Top 10 Weirdest Things Dipped in Gold


Hide your wife and hide your kids because the gold bug has bitten—and it’s a worldwide pandemic. People in the preliminary stage are known to ice their necks, wrists, and teeth with the shimmery metal. An insatiable hunger for all things made of gold marks a person in the most advanced stage of the bug. If you or a loved one is infected, feed your appetite by checking out the top ten weirdest things made of gold…

10. Gold Backpack

Gold Backpack

Are you a trendsetter? Do boring Jansport backpacks cramp your style? Well fear not fashion fiends! This Billionaire Boys Club backpack is sure to put more pep in your step. If its golden rays don’t make everyone turn their heads in awe, make sure to keep the price tag on. At an estimated price of $1650 (roughly the same cost to buy gold bullion), you are guaranteed to get a “DAAAAMN” everywhere you go.

Source: Diva Artist

9. Gold Dessert

gold dessert

So, you’ve finished your meal, but you’re still not satisfied. If you’re the “go big or go home” type and can afford to empty your wallet while you fill your stomach¸ then Serendipity 3 has a dessert with your name drizzled all over it. With a godlike name, the $1000 “Grand Opulence Sundae” screams of perfection—and it is. Take a deep breath and read off the dessert’s luscious list of ingredients: five scoops of Tahitian and Madagascar vanilla bean ice cream, an edible 23 karat gold leaf, rare Amedei Porceleana and Chuaco chocolate chunks, Parisian candied fruit, Marzipan cherries, truffles, gold dragets, and a bowl of Grand Passion Caviar. The sundae is served in a baccarat Harcourt crystal goblet with an 18 karat gold spoon and a gold sugar flower to grace the top. Before you rush into the restaurant and shout “Give it to me, baby!” Serendipity kindly asks for a 48-hour notice to handcraft the masterpiece.

Source: Luxist

8. Gold Shoes

gold shoes

The last pair of shoes that sparkled as much as these bad boys ended up on a girl that had an obsession with clicking her heels together three times. Ken Courtney, designer for Just Another Rich Kid, created these 24-karat gold Nike kicks. Cashing in at $5,405, it is pretty obvious that “Indulgences No. 5” aren’t your average ruby slippers.

Source: Upscale Hype

7. Gold Sushi

gold sushi

Sushi—a culinary trend of its own is now incorporating a flashy new fad. In the Philippines, a chef based in Manila created an entrée exhibiting five pieces of luxe sushi. Although the sushi does not stray from common ingredients, it is the thin ribbons made of 24-karat gold and African diamonds that dress the dish for success. At $2750 per plate, make sure to bring a big appetite along with that big check.

Source: Oddity Central

6. Gold Facial

gold facial

Wrinkles are normal. They tell the intriguing story of a person’s life through various laugh and stress lines. But in case you don’t want people to read you like a book, try this facial on for size. Originally created in Japan, the notorious gold facial applies a thin layer of 24 karat gold to the client’s face. The grandiose spa treatment is said to firm the skin and reduce wrinkles as well as sun spots. Even though the facial runs for a pricey $500 a pop, the luminescent afterglow is nothing short of celestial. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people ask you if it hurts, because with an angel face like that, you had to have fallen from heaven.

Source: Umo Universe

5. Gold Toilet

gold toilet

Tourists from all over the world stop by Hong Kong to see Hang Fung’s solid 24 karat gold toilet. The shiny throne is accompanied by other gold fixtures to complete the over-the-top hot spot. At an approximated 5 million dollars, it’s common for people to feel overjoyed before they back that thang up and take a picture.

Source: AFP

3. Gold Barbecue Grill

gold grill

Everyone loves a relaxing 4th of July barbecue—the smoky burgers, the ice cold pool, and the quality time with friends and family. This year, blow everyone’s minds with your new BeefEater gold plated grill. This backyard beaut is smothered in 24 karat gold and sells for $12,500. With this beast of a barbecue on your side, it’s okay to smile for us, Daddy. We see your grill.

Source: Gizmag

2. Gold Coffin

gold coffin

With 2012 just around the corner, people are starting to wonder if an afterlife really exists and if it does, what preparations they should take. Before there’s any chance of a zombie apocalypse, make sure you’re sent off in style with this $381,000 gold coffin complete with a cell phone. Why a dead person needs a cell phone in the beyond is unknown, but hey, better safe than sorry. Purchasing one of these caskets puts you on the same list as other gold coffin sporters such as King Tut, James Brown and Michael Jackson. Remember, just because you’re deceased doesn’t mean you have to stop being chic.

Source: Born Rich

1. Gold Pills

gold pills

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, someone takes it one step further. Knowing that society is eager to devour all things lavish, Tobias Wong and Just Another Rich Kid’s Ken Courtney wanted to see how far they could push the envelope of the rich and famous. 24 karat gold leaf pills were created for “the man that has everything” in the renowned Indulgences collection. With the $425 price tag stamped on the pills, you’d think that the benefits of swallowing gold would be unlimited. However, the only documented advantage to consuming these capsules is a sparkly grand finale in the toilet bowl.

Source: Citizen


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  1. The gold backpack is dumb. All your doing is adding another 50 pounds to your 50 lbs worth of stuff.

  2. Saddam Hussein had golden bannisters, mirrors, toilet seats, door knobs, and golden AK-47`s. Which shot REAL bullets! And in Colonel Gaddafi`s house a golden Mermaid couch has been found. Is it wrong to like things owned by Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi?