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  1. Billster
    Billster at |

    *looks in his old games closet*

  2. Raven
    Raven at |

    What, no Panzer Dragoon Saga?

    1. peteyroberto
      peteyroberto at |

      ha i have that for sega cd among others…hopefully will be worth mad money somedays was hopin id see that on here too lol

  3. Bzo
    Bzo at |

    Not that I disagree about obscurity of the games, but since when Neo Geo or Vic-20 have been obscure systems? Especially Vic-20 with a peak of 800.000 machines/year is as far from obscure as x-box360/ps3/wii today.

  4. dav
    dav at |

    the VIC-20 an obscure machine? WTF?
    it was the number ONE selling computer of all time!

    1. Jerry
      Jerry at |

      Actually the Commdore 64 was

  5. uri
    uri at |

    WTF?! where is the unreleased sowrdquest airworld there were a few prototypes and they are probably somewhere out there

  6. M234
    M234 at |

    Atlantis 2 is only different from the first in two ways:

    •The Atlantis 2 weighs less than the original(5.55 grams)
    •The score font on Atlantis 2 is a sans-serif font,while the first one,which is worthless,has a serif font.I looked up the game and I wound up on a web page which had information on a recently auctioned Atlantis 2.

  7. M234
    M234 at |

    Sorry for not including this,but a serif font is a less fancy font than a sans-serif font.

    1. M234
      M234 at |

      I can’t believe this!I have to post a THIRD comment.The fonts are designed the other way around.

  8. JT
    JT at |

    And now a new holy grail of Atari 2600 games exists to knock back a few spots on this list. The religious game Red Sea Crossing, where you take Moses across the Red Sea, recently sold at auction for $10,400! It wasn’t even known to exist until 2007 where it was found at a yard sale. Possibly only a few hundred cartridges were manufactured and the one that sold is currently the only known copy to exist today.

  9. Gansano
    Gansano at |

    um, actually, Nintendos Powerfest94 is the rarest ever. they never gave it away when the did the event, and they think there is only one copy in circulation.

  10. Pascal
    Pascal at |

    How about original lemmings for the macintosh?
    I know original games for mac from that time are quite rare.. Special 3.5 floppy disks


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