Top 10 Movie Trailer Recuts

12 has provided some wonderful online videos for our entertainment. Most videos uploaded consist of people getting hurt by accident (shots to the groin), someone ranting on an esoteric subject,  a female with a titillating showing and, of course, movie trailers. But even better than normal movie trailers are the remixed or recut movie trailers. These edited trailers take an original trailer and show it in a very different light. For example, our #10 result is The Silence of the Lambs and, rather than a psychological thriller, it has be recut into a love story. Have fun and watch the top 10 movie trailers recuts. Lights. Camera. Laugh.

10. Silence of the Lambs Recut Trailer

9. Jaws Trailer Mash

8. The Sixth Sense Trailer Recut

7. Harvey Trailer Recut

6. The Incredibles Trailer Recut

5. School of Rock Trailer Remix

4. The Terminator Recut

3. Home Alone Trailer Recut

2. Mary Popping Trailer Recut (Scary Mary)

1. The Shining Trailer Remix

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  1. Ummm, there seems to be one quintessential trailer missing here…namely the one that started it all, and still possibly the very best! I'm talking of course about Brokeback to the Future. Please…none of these re-mixed trailers would even exist if it wasn't for this, it's wonderful.

  2. oh man i just watched the terminator one. i dont think i will ever be able to watch that movie the same way again lol. btw, why in gods name are they coming out with a 4th one

  3. Awesome trailers.
    (Scary Mary. Beautiful.)

    If I may toot my own horn…
    “I Am Sam” – the psycho thriller: