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  1. HJDa at |

    Jynx was actually changen to not look racistik, beacuse in the japanese version jynx`s skin was black and had red lips.

  2. Tom at |

    People who see racism in everything are like people who see homosexuality in everything. They’re annoying.

  3. Pinko5000 at |

    “His people, called the “Gerudo,” live in the desert…”

    Did you ever consider the posibility they they developed deep tans…now who’s the racist bastard?

  4. scrabble solver at |

    There was always going to be some controversy over this, I don’t think a lot have set out to be racist and it has kind of been crafted to look that way. Great top 10 though however. Kind regards

  5. Kidbluboo at |

    so when resident evil 4 came out, a white character killing wave after wave of hispanic people who speak, scream and yell in spanish? oh wait, how about assassins creed where you kill middle eastern people or, gasp, WHITE PEOPLE? the setting for resident evil 5 is in freaking AFRICA. WHO DO YOU EXPECT TO SEE IN AFRICA? WHITE BOYS?? ROFL at these idiots who cry ‘racism’ in a video game. and killing white people is perfectly fine with them

  6. Xell at |

    Where is CoD, Rage or Ghost Recon who uses the same Russian stereotypes over and over and over and over again?

    1. Kristian at |

      Russians aren’t a race. And I do believe toptenz are a little too fast to drop the ‘R bomb’. Especially RE5, that one really bothers me. It’s staged in Africa, what were they supposed to do. The RE4 one is stupid aswell. It’s staged in Spain. Spaniards are not latinas, they’re caucasian…. Just like Russians.


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