙂

  • IC

    with regards to number 6 on the list…WTF? He shot the bigfoot and ran away cos they had a feeling of dread…then they went back to look for the bigfoot and took a chunk of flesh to be analysed but didn’t take a freaking picture??? oh dear…

    • brian

      He has to sound legit without any proof. thats how these kids make money

    • ParusMajor

      Actually, a photograph has never been considered as reliable evidence. Pictures have always been manipulated, even before there was Photoshop, so it made more sense to cut a piece of flesh for DNA testing. Although, I think in this case Justin Smeja made up the whole story to get the Hollywood deal and the book deal. Succeeded in that, too, apparently. Very clever. BTW, how did they know right away that the Bigfoot was female? Did it have a mini skirt and slutty make up on its face?

      • Daneiris

        No, you can tell females from males because of their anatomy. If they really did have this encounter, it’s disturbing how he reacted to his “shock” and killed the mother and her child.
        Tha guy’s not very bright either, DNA testing would just turn up inconclusive even if it were a new species. The steps to identifying it is to match it with existing DNA samples of already known species. Since a new species has no existing DNA samples… there’s nothing to match it with. So it will just remain labelled as “unknown”. Which only raieses more questions, then you get the troops of people traipsing back to the sight and shooting anything with fur. Just leave them alone.

  • FMH

    Well, the Bonus Story is bogus in any possible way. If you put a person under that much anesthetics that you can pull out all of his teeth, he surely won’t walk home very soon. Also, the blood loss and trauma resulting from pulling so many healthy would be life-threatening and absolutely impossible to do without assistance of a anesthesiologist.
    Not to forget that no dentist (yes, in Poland, too) works without assistance and it would be very suspicous to send them out during a treatment that takes hours.
    Furthermore, I doubt that the maximum penalty for aggravated battery in Poland is only three years.

    Conclusion: The story was made up by someone why didn’t put any effort into it. Probably a simplified version of an old urban legend.

    • ParusMajor

      Well, that’s what it says, in the bonus story. The dentist story was made up by Simon Tomlinson of the Daily Mail newspaper. Did you read the bonus story all the way through before posting, FMH?

      • FMH

        Of course it’s quite obvious that I didn’t read the whole thing. I rarely do.
        Well, but it wasn’t made up by that journalist either, I’m sure it’s an adapted urban legend that has been around longer.

      • FMH

        Now that I re-read it, I think I read the whole thing. It does not clearly say that the journalis made it up – he just said he didn’t know where he got it from. And after checking, he got it from an older fake news report.

    • BryanJ

      The story may be fake, but it was published as real in some newspaper articles, which caused the guy to do some research.

  • Kevin John Braid

    the daily fail posts utter BS, quelle surprise

    in ref to last post about the dentist