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7 Responses

  1. Dennis at |

    I believe Captain Video’s ray gun atomizer should have been #1.

  2. Armstrong at |

    The anti-tank dogs of the Red Army frequently looked for food under Red Army tanks as well instead of picking only the German tanks.

    1. timmy the dying boy at |

      Here’s plenty more dog bomb fun:

  3. tg at |

    just a note

    sword breaker were inefective in breaking swords, instead the prongs of the dagger borke
    it was only supposed to be used for catching swords not breaking thim

  4. faruk at |

    9. The Sword Breaker is so scary.

    1. Apollo at |
  5. Anonymous at |

    The stronghold of Syracuse was Greek not Carthaginian ! Archimedes was Greek !


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