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  1. Eric Mioch
    Eric Mioch at |

    Top Tenz disturbing F.Book posts

    1. TopTenz
      TopTenz at |

      Agreed. It is a bit dark for us.

  2. Aran Pandora
    Aran Pandora at |

    Humans can be so cruel. Item No.8 reminds me of Neil Gaiman’s story about a witch who was both drowned and then burned and later was buried in a Potter’s field.

  3. Chezza
    Chezza at |

    Those responsible for introducing any torture method, as well as those who inflict it on others, should have it inflicted on them in return!

    1. Groovy
      Groovy at |

      That happened to Robespierre in France, sort of. The Reign Of Terror ended when the mass murderer himself was sent to his other execution device of choice, the famous beheading machine!

  4. Mark
    Mark at |

    #1? There’s no water involved at all. The writer suggests it fits in this category due to the lack of water. Clever stuff, considering the title of the article…

  5. Mike
    Mike at |

    Waterboarding is quicker more humane and is not mean results in death like the others reletivaley
    Of course the all kill you or can kill you. The worst prolong the agony
    Being boiled or tryed alive takes the cake for me.

  6. anyadfasza
    anyadfasza at |

    There is no truth in that, that you lied about the soviet, the communists and the torture.
    First, Red Army, like it or not, liberated Hungary and the people from the fascistic oppression.
    Second, the communistic authorities, though used the same building, as the nazis before, but no evidence ever found, that they would torture anyone – of course, the neonazis accuse them, as a revenge for the fact, that only the communistic authorities punished the nazis after the war. (The concrete bathtub of torture, the neonazis accused the communistic police to use, was never found, and no signs of that, that ever existed.)


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