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  • josh

    Nice timing on this list.

  • Cate

    You are OUT of your mind to EVER put Josh Groban on a worst list. I don’t even think you can be reasoned with, so I won’t bother.

    • Ann

      I agree with you! These people are nutz.

  • Chris Taus

    I was in the next room, having no interest in the Super Bowl, when this came on. I never, ever would have guessed this was the National Anthem which represents our country all over the world.. Forgetting the words, by a professional, although not understandable to me is forgivable, but the way this sounded was truly horrible. Christina did a real injustice to this song.

  • Rosey

    How on earth can you forget R. Kelly?!?

  • Tina

    Josh Groban one of the worst? Where have you been? Three days ago he was one of the best! You people are really funny. And it’s sad that anyone would have the gall to try and rate a performance of a Country’s Anthem. After all this isn’t AI – and let’s not even start on that. There are good performances of it and some really awful ones, but it would seem that whoever is singing would recognize the importance of the song and treat it as equally important – and Miss Aguilera – that would mean knowing the words of this song as well as the words of the less than important songs that put food on your table.

    Sad, sad, sad – but Josh Groban is one of the few that actually can sing the song. In anyone’s book that should be worth the best review there is.

    • Dave J

      I agree how can you put Josh Groban as the worst ? it makes no sense. He sang it will and did not forget the words.

  • Deb

    How could they forget the horrible performance by Macy Gray? She flubbed the words and sounded terrible and was booed out of the stadium IN HER HOMETOWN! Ever wonder what happened to her? Her career never survived this!

  • No way Groban’s performance even comes close to being warranted for this list!

  • Sean

    People, calm down about Josh Groban. It’s not his singing that was bad, it was him being paired with Flea and some random backing band that made it bad.

  • Lindsay

    The ‘hockey’ girl was singing the US anthem because it was during a game between Canada and the US. What kind of research did you put into this list?

  • TriviaFan

    Roseanne Barr’s to me is the very worst ever.

    She didn’t even attempt to sing it, she went out there deliberately trying to be shocking or something, screeching the words.

  • tony

    The video for “Hockey Girl” states she’s in Quebec City, not Ontario… just sayin’.

  • Jim Ribs

    While I like this list, the youtoube comments are fairly weak compared to what I’m sure you could find on there.

  • wil

    Look up Stevie Ray Vaughn doing the National Anthem at the Astrodome. It was horrible.

  • Aidan

    This is why everyone hates america… superbowl biggest sporting event in the world BOLLUCKS

    • CJ

      everyone does not hate America just themedia makes it out that way everything wrong in the world is the media’s fault

  • LOL… Chattanooga is number one! I really agree with that.

  • Me

    That somewhere in Ontario is actually in Quebec, and was a game between Canada and the US. Please do at least a tiny bit of research

  • Peter Boucher

    I do not recall the boxing match that was being held, but didn’t Robert Goulet forget the words to the National Anthem at that particular event ??

    • Danbo

      It was at the Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston bout in Lewiston, Maine.

  • carolinagirl

    Yes if you are going to sing the National Anthem you should “rehearse”! You should also proofread your comments before posting! LOL

  • bernie worra

    Who picks these idiots. This is our National Anthem. It should be sung with dignity and grace. Not up and down the vocal scale the entire song. Leanne Rimes comes to mind of a job well done. Don’t ad to it. Sing as it was meant to be sung. If you have a good voice,that’s all you need. Take some pride when you have the privlidge to sing this Anthem.

  • Ann

    If you want the anthem sung a particular way at your event then don’t hire people like Rosanne, Steven Tyler, Creed, a random pop star, an unknown cop ect. Steven Tyler was singing in his own fashion. So was Josh Groban.. By the way he was great. . I didn’t even pay attention to Flea bussing around his performance. It should have been obvious Flea would also add his own music to the mix. Rosanne is a comedian! I think they set her up. She was seen as controverial at the time. What did they expect? Rosanne Clooney? They knew what to expect. Look at the Genre of music. What you choose is what you get. The National Anthem is not going to suit every style and meet all peoples expectations! Fines for the artist? That is absurd.. Get real people.

  • brian

    Ever? The worst EVER? They’re all within the last 22 years. The song (well, the lyrics) was written 198 years ago. Either there’s an incredible coincidence at work here, or your selection committee is comprised entirely of children.

  • I found a list time made-“Top ten worst renditions of the national anthem”,and found out,this will make you cry,that the event in Chatanooga was a memorial to Chatanooga police officers who died on the job.Oh,I also found out that Kat Deluna sung “I will always love you”.Well,apparently she didn’t love the Star-Spangled Banner.

  • brian

    EVER?! Ever? The top ten worst performances ever? The song has been the national anthem since the 1930s (and was around for a long time before that) and somehow all of your choices are from the last 23 years. Either that is a stunning coincidence or (much more likely) your selection committee is made up largely of children.

    • Hard to get choices from before there was video of people singing the national anthem. But your complaint has made us feel sufficiently bad. You have done well this day. Be proud!