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  • ScytheNoire

    Not even close, except maybe Reeves and Kissing Couple

  • Dan

    Really tough to nail the “top 10” memes as there is so many. I think “top 10” was a bad name for this article based on that – just pointing out 10 memes would be good.

    Sad Keanu never fails to kill me.

  • BryanJ

    With all of the Internet memes, it was surprisingly hard to come up with examples that were based strictly on a photograph or a set of pictures. Most memes come from YouTube videos or television. Another name for this list could have been Top 10 Real Pictures that became Internet Memes. I am sure that many more pictures are worthy.

    Nice call, I think the Leo strut is hilarious. Other examples I came across are a picture of a girl named Allison Stokke, Oolong, Heineken Looter Guy and Tron Guy. Many Internet Memes exist that have come from invented ideas and Photoshop. Like Bert is Evil, Baidu 10 Mythical Creatures, Kermit Bale, Lolcat, Seriously McDonalds and O RLY?

    What are some of everyone else’s favorites?

  • Dani

    I think this list is very inaccurate. As a matter of fact, few of these could even be counted as meme’s and only the sad Keanu would be able to be in the list.

  • Skull

    No You Tube Hitler? And Islamic Rage Boy also appeared when the Pope quoted an Emperor who said, “Muhammad brought the world things that were,”Evil and inhuman.” And Spread Islam by the sword.” And Muslims went crazy and killed people again, like for the Satanic Verses, and Terry Jones. These people need to calm down.

  • Brian

    I would feel sorry for poop dog girl if she weren’t so disgusting.

  • Ian

    I would name this 10 popular internet memes.

    Things that I would most definitely put on top 10 memes (2011):
    1. LOLcats– funny/cute pictures of cats with text written with intentional bad grammar

    2. COME AT ME BRO!– A saying made popular by Jersey Shore’s Ronnie, making a provoking pose with arms extended outwards. It’s been entered into countless pictures as text.

    3. Demotivational posters– Picture inserted into a black background with depreciating humorous text.

    4. Guido Jesus– Jesus Christ! Where did this come from? No one knows. It’s not as popular as the previous 3 memes, but it is damned hilarious.

    5. Forever Alones/Troll faces/FUUUUUUU faces– I find these seldom funny; but hey, my comedic standards are just more highbrow than your average person.

    6. Sad Keanu– no need for explanation

    7. Nyan Cat– This is addicting to a lot of people. It’s a 8-bit cat with a pop tart for a body, singing an repetitive yet fun song. It’s been covered thousands of times with a variety of instruments, parodied, and inserted into many other types of media.

    8. Carmelldensan– Extremely popular with the anime community. It involves a Japanese pop song with ridiculous and repetitive dancing. Just search for it on Youtube and you will see. : )

    9. Epic Fails–Truly hysterical failures captured in an image, animated image, and/or video.

    10. Chuck Norris/Ninja jokes– These guys are so tough and awesome they defy laws of physics and human limits.

    I know for a fact I am missing some major ones, and it’s getting on my nerves. Please comment to include memes!

  • ParusMajor

    Facepalm and Coolface are missing? And Pedobear? I don’t really know what’s so strange about the squirrel, if you know squirrels. They are lively and curious animals, of course they’ll stand in front of the camera, given half the chance. 🙂 Some of the Qian Zhijun pics were funny, that look on his face lends itself to anything! 😀

  • Serious Rankings

    And what about Tourist guy on 9/11:
    Tourist guy on 9/11

  • Donald Francis

    Ive never seen any of these pics till today.

  • Carmen Thomas

    I didnt know anything on here. And I’m always on the computer…

  • Bhavna

    No doubt, your list is awesome but what about photo of Sharbat Gula, taken by McCurry?

  • Lauren

    This is a terrible list. None of these should be on the list. Obviously you guys know nothing about internet culture.

    • As I always say, please enlighten us. Or would you care to write a list for the site? Few have met the challenge. If we like it, we’ll pay you too!

  • Failu

    What about the Harlem shake?

  • Tamashiro

    Anime is cool.