Author Geoff Shakespeare

Top 10 Things about Geoff Shakespeare

  1. He’s lived in Japan for the last six years but will soon return to his hometown of Vancouver, Canada.
  2. While in Japan, Geoff developed a taste for corn dogs. He considers this the most ironic thing that happened in his time there.
  3. Geoff loves movies, comics, TV shows, books, and anything else you can enjoy while sitting.
  4. He tweets links and non-sequiturs at
  5. Geoff has been hit by moving vehicles twice in his life. Only one was his fault.
  6. Besides pop culture, his other abiding interests are politics and history. When all the other kids were stoked to go drinking on their 19th birthdays, he was more excited to vote.
  7. His favourite list he has written was the one about movie scenes of people playing games, because it was a little odd.
  8. His favourite Top Ten list written by someone else was Michael Curran’s picks for the Top Ten Mr. Show Sketches. Because it, and Mr. Show are awesome.
  9. Geoff has a three year old daughter whose favourite expression is, “Yeah, I know.”
  10. He can be reached for writing opportunities, love letters, and hate mail at [email protected] (but please don’t send hate mail).