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  • Clive

    Video games seem to always use stereotypes as an excuse for lack of ability to create in depth characters. Good list. Though I’m not sure what you were going at for Pokemon though.

    • Josh

      Wat a load of crap,like someone else said i think the author is racist and i’ll give you something… england we cant teach our children to sing baa baa black sheep which has gone through generations just cos black people decided it was racist yet their is now a kid’s programme which i saw with my little girl and guess wat its a black mouse with a jamaican hat on and speaks jamaican…….? Says it all really dont it cos THATS RACIST but if white people were to do something like that it would’nt be aired,would get a huge fine and probably a short prison sentence but their you go thats life you just get on with it not always looking for things to dub as racist so dont start with all this crap about bloody video games just live ur life without worrying and enjoy yourself and if you think something is racist dont watch or play it SIMPLE lol

      • Elenath

        I realise this is a long time after you wrote this but I just have to reply.

        Get down off you hysterical high horse, it is totally still allowed and normal for baa baa black sheep to be taught in England, there was some stupid controversy that was blown out of proportion by people who wanted to make it seem like you weren’t. If you were silly enough to fall for that then it is YOUR issue.

        Next . . . please tale your white opinions and crawl back into whatever hole spawned you. You have zero understanding of anything about the world around you and will clearly listen and believe almost anything that is convenient for you to believe.

        Like it or not pal you STILL live in a world where racism is an issue and it will NOT go away until something is done about it. So sure, you go back and fall on the ‘don’t like it, don’t want it!’ pathetic defense that people in denial always do, but that just means you will be dealing with hearing about it longer.

        Because people like you slow down progress, more so than openly racist people because you refuse to even look outside your own perspective into the life of another person and see what it is like to be them.

        To not be white, to be often inherently seen as not as good, not as beautiful, not as worthy and definitely not as well represented in the media and half of the time when you are the entire personality of a ‘black’ person would be that . . .they are black.

        There are things that will never affect you because you’re white and if you want to be oblivious to them forever that is your deal, but don’t expect everyone else to just so you can be as comfortable s possible at the expense of others.

        • Daniel

          “please tale your white opinions and crawl back into whatever hole spawned you. ”

          Wow. Do you have any idea how much of a hypocritical asshat you’re being?

          • Elenath

            Telling white people to mind their own damn business when it comes to racism is not being a hypocrite. White people do not experience systemic racism and thus their opinions on what is NOT racist are not authoritative, or welcome.

            Saying it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t matter to YOU is the height of total, selfish bollocks and people who act and behave that way deserve no credit, no recognition and should not be heard on the matter of race.

            So, please take your white opinions and crawl back into whatever hole spawned you.

            • DougLordN4G

              You rock, man. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

              Once people like Josh have died out, the world will be a better place. Sadly, it may take a few centuries, because idiocy is hard to wipe out.

    • Scot

      Is this list a joke?

      I suspect that the author wrote it with his tongue firmly in cheek. No one could be expected to take this list seriously.

  • refreshment

    Please tell me you’re not serious about this list. >_>


    ” One level even features a special “achievement” for killing black people” No.. No it doesn’t, it requires you to kill 40 ENEMIES, ANY ENEMY

    Really wish the writer did a bit more research.

    • redstick

      I’ve not played the game, nor will I ever, but how many ‘enemies’ in that level are anything but black?

    • Bill

      After reading this list, it makes me wonder if the author is racist.

  • Hi

    so according to you the only way a video game wouldnt be considered racist is to have the good guy be a black muslim homosexual ceo who kills a bunch of redneck kkk white people

    • Not really

      The non-racist videogame would have to be one where you play as any-colored person, and allk you do is hold hands and hug different colored people.

      Now, as for jinx, she~s an amazing pokemon, awesome psychic and ice moves.

      • redstick

        …OK. Let’s try something. Make up a life-size mask of Jynx, put it on, and take a stroll through the ‘hood. You can explain that she has awesome psychic and ice moves. Let us know how that works out, Probably by Ouija board….

        • Not really

          No normal person walks around with masks on, despite the thing depicted having awesome psychic moves or not. The same weird looks I’d get from a Jins mask I’d get from a Cary Grant mask or from a Whoopi Goldberg one, to name two very different ones.

          Maybe where you live people go around wearing masks on their everyday life. Not here, though. I live in Brazil, and in here It’d be considered, at the very least, excentric.

    • redstick

      Let me guess — you’re cauc’ right?

  • fdx

    Interesting list didn’t have time to read it completely right now so i’ll probably comment later but i was a bit surprised by your explanations about racism in Resident Evil 5, you said and i quote

    “Then there’s the difference between this, and previous Resident Evil games. People have argued that, because most of the zombies were white in Resident Evil 1-3, and hispanic in Resident Evil 4, then it’s hypocritical to say it’s only racist when the heroes are killing black people. This argument doesn’t hold up because the United States doesn’t have a history of oppressing and enslaving other white people”

    Do i need to remind you that you are talking about a japanese game and, also that not having a history of oppression with a culture doesn’t make depicting them like stupid rednecks less racist.

    • Bacon

      While marginally interesting, most of these items aren’t really racist. The author, like many others these days, seems intent on labeling everything as racist if it has to do with race. I wonder if ‘white men can’t jump’ is racist or, to stay in video games, Soda Popinski or Mario. They’re certainly white stereotypes – drunk russian, Italian plumber with thick accent.

      Really, I think this is about an obsession with race by the author, rather than the need for gamers to look inward at their evil brainwashed minds. As true, brutal racism fades from our culture, it’s interesting to watch the obsessed delve deeper into madness. I mean racism has GOT to be the reason for inequality, right?

      • Bacon, institutional racism isn’t THE reason for inequality but to deny that it is A reason for inequality is naïve.

        Just come to Boston. You’ll find one of the most institutionally racist cities in the nation. Any black person will tell you that.

        Even the successful ones.

        • Bacon

          Oh, completely agreed, and I don’t mean to imply that minorities, in many cases, have a more difficult time than non-minorities, but aside from lingering resentment from idiots, most people are not racists. It is interesting though that the focus is on non-white racism usually, even though whites are not always the discriminators. Doing something for or against any race is, by definition, racist. While not level with one another, affirmative action for blacks and racial epithets against them are both racist. This is important to note in the article because it’s pointed out that resident evil is still racist because the past races haven’t historically been oppressed. What? So, any racism against whites isn’t racist because someone’s great great great grandfather wasn’t a slave?

          • dpad

            Bacon,once you started whining about ffirmative action I knew what kind of a person you were. List like this ALWAYS brings out ther acist.

            • Bacon

              Haha, did you even read the comment or just ctrl+F for your buzz word. I didn’t say anything about AA other than using it as an example for the fact that promoting or punishing anyone for anything because of their race is what racism is. Some people will never get over the racism issue because they aren’t even able to discuss it without going off the handle. Kind of sad but no worry – people like dpad are a small (but unusually loud and talkative) group.

  • Aside from the entire premise of this list, I take special concern with number 7; in particular, your quote that reads as follows:

    “This argument doesn’t hold up because the United States doesn’t have a history of oppressing and enslaving other white people…”

    As a matter of fact, one of the early “races” to be oppressed were the Irish. They were looked down upon with extreme prejudice. There were signs (just like with African Americans) telling them they were not allowed into establishments, allowed to hold any job other than hard-labor, spit on, had to use separate facilities and in general…very much hated. Granted, they weren’t enslaved, but the issue stands…white people of Irish ancestry were very much hated at the time.

    I could take issue with the way my people (Arabs) are treated throughout the world, but what good does that do? I’m not going to change who I am just because of a few ignorant people; and I’m certainly not going to sink to their level and cry ‘racism’ or write anything propagating ‘reverse racism’ as done in this article. But…good job putting something out. I wasn’t a fan but I’m sure there’s plenty who liked it. Good job.

  • Joe

    At least Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out was racist towards everyone. That has to count for something… right?

    • Darthbiscuit

      Also, Little mac is Hispanic. And as far as Piston Honda is concerned please remember that the people who made the game were, in fact, Japanese.

  • Jadakiss

    The only ones that could be considered racist are 10, 5, and 2. Why is making a video game fitting common stuff in society racist? Who own most of the oil? Middle easterners, and they all have names close to that. That’s like Saudi Arabia making a NASCAR video game and making guys named billy Johnson… If the gave them names like LeBron oligawan it just wouldn’t fit at all.

  • Seth

    I think labeling some of these games racist is a little harsh… maybe it’s just a little insensitive but I have a hard time imagining the developers of Resident Evil, a highly popular game saying, “well less address AIDs, and show suffering Africans and maybe we can tie it in with Apartheid themes or something!”… no way, I guarantee the pitching of the game went something like this, “lets make a new resident evil game… but where is a new, unique location to set it that hasn’t been seen in any other RE games?… how about Africa!”

    I just don’t think things are racist if the creators didn’t intend them to be… they are just insensitive and ignorant… that being said, the African location for RE5 ruled, all those shanty towns were creepy as hell and it allowed for lots of great mutated animal boss battles. I guess the game never came off racist to me cause I dont think that deep into it… i see a suffering African, vomiting and mutation in the game and I think, “oh s**t he is gonna turn into a zombie!” not “oh s**t, he has… AIDS… obviously, because he’s African”

  • Patrick

    I haven’t played the majority of these games so I won’t comment on them, however calling RE5 racist, and your reasoning behind it, is bull.

    As some one stated above white have oppressed whites, though this hardly matters as research would show you the game’s creators are Japanese. Japanese! Yeah the hero happens to be white, and yeah the heroine happens to be black, yet because one of them are white it’s racist? If anything I’m surprised that RE5 didn’t come out sooner. Besides the obvious metaphor of the birthplace of humans giving birth to this new form humanity/monstrosity Africa would be one of the most vulnerable places to a fast spreading infection due to poor sanitation throughout many countries not to mention general lack of modern technology in many villages. In a place where getting water is a daily struggle do you think they have good forms of communication or health care? While some of your calls of racist might hold true your attacks on RE5 are grasping at straw and holds only the veneer of logic. Good day sir.

    • redstick

      So, as I understand it, the noble gaijin hero displays his compassion by killing the sick. Am I right? Way to go, Japanese!

      It’s interesting that in manga and anime, the characters are almost invariably western — even those with Japanese names.

      • Zach Gillette

        You do realize the sick are incurable and homicidal, right? Plus, you are accompanied by a black woman.

  • redstick

    Whole lotta excusin’ goin’ on.

    • FormerlyFromTokyo


    • The_Devil

      The RE franchise is about killing infected people who are incurable zombies. the game is not about a World Health Organization team that goes to Africa to heal the sick, that game would be the most boring thing ever. On a side note most of the people who go to Africa in real life to care for the sick and dying are WHITE.

  • Jeremy

    3 out of 10 items on this list could be legitimate, but the others just seem like tenuous links to shout racism.

    as for this comment in number 10;

    “If you’re keeping track, that’s exactly how stupid white
    people who have never met a black person think black
    people act.”

    Come stop by the Dayton, Ohio area. A majority of black women I meet speak and act like that.

    If you want to talk racist games how about Custer’s revenge, the GTA series, Mario, or the truly racist game ethnic cleansing. People are so quick to say something is racist now it just makes them look stupid.

  • marc

    Cutting Winston Zeddemore from Ghostbusters for the NES, SMS, C64 and Atari 2600 was likely a technical issue concerning memory rather than straight up racism. Even if they cut one of the white guys and put Zeddemore in, they would have had to make a separate sprite for him and that takes up memory. Memory for those systems was scarce enough from the get-go, so what seems like a simple palette swap would have required cutting something else from the game.

    Like those Asian ghosts. They ARE yellow, right?

  • Zach Gillette

    This list writer outright lies because of his own fervor to make a point. Read his Cracked article about the same subject and the top rated comments.

  • jason stone

    the fact that Punch Out! is racist in part because you work your way up to a black guy of authority..let me remind you that, at the time, Mike Tyson was the World Heavyweight Champion and was arguably called the “baddest man on the planet”…of course he’s going to be the ultimate boss fight in a boxing game for Little Mac to try to defeat….and further proof of that?….once Tyson showed his mortality and lost to Buster Douglas, they changed the final boss to a white guy named Mr. Dream… mentioned Piston Honda as a racist character…he was listed as from Japan and spoke Japanese between rounds…how is that racist? me that’s being true to his heritage..i think you got this one completely my opinion of course

  • PG County

    “If you’re keeping track, that’s exactly how stupid white people who have never met a black person think black people act.”

    And this is how just plain stupid people think that have never been anywhere.

    I have lived in a majority black county for almost my entire 30+ years and although not every black person acts in this stereotypical manner, there are tons that do. So, it has nothing to do with “stupid white people”. Stereotypes exist for a reason…….because most of the time if you step back and stop being so PC, they are true.

    • Daisy Jay

      When you use the word “true”, you make it sound like the stereotype applies to all. I’m not sure which race you are, but I know you wouldn’t be singing that same tune if I were to assume you were a certain negative stereotype just because people of the same race as you are that way. You shouldn’t have a default judgement of a certain group. That’s unfair and foolish.

      It doesn’t matter if you’ve been around a ton of black people all your life or if you have only seen black people on TV. And how dare you use that in a way to defend your argument. You haven’t been around the globe to determine whether most black people fit the stereotypes or not. And to be technical, black people are all over the world. And these are American stereotypes. So to paint black people all across the land with silly American stereotypes is insane.

      All stereotypes against all groups of people need to go. They’re disgusting and they cripple us mentally. Truth = factual. So, a true “stereotype” would mean that it applies to all. It’d no longer be a stereotype, it’d be a fact about a race. Stereotypes technically don’t originate from truth.

      • Miko

        Don’t be such a bleeding heart liberal.
        Stereotypes DO exist for a reason.
        It doesn’t immediately mean that Stereotype = death to said culture/race.
        It just is what it is.

  • IndianaGreg

    Man…White Guilt is a mofo

    • FormerlyFromTokyo

      That you think of it as such speaks volumes, but I respect your right to judge it thusly, even whilst disagreeing with you. I don’t blame you if such things you’d rather not think about make you uncomfortable. You must be fortunate enough not to have to deal with such ignorance directed towards you. How fortunate. (-_-;)

  • selim

    im gonna have to dissagree with diablo 3. First reason being im not black and i play a witchdoctor because it most resembles the necro from diablo2 and its really awsome. second being that the archangel tyreal is a black guy in the game and he has allways been the coolest npc.

  • marc

    #9 is a silly complaint too. OK, I get the racism angle if Gannon and his crew are always the bad guys. But what about games where Orcs are the badguys? Isn’t that the same thing? Hey, Metal Gear Solid 3 hates Russians! WH40K hates Orks! WoW hates Orks! Orks are a metaphor for black people, or something. Whatever.

  • FormerlyFromTokyo

    The GTA games fit this. Also, I noticed in IV that all the “black” female characters are made to look very unattractive compared to their lighter-skinned counterparts, whether they’re on the dating site, prostitutes, or wherever. It’s not like it’d make things better if they were more attractive, but I noticed that motif.

  • Cleetus

    Come on, do half the commentors on here not know what blackface is!? Look up blackface, then look up Jynx.

  • A$AP

    “If you’re keeping track, that’s exactly how stupid white people who have never met a black person think black people act.”
    If you wanna go after something stereotypical, Tell Tyler Perry to stop making Madea movies

  • tacoss

    you forgot a few, like def jam icon which is all blacks pretty much, def jam rapstar,def jam fight for ny, def jam vendetta, 50cent blood in the sand and 50 cent bulletproof, or does racism only exist when its amount of whites over blacks.. guess that would explain why I’ve been called a cracker so many times and nothing done about it but if i use the N word all hell breaks loose, seems like they are the ones racist not us.

  • devis

    There are many other games that could fit in this category

  • ATM before

    Funny, since Dead rising 2 was created by the Japanese, you then say thats how white people view black people. Hmmm… seems to me your racist , as how do you think japanese people started thinking that way? white people told them so and then the Japanese are so stupid they believe anything they hear? You seem racist for making that comment altogether.

    • Fabio

      Half of the listed games are actually made by the Japanese. 😛 They live in a fairly monoethnic society, so they barely have any sensitivity to such issues. Even so, I think most of the examples listed are plain silly and not actually racist.

  • ATM before

    I have an idea for you, lets just take out Black people altogether from videogames? will that solve the issue for you? your finding racism in the dumbest places. Your pointing out that japanese games like zelda (ASIAN characters not white!) are white and racist against ganon whos darker skinned?? Ganon was a pig! Ganon lives in darkness thus hes dark skinned, your quite the genious. So its okay to have white characters as bad guys but not black? If they made a Videogame like Call of duty style with African government soldiers killing african Gorillas would their be racism their as well or would your little head explode?

    • Drew

      Okay, I know you posted this last year, but that’s EXACTLY what happened for one of the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 missions. Africans vs Africans. Though you were a USA Black Ops Agent… still, oddly foretelling.

  • HJDa

    Jynx was actually changen to not look racistik, beacuse in the japanese version jynx`s skin was black and had red lips.

  • Tom

    People who see racism in everything are like people who see homosexuality in everything. They’re annoying.

  • Pinko5000

    “His people, called the “Gerudo,” live in the desert…”

    Did you ever consider the posibility they they developed deep tans…now who’s the racist bastard?

  • scrabble solver

    There was always going to be some controversy over this, I don’t think a lot have set out to be racist and it has kind of been crafted to look that way. Great top 10 though however. Kind regards

  • Kidbluboo

    so when resident evil 4 came out, a white character killing wave after wave of hispanic people who speak, scream and yell in spanish? oh wait, how about assassins creed where you kill middle eastern people or, gasp, WHITE PEOPLE? the setting for resident evil 5 is in freaking AFRICA. WHO DO YOU EXPECT TO SEE IN AFRICA? WHITE BOYS?? ROFL at these idiots who cry ‘racism’ in a video game. and killing white people is perfectly fine with them

  • Xell

    Where is CoD, Rage or Ghost Recon who uses the same Russian stereotypes over and over and over and over again?

    • Kristian

      Russians aren’t a race. And I do believe toptenz are a little too fast to drop the ‘R bomb’. Especially RE5, that one really bothers me. It’s staged in Africa, what were they supposed to do. The RE4 one is stupid aswell. It’s staged in Spain. Spaniards are not latinas, they’re caucasian…. Just like Russians.

  • Umbraxis

    Author needs to learn what racism is. These are just stereotyping.

    BTW, the witch doctor is awesome!