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  1. Zack
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    these are all amazing tips! check out my blog on bio diesel for more tips like these. http://yovia.com/blogs/fuel/2009/09/23/another-pl

  2. Tua
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    Thanks for the great tips, but number 7 and 6 was really fun! I finding hard to believe number 6. I guesses in different country, this is normal.

  3. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    A Clean Air and Oil Filter or just purchase a hybrid car

  4. online loans
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    While useing your engine to slow down for a turn or stop may not increase your mileage, It will increase the life of your brakes, and if done PROPERLY will not wear out your clutch or engine any faster, Ask any truck driver! Synthetic oils in the engine may make a difference but .5 of a percent isnâ??t a lot of savings when it costs 2x the price. Somebody said that CVTâ??s are better than manual transmissions, WRONG manual transmissions are nearly 100% efficiant, and CVTâ??s barely make 92% so you are throwing 8% out the window, If you have the option get an underdrive pully system for your car, I have a pickup and get 10% avg. better MPGs since I installed an underdrive pully kit. Install a free breathing cold air intake cold air is more dense than warm air therefore you get more power for same amount of gas = less gas to do the same job. I get 24 MPG hwy avg. out of my 2wd GMC 1500 V6 5 speed, my wife canâ??t get that out of her Taurus.

    1. Angelo Inferno
      Angelo Inferno at |

      A lot of the things you’ve listed are dependent upon the kind of car that you bought and how well it was made, With manual transmissions you also have to take into account that the engine is in the ideal revs for only 35-99% of the time (depending upon engine and gear ratios) before you have to shift, whereas a cvt can keep the engine in the right rev range all the time, so it really depends on the car, and most vehicles will be able to tell that you have extra air with a cold air intake, and will compensate for that, though what it does for mpg is again dependent upon the setup of you engine and its control module, often a warm air intake will provide better fuel gains, the decrease in amount of air will compensate for some lead footed drivers and warm air burns more completely, getting more energy for the same amount of fuel+air mixture. You seem to have a good idea of some of the basics of engine operation, give it some time and I’m sure you could become quite knowledgeable after a few years.

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    I would replace Engine Filter at least once a year. It does improve the performance. Everything when you change engine order, also replace oil filter.

  6. Jasmine
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    I was awaiting for information like this. As I know Inflated tires can reduce your car’s fuel efficiency by as much as 3%. So make it a point to check your car tires regularly and pump them up to the required air pressure at regular intervals at least once a month in order to maintain the air pressure in them.

  7. Eritrawi Dankalawi
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    One of these pictures in Sudan Not Eritrea


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