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  • 5minutes

    Bradley Manning is a traitor to his country. He should be tried, convicted, dragged out to the nearest tree, and shot.

    • nikbear

      Utter rubbish!! He let the world know what an utter bunch of idiots have been in the white house,and what the army have been doing in your name,if you don’t like the truth,I suggest you try for a job in politics,you seem entirely suited,…..naive and with an inability to accept when things are wrong an unjust,……Im sure you’ll do just fine!!

      • ouiareborg

        You don’t know what the truth is

    • dotmatrix

      Your choice of avatar doesn’t surprise me.

      • 5minutes

        It shouldn’t. I’m a conservative Republican. I also think that people should obey the law. Bradley Manning deliberately broke the law and endangered thousands of American troops already serving in harms’ way, all so that he could make a name for himself.

        • ace

          The government breaks the law all the time. Bradley Manning was simply exposing that truth.

          • The Riddler

            Spoken like a true sheep, 5minutes.

    • Mike

      Not so fast!

    • merl

      I think you mean wall, doofus. People are hanged from trees.

    • Richard

      The Bradly Mannings of the world would not have to exist if the bastards parading as ‘patriots’ weren’t running the show for their own gain hiding behind the flag. It was the ungodly mayhem of theft and murder that drove him to act in what he considered moral consistence. Even though he will spend the rest of his life in solitary confinement (as an example) what became of the helo-gunners chopping innocent civilians apart for no other reason than fun? Answer: Nothing. The video interviews are now commonly available where Tony Blair and George W. Bush admit they acted fabricated information of which Germany stated so all along. The madness continues today. What do you call a country that ‘Invades’ (the world’s term, not mine) another country, hangs the President who was blocking American and British access to extract oil ant the American taxpayer’s expense? A typical hillbilly who only focuses on the score of last night’s game would answer, a HERO. To the people who experienced the wrath, terrorists. Bush is another Putin.

  • ouiareborg

    Julian Assange is a Glory-seeking a-hole. He didn’t just put out info about corrupt politicians, and such, he told the world, things like, “Saudi Arabia, has asked the USA,, to bomb and destroy Iran.” That type of reckless BS, always ends up costing lives. People, who wouldn’t have died before, have, or will, because of him. He’s an -hole, and you’re another person, who jumps on the, “It’s cool to be against America” bandwagon. You said, it will take years to know what will become of it, you had no business putting it on the list.

  • jason stone

    surprised that Henry Hill wasn’t on the list..As the lead character in one of the greatest movies ever, Goodfellas, his whistle blowing changed forever the dynamics of the mafia and the public awareness of it..but a great list

    • 5minutes

      Henry Hill would have been a fantastic choice.

  • brakewater

    You are confusing “whistleblower” with treason. Leaking government records does not make you a here but a criminal.

    The Enron whistle blower should be on the list.

  • Arnum

    You have certainly stirred up some interesting debate, hehe.
    I had heard of two of these whistle blowers, Karen Silkwood and Frank Serpico.
    Great read, thanks.

  • Anon4obvreason

    Its Chelsea Manning now. And she’ll go down in history as the woman who ripped the lid off foreign policy.

  • Jimmy Riley

    Hard to imagine how A. Ernest Fitzgerald was left off this list, being fired by Nixon and winning his job back in court, along with a settlement, would make him No. 1 on my list