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  • LOL! Hahaha!! Wow!!! I never knew some of these characters existed. In some way, it's kinda awesome! Maybe they'll bring some of these characters back for cameos in the future or whatever. Great list! Thanks for that! XD

  • The Abestos Lady?? Wow, just wow. Very nice!

  • Umm… if the cow is from Switzerland, then wouldn't she have … Swiss origins? Not Swedish?

  • Coolito

    wow..just wow.. this is awesome

  • will

    umm actually Doctor Bong has reappeared recently in one of the Deadpool comics… he helped Deadpool through some mental issues.. oh and he became a psychiatrist

  • Peter

    You had to be smarter than the average comics reader to get and enjoy the exquisite Howard the Duck. Steve Gerber was the only person who could write Howard successfully, and some of his run was sheer genius, using the format to both lampoon the conventions of comic heroes as well as satirize various aspects of human culture. Your rather garbled take on Howard would suggest you didn't exactly take a close look at him before adding him to this list.

    • I don't know about smarter but you definitely needed to have a different perspective. Unfortunately for Howard, most comic readers didn't share your appreciation.

      • Geoshark

        Howard has had amazing runs like Marvel Zombies 5.
        I don’t get what people have against him, he’s a great character.
        most of the time that is.

  • drFaust

    dr bong! 🙂 WTF!

  • Jess

    The frog is very good drawn

  • Vadid Kice

    Sorry, but your information on Howard the Duck is wrong. During the time of it's run it was a very popular comic, it's demise due to creator Steve Gerber leaving amid legal wrangles with Marvel over ownership of the character.

    His run is still one of the most respected comics ever, and this was clearly reflected in the obituaries and tributes following Gerber's death.

    The terrible 80s movie tarnished the name HTD in the popular mainstream, but that does not mean the comics were not respected or popular.

    I also get the feeling you either haven't read the original comics, or didn't 'get' them.

    I would guess the 'haven't read them' option, as from looking through the original comics you would see the amount of Howard merchandise, and how prominenet he was featured in Marvel ads that featured their flagship characters, which reflects his brief, bright popularity in the comics world.

    Read some comics dude.

    • Jim

      Dude, also, what was not to love about Civil War?

  • Dude

    All comic characters are weird, this list is just weird-er. I wonder why people like comics a lot.

  • Bendarr

    Might I have the honor of introducing Squirrel Girl?

  • Ryan

    Nice post.

    Actually Lockjaw was introduced as a member of the Inhumans. They take on many forms and tend to be humanoid. So Lockjaw is probably a humanoid who looks like a dog. by the way he talks. In an issue of fantastic Four ( can't remember which ) he spoke to the great surprise of the Thing. When asked why he had never spoken before he calmly replied that he never had anything to say.

    As for Dr. Bong he made appearances in She-hulk where he acquired a new power by being able to create realities out of Tv shows and also most recently in the Daughters of the Dragon ltd series where he was hanging out ina supervillian bar and got trashed by the heroines.

  • Hugh Janus

    What about doop? Really. You can’t leave him off this list.

  • Stuart

    Ever get the feeling that they might have been smoking something when they came up with these?!