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  1. James Boyce
    James Boyce at |

    A canadian charity who distributes sports equipment to kids in need is called right to play.

  2. Justin
    Justin at |

    These are many great ways to donate to charities without spending any money. This is in fact a very special topic to me personally and I went out and done something about it. I created http://www.digitalcollectionplate.com where people can sign up to support causes and contribute by participation in product evaluations, surveys and polls and by doing this, the companies who host these polls and surveys make a small donation to the charity.

    You can do one survey and generate anywhere from a few cents to a $35 depending on the available surveys or you can sit down and do every offer that is available that day and make a real difference. Some causes like Habitat for Humanity have very modest goals on Digitalcollectionplate.com and are only asking for a small amount. Check out http://www.digitalcollectionplate.com/fundeedonation.php?link=habitatlv71&act=preview where Habitat for Humanity wants to raise $5,000 for a local project in Henderson Nevada.

    There is no limit to the funds that can be raised by this program. “Crowd funding” is a online phenomenon that can raise a tremendous amount of money in a very short time.

    Support the movement, donate your time and not your money.

  3. JL
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    Some awesome ideas here, for sure. We think that a lot of people want to give, but maybe don’t have the disposable income. That’s why we’re testing a few different ideas for our startup, Zadaqa (http://whatiszadaqa.com). The idea is that advertisers pay so much to get our attention – they might as well give that money to charity.

    Hope you find it interesting.

  4. Recycle Phone For Charity
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    Help each other through Recycle for charity, Recycle for education, Recycle inkjet and Recycle phone for charity.


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