Top 10 Hilarious Websites Of Human Misery


It’s seems like people have always been hardwired to laugh at the misfortune of others. It transcends all cultures, nations, and ages. As you read these words, a group of school kids in Hong Kong are peeing their pants laughing at a kid who did a faceplant into a mud puddle, somebody in Paris is guffawing at a guy getting a whifflebat to the crotch, and a grandma in Texas is chuckling under her breath at a cousin who doesn’t know his fly is undone. As long as it isn’t happening to you, personal humiliation can be totally hilarious.

Before the Internet, the only way to experience these hilarious events was to be in the right place at the right to time. But, now there is a whole slew of websites that document the hurts, humiliations, and downright stupidity of the human race and present it in an easily navigated format. Here are the 10 funniest websites that traffic in human misery:

10. People of Walmart

The biggest retail chain in the world, WalMart offers its customers a wide variety of consumer goods at reasonable prices in convenient locations. According to the blog People of Walmart, it also is the last refuge for every freak and weirdo in the United States of America. Every day the site posts disturbing, yet fascinating, pictures of the outlandishly attired folks who shop at WalMart. The site has built up an archive of the unbelievably awful ways people dress even though they know other human beings will be able to see them. It’s revolting, funny, and strangely hypnotic. Don’t visit the site unless you have at least an hour to descend into the world of skin tight pants on 300 pound women, mullets of all shapes and sizes, and more pictures of old guys in drag than you ever thought possible. Also, it’s probably not a good idea to check it out on your lunch hour.

9. Fail Blog

Everybody screws up sometimes. If we’re lucky, no one is around to see our mistakes and we can carry the failure buried deep within ourselves next to the guilt and shame. If we’re unlucky, some jerk is going to film the whole thing and put it on Failblog– a collection of people making stupid yet laugh-out-loud funny mistakes. There are tons of videos of dudes trying to jump off walls, do crazy bike tricks, or generally wow their friends with some amazing act of daredevilry that ends in gut-busting tragedy, but the real hilarity comes from the seemingly endless photos of mislabelled products and signs that apparently litter stores and restaurants across the nation. From terrible misspellings and grammar bombs to unintentional double entendres, Failblog shows that you don’t need a bike and ramp on your roof to screw up in a hilarious way. Although that can really help.

8. Regretsy

For those of you who don’t know it, is a website for people who want to sell their handmade crafts. For a small fee, they can put up ads that show the world the things they’ve made. Some of the stuff is great and was obviously made with care by people who really love making crafts. Unfortunately, a lot of the stuff is complete garbage. To save you the trouble of searching through it all, combs through the crafts and finds the best of the worst. Whether it’s horrible clothing, ugly art, or just plain old junk, finds it and brings it to you in all its cheap, kitschy glory. Not only is it an amazing collection of crap, but it’s also a great document of just how disillusioned people can be about their own talent.

7. Awkward Family Photos

A great family photo can be a cherished keepsake that forever freezes a particular time in your life and serves as a memory of the happy times you shared with those closest to you. You hang it on the wall and for years it makes you feel good just to look at that symbol of the love you feel for your family. An awkward family photo forever freezes a particular time when everyone in your family looked like a huge dork at exactly the same moment. At Awkward Family Photos, they have a huge archive of terrible, terrible photos that families have taken together. There are shots of fashion disasters, bizarre group poses, weird props, and all manner of embarrassing snapshots of moments that shouldn’t have been captured by anyone. It’s a perfect site to visit when you’re sure your family is the strangest on the planet. Trust us, you’re not even close.

6. Lamebook

In a few short years, Facebook went from being a place for Harvard jerks to organize tennis games to a worldwide phenomenon that even your grandmother knows how to use. With that astronomical explosion in use, it stands to reason there would also be an astronomical explosion in the number of moronic posts and pictures. And of course, there was. Unfortunately, unless you have a few morons on your friend list, most of that sweet stupidity will never appear on your newsfeed. That’s where Lamebook comes in. A repository of inane status updates, ridiculous comment battles, and ill-advised pictures, Lamebook brings you the best of the worst of Facebook. And the best part is you don’t have to be friends with any of these goofs.


To some, the ubiquity of cameras has turned society into a collection of voyeurs obsessively recording and watching every pointless and irrelevant occurrence of daily life. While that may be true, it also has ensured that just about every moment of rib tickling jackassery will be recorded and available for public consumption at the click of a mouse. A great collection of such moments exists at The site takes a no-frills approach to funny fools. They find the videos or pictures, post them, and that’s it. It’s perfect if you’re busy but need a quick look at somebody doing something incredibly stupid to help get you motivated for the day.

4. My Life Is Average

Sure it’s easy to get on one of these sites if you are a major jackass, but what if you’re just an everyday, run-of-mill loser? My Life Is Average is the place for you. Forgoing the flashy faceplants and splashy sex texts, My Life Is Average catalogues the mundanities of life. They aren’t terrible, but they aren’t that great either. Entries usually involve minor annoyances or tiny victories, the kinds of things that happen to everyone every day. The reason it belongs on this list is that millions of people are posting and rating the most basic occurrences of life. Now if that isn’t stupid, what is?

3. Passive Aggressive Notes

But videos of frat guys falling off roofs aren’t the only dumb but funny things you can find on the Internet. Sometimes all it takes is one person to be so upset by the actions of another that they do they only thing possible, write a stern note. At Passive Aggressive Notes, they have a huge collection of notes written by people who were angry enough to want to confront someone, but too wimpy to actually do it in person. These Postit crusaders wage a never-ending battle against those who don’t change the toilet paper, steal milk from the office fridge, or generally intrude upon the way they think the world should be. It’s a hilarious collection of impotent rage and shaky grammar. But then you obviously know that because you’re so smart, right?

2. F My Life

Sometimes, life is pretty good. Other times, it’s like a smirking chimp throwing rotten fruit at you while it has sex with your wife. For those less than perfect days, F My Life is there to make you feel better. An open site for people to post the mundane or horrible things that happen to them, you’re guaranteed to find someone who has it worse off than you. From inconsiderate partners, spectacular bad luck, to just the plain old drudgery of daily life, F My Life is a perfect place to remind yourself just how good you have it. Unless of course you search the site and can’t find anyone whose life is worse than yours. In that case, the least you can do is post yourself and let some other poor bastard feel a little better about their miserable existence. If by some small chance things are always going really great in your life, you can always stop by the site to laugh at the poor bastards who don’t have it so good.

1. Texts from Last Night

As convenient as text messaging is, sometimes the “send” button can be your worst enemy. Whether you’ve just sent that explicit message about the whipped cream and leather harness to your dad, or accidentally thanked your girlfriend for the amazing night of sex you didn’t have with her last night, texts can be disastrous, humiliating, and very funny. Add a little alcohol and lack of sleep to the equation, and you have a recipe for some of the greatest cringe humor on the web. Texts from Last Night collects millions of embarrassing, rude, and downright idiotic texts from all over the world. Anyone can submit their failure totally anonymously (all you have to include is the area code) and share their deepest regrets and screw ups with the entire world. They can also post texts about how awesome they are or what a great night they’ve just had, but they aren’t half as interesting as the ones where they sleep with their cousins.

By Geoff Shakespeare

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  1. I would think over half of the submissions to any of these sites are fake. Mostly funny, but definitely staged.

  2. Hey, I don’t know if this is possible but if you could make it so when you click on the link it opens a new tab instead of taking you away from the list that would make this a lot better.

    • That site just doesn’t feel like an honest site. I have read many of their posts and so many seem to be created for the site, rather than honest auto correct errors. What do you think? I do laugh at many of them, but too many just seem manufactured.

      • I know…I think it used to be real but then more and more seem to be fake ones started showing up….then I stumbled upon a make your own auto correct fail website and it totally ruined the whole thing for me :/

  3. Another one that just started up recently is Made by two liquor store employees from RI. Here they tell stories about some of their most interesting customers and allows other people in to send in there own. Post can include pictures and videos.

  4. The problem with fmylife is that most of the entries are fake. The problem with mlia is that most people post awesome stuff, cuz they’re retards and don’t realize it isn’t My Life is Awesome.

  5. Paw Print Pet Tags on

    These are hilarious sites. I always go to People of Walmart when I need to feel better about myself. I’ll have to add FML to the rotation. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Shouldn’t Failbooking be up there instead of Lamebook? They’re basically the same thing except I’ve never heard of Lamebook.

    same as foohy

  7. Tassimo BrewBot on

    Thanks to this dang list I just waisted 3 hours of my life. People of walmart is absolutely epic. I really like the awkward family photos too. Good collection!

    • I agree with Dave. is the only website that has made me laugh until I felt I was going to throw up.

  8. Shouldn’t Failbooking be up there instead of Lamebook? They’re basically the same thing except I’ve never heard of Lamebook. Failbooking used to be an independent site before being added to the Cheezburger network where it sits alongside Failblog.

  9. I got a good kick out of the Passive Aggressive Notes site. But there is misery enough to be found in every single crevice of the internet, just take a look at any comment section/discussion board anywhere (on this very site for example, just one amongst infinite)…