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8 Responses

  1. Crazzy Serbs at |

    Where is Lord Dracula? (:
    Just kidding!
    Thanks for this!

  2. Jessy at |

    great list! def. lifted my legs off the floor onto my seat after reading this!

  3. Kyle at |


    1. Morrison at |

      I just heard a stat that mosquitoes are responsible for half of all human deaths in the history of mankind.

    2. Bogleech at |

      If you read the list you would have noticed mosquitoes are included in the #1 entry. They are a family of fly.

  4. INFORHUB at |

    Creeeepy…..but love the post. Very insightful, I don’t even know that vampire moths even exist.

  5. Mike at |

    Ticks should definitely be on here.

    1. Jonathan Wojcik at |

      They almost were, but this was a top ten list by “coolness,” not just fame, and I mention under fleas that they just barely kicked ticks off of it…too many weirder vampires to include!


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