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  1. Clouds
    Clouds at |

    Those are amazing photos of clouds. Some of them looks unreal. Kodos on the photographers!!!

  2. Galvin Entalai
    Galvin Entalai at |

    wow! simply amazing creation of God!

  3. (Kim)
    (Kim) at |

    wow, those are truly amazing!!

  4. John
    John at |

    Many of those are man-made chemtrails, look it up if you don’t know what it means, it’s not a creation of some “god” it’s Master Of Puppets behind the curtains poisoning you.

    1. Amelia
      Amelia at |

      Keep your paranoid conspiracy theories to yourself and just let everyone appreciate the beauty of nature.

      1. Anon
        Anon at |

        First, it’s not a “paranoid conspiracy theory,” it’s pretty well documented. Second, you and everyone else can enjoy the “god” or non-god creation of clouds in any way you like and Johns postulation that some are chemical trails shouldn’t derive you from your joy in seeing that.

      2. Laurelle
        Laurelle at |

        Those are clouds that are formed from the spraying. I’m have a penthouse view of the city. I can see small black planes spraying stuff. They form those rolls and then form strange clouds. This isn’t a conspiracy theory when people can actually see planes spraying stuff. They aren’t commercial planes. I can see the commercial planes flying into the airport. These planes are smaller and black. Some fly straight up in the air.

  5. Polly Perot
    Polly Perot at |

    These clouds are so stunning, I didn’t think they were real at first

  6. funny facebook
    funny facebook at |

    Amazing pictures. These clouds look like from photoshop.

  7. Mark
    Mark at |

    These look unreal! #6 on the list is really something else.

  8. brian
    brian at |

    these clouds are cloudy…yep that’s about all I can say

  9. Lilyloveedwards
    Lilyloveedwards at |

    Seems impossible that all cloud forms have not already been discovered but then again I was on my back this afternoon and I swear I saw a formation no other human has seen before. The clouds like a leopards coat in 3D with some spots grey, some white, some pink – it lasted only a few minutes but was truly beautiful.

    1. Laurelle
      Laurelle at |

      Most of them are unnatural. I see small black planes spraying stuff. They form strange clouds.

  10. Don.
    Don. at |

    Many years ago i saw cloud formation depicting the head of Jesus in the background while two jets

    were engaged in a dog-fight in the foreground. If you recall this can you help

    1. Mary
      Mary at |

      Revelation battle in the sky

  11. Sherilyn West
    Sherilyn West at |

    My former hometown, Lubbock, Texas was the site of ghost-like clouds in late October, early November this year. Do you have any photos of this phenomenon?


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