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  • Haha wow. Pretty good list. Seems you’re a little bit harsh on the Lions though. Ndamukong Suh could win at least one game by himself a season.

    • ed

      suh wasn’t on the 08 team

      • No, but he mentions the current team, which I was referring to.

        • PatMan

          great call Mis- more ignorant people writing ignorant comments about a much maligned city. If I were to inquire about this writers home town I wonder what we could “bag” on them about.. just saying.

  • Harry Crumpets

    “Top 10 Worst AMERICAN Sports Teams” is a better title

    • Josh

      I agree!

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  • What about the Cubs? they haven’t won a World Series since 1908…that means 102 years…

    • billyman

      103 years actually

      • PatMan

        and next year will be 104 years and so on and so on..

  • Kevin

    Whaaaaaat!!!!! No Cincinnati Bengals?!!! Wow!!!

    • billyman

      they arent doing as bad as these teams are on this list

  • Joshua

    nice list. the 76ers deserve to be atleast 4 on the list, and 2008 lions should be 1

  • lukeezay

    Expansion Vancouver Grizzlies. Set record for most losses in a row. Come on. Not to mention worst jerseys ever, and a marque player by the name of Bryan ‘Big Country’ Reeves

  • Missed the Real Worst Sports Team

    Pittsburgh Pirates — going for the record of 19 loosing seasons in a row !!!!!!

  • T1theinfamous

    I actually worked for a vending company at Ford Field during the 2008 season. The Lions sucked so bad that they had trouble giving away tickets and it started to effect business. With no one showing up to the games the company I worked for was selling less and less product and when you’re not making money you have to find ways to save money. Thanks to the lions being a horrible football team I and quite a few other people lost our jobs.

    • PatMan

      Not sure what your talking about T. Out of the 6 games I went to I had to buy my tix and Ford Field always seemed to be rocking (mostly full) but I guess the Lions must be to blame because your company didn’t sell all its overpriced crap. The overall terrible economy of our great country in 2008 obviously had nothing to do with people being unable to buy your overpriced items right, T1? but I will admit there our way too many people like you in the D, expecting everything to be handed to them and not being able to handle/overcome the little adversities that life throws at you. You make the good hardworking people of the D look bad and help contribute to the overall bad image of the city. stay strong in the D!

  • Fact:1966 Yankees,yes,the MLB one,finished last for the first time since the exspansion Hub Hose’s year.WIERD

  • M233

    They were trying to make the logo look like that famous actor Errol Flynn…Who was dead by then.Plus,the winking part shoulv’e been a obvious sign the team was going to fall to earth before it even went up.But,in their defense,it was the OFFENSE,the defense was one of the greatest you ever would see,so good the team should have been split because the 0offense was so shunning to the whole organization.

  • peter

    How can you have overlooked the famous Raleigh Durham Skyhawks? Not only posting an imperfect 0-10 opening season, but then promptly folding, making their 0% all time record unbeatable! See–Durham_Skyhawks.

  • Zach Gillette

    The Bobcats just took the worst NBA team crown.

    • ECWHitt77

      Pulling away.

  • will

    “.110 winning percentage are both modern NBA records that are unlikely to be broken anytime sooon”

    Good job bobcats!

  • ed

    a lot of people forgot that the bucs made a major turnaround, just missing the playoffs in 1979.

  • canadaeh

    Toronto Maple Leafs have not won a Stanley Cup since 1967/1968 season.

  • sups

    washington generals have a franchise history record of something like 6 wins to more than 13,000 losses.