Top 10 Websites Useful For 1 Minute


If you need absolutely anything, the Internet is ready to serve you. Alas, websites these days have grown so overly complex, it’s easy to forget the smaller, useful websites that serve their purpose quickly and let you get on with your life in less than a minute. Heck, some websites are so useful you may need them on a daily basis…but whatever your needs may be, these ten sites promise to make it a quick, painless visit:

10. Is it Down for Everyone, or is it Just Me?

Nothing’s worse than clicking on a website and waiting eons for it to load. But when it’s a larger site that’s giving you problems, you have to wonder…would this be fixed with a quick router reset? Is the problem on my end? Well, simply go to this website, type in the site that’s giving you problems, and get your answer quickly. Who knows, maybe it’s down for everyone too. And yes, you’ll be the first one on the Internet to type in in the form, you crazy dog you.

9. Ding, it’s Up!

…and if that site does happen to be down for everyone, just hit this site and type in your email, phone or Twitter name. Ding, it’s Up! will contact you as soon as the website is back online, eliminating the next few hours of constant refreshing and browser clearing hassles. It can also email/contact you when a site goes down, which might come in handy for webmasters.

Ding, it’s Up!

8. Valebrity

For every celebrity Twitter page that goes up, five dozen fake celebrity Twitters are created. Nothing is worse than following GBusey on Twitter only to wonder, say, are these weird random thoughts really from the mind of Gary Busey, or some completely wacko nutjob? Such a fine line divides the two.

Well wonder no more, as you type in either the Twitter username or the actual celebrity name on Valebrity and pull up their official Twitter page for your stalking pleasure. And for the record, GBusey is sadly fake.


7. Memorari

There are certainly many easy ways to remember something- program it in your cell phone, tie a ribbon around your finger, maybe write a note to yourself and stick it in your wallet. But, like, a lot of that requires effort, man. Well strain no more with Memorari, which will remember what you need and remind you at the specified time, date, and communication method via phone, IM, email, etc. ceased to exist March 27, 2012.

6. HowJSay

Get a heads up on your big fancy vocabulary words with HowJSay, which says over 100,000 words aloud for you to hear. Just type in the word and listen to its pronunciation. To think, I’ve been mispronouncing debris all these years. Ah well, I’m sure no one noticed.


5. Umbrella Today

Weather is easy enough to obtain online, but what about rain? Decipher the 20% chance of rain with Umbrella Today, which instantly tells you whether or not it’s umbrella carrying weather with a simple input of a zip code. Also available as an iPhone app if you like paying for stuff that’s free.

Umbrella Today

4. HelloTxt

If you’re not like me, then you probably have multiple accounts in social networking sites all across the Internet. With HelloTxt, you can post a status update instantly with a number of sites at the same time. While you do have to register first, the amount of time saved is pretty substantial.


3. Pic Resize

Yes mom, I did get those pictures from Florida. Yes, the 3200×2400 10mb attachment, I got that. Uh…say mom, maybe next time you can use Pic Resize, which can resize a photo quickly via upload and saves it to your computer or keeps it online for you to link to. Can you look at that site, preferably before the senior family reunion pool party? Thanks mom.

Pic Resize

2. What Does the Internet Think?

Before getting into any more debates, see if you can have the weight of the Internet to support you with What Does the Internet Think? It uses search engines to pull up data on whether or not your keyword is positive, negative, or maybe a bit of both. Fun to use, but if my experiences are any indication then results may vary if you use them in your college thesis to support any arguments (“as you can see, the Internet knows I’m right.”)

What Does the Internet Think?

1. RunPee

Fact: any time you pay for a premium movie ticket, you will have to go to the bathroom during the film, during what could be the worst possible time, with a restroom that’s the furthest possible from your theater. RunPee alleviates this problem with time stamps that tell you when a safe time is to use the restroom, as well as providing a quick summary of what you missed while you’re away.


By David Galindo

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  1. Yes run pee in only useful for 1 minute but one of the most useful amazing sites ever!!!

  2. I went to

    Apparently, the internet is 86.1% positive about murder, 87% positive about pain and 82.4% positive about sadness.


    • According to results, the internet is negative about bronies, but positive about brony? Perhaps it doesn’t like us in groups? It’s overwhelming positive (99.7%) about the show itself.

  3. oh yah, just did 1 more, catastrophe is 96% positive, anyway the one cool thing about that is the twitter post example that uses your word, or can i just search random words on twitter and get that result?

  4. hahaha yah agree most arn't useful…. I tried out because it sounded interesting but get this…… wound – 83% positive, wart 82% positive, suffocation 50% positive, bleeding is 90% positive, you get the point. although those are all physical harm related i now realize, so lets try….malfunction 95.7% positive…selfish is 65% positive, anyway just realizing and showing that that function is completely innacurate to whatever the hell it is trying to do, or maybe it is accurate revealing how f%*#$d up the internet or humanity is…..

  5. That is….um……………….most of these aren't even useful at all lol