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  1. Charles
    Charles at |

    WHAT! No Deep Purple? Can’t believe they haven’t gotten in yet!

  2. Anon
    Anon at |

    Rush should be on this list imo.

    1. Keith C.
      Keith C. at |

      Damn right, Rush not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does not make sense, their career is as long as the others if not longer, they are highly revered by the best in Rock and they’re still pushing out great albums after 40 years

      1. Newave
        Newave at |

        Sorry, chaps. Rush belongs in the Pretentious Lyrics Hall of Fame, or the Time-Signatures-Only-an-Engineer-Can-Understand Hall of Fame. And I LIKE to listen to them! But, they have no soul. (Unlike KISS which has no talent.) The *only* band on this list that deserves to be in the R+R HoF is ELO. (IMHO)

        1. Rob
          Rob at |

          Let me get this straight. Intelligent lyrics + brilliant technical ability = non-HOF?

          At this point, I’m fairly certain Rush doesn’t even want to be inducted.

        2. Peter Boucher
          Peter Boucher at |

          To Newave : If you should happen upon the writings of Ayn Rand, you might get a better understanding of the lyrics of the Rock Group RUSH. On their song “Big Money” and how evil it can be (Money that is), they summed it up best. “Its That Fool On Television Getting Payed To Play The Fool”. Now think about that line and then watch an episode of The Price Is Right game show and watch a big, fat ugly woman win an automobile and the way she behaves when she wins the car. l love it when I see someone on a game show win an automobile. Oh they get the car alright, but what they don’t know is that they now have to pay out of their own pocket, the Taxes, the Maintenance, the Registration, the Gasoline, the Insurance, etc. But in many ways you are right as their lyrics are quite philisophical and I can bet you that they don’t use the word “baby” in any of their lyrics with the exception of the song “In The Mood” from their first album, but then again when they perform it in concert, they use the word “cookie” as opposed to “baby”. Just thought that you might like to know

        3. Newave
          Newave at |

          Peter: I know about Ann Rand. I’ve read her stuff (and other existentialists). Look: I’m not saying I dislike Rush. I listen to them. And, when I was in a band (for many years), I really did enjoy playing them. But, imo, there’s a difference between groups that write/play from the SOUL and more technical/progressive bands that are fun to watch and cover. Also, I love Crimson, Floyd, Yes, Kansas and many other prog bands. I appreciate your courteous response. Lastly, I really dig the way the band has endured through the decades and the fact that they genuinely appear to be friends.

        4. Jtyyz
          Jtyyz at |

          Hey BABY it’s a quarter to eight. I feel I’m in the mood.

          (first album)

        5. Newave
          Newave at |

          I have another thought…again, this from someone who likes Rush, likes listening to them and, yes, likes playing air drums to their music: No one can actually be a “fan” of the band. We’re all just “students.” P.S. Perhaps someone should launch a Prog Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I’d be one of the first in line to visit.

        6. Peter Boucher
          Peter Boucher at |

          @newave : That’s a very interesting point that you have made by having a progressive rock and roll hall of fame. When it comes to RUSH anything between their “Caress Of Steel LP to their “Hemispheres” LP, They would get my vote. But a prog Hall Of Fame would be amazing. Early Yes, Genesis, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, King Crimson, Gentle Giant. Also if your not familiar, there was a prog band called U.K. They only made 3 albums, but if you can find their self entitled first album, buy it as quickly as you can and listen to the song entitled “Nevermore”. U.K.’s line up was Allan Holdsworth on guitar (he speaks for himself), Bill Bruford of Yes fame, drummer, John Wetton on bass and lead singer, and Eddie Jobson on Keyboards. But remember, its hard to find so be forewarned. Thanks for you insightfulness and Good Luck to you

    2. Chase
      Chase at |

      Dang Right. Occupy Rock and Roll HOF 2012. Something random statistic 99%. They need hall of fame.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan at |

    Alice Cooper has to be in the Top 10 on this list. I love Joan Jet but not worthy. Peter Framton??? Dude he had one good live album, thats not enough. You can not mention Judas Priest without including Iron Maiden on this list. What about Stevie Ray Vaughn?

  4. The Godfather
    The Godfather at |

    I agree with the list and add The Moody Blues.

    My brother and I just visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Disappointment. Okay to stop in if you’re passing through Cleveland, but don’t make a special trip to it as we did.

    Anyway, we are both appalled by the exclusion of The Moody Blues. Innovative, conceptual, with great music the result. Use of the synthesizer and a symphony orchestra were creative.

    As my brother and I sat through the multimedia presentation of the artists inducted since the opening of the R&RHoF, we frequently looked at each other and said “He/she/they are in here and not the Moody Blues??”

  5. Steve T
    Steve T at |

    How can RUSH not be there.. “As a group, Rush possesses 24 gold records and 14 platinum (3 multi-platinum) records. Rush’s sales statistics place them third behind The Beatles and The Rolling Stones for the most consecutive gold or platinum studio albums by a rock band. Rush also ranks 79th in U.S. album sales with 25 million units. Although total worldwide album sales are not calculated by any single entity, as of 2004 several industry sources estimated Rush’s total worldwide album sales at over 40 million units.”

  6. Rob
    Rob at |

    RUSH needs to be on the list. Seriously, without ’em it’s a weak list.

  7. Tom
    Tom at |

    Kate Bush, hands down. While she never made a huge impact in the United States she was a ground breaking female performer.

    And yeah, Rush needs to be on this list, too.

  8. JJT
    JJT at |

    Obviously Rush is a huge omission, but what about Deep Purple (as noted above), Blue Oyster Cult, Nazareth & Yes?

    1. stevesoc3
      stevesoc3 at |

      Hell yes BOC baby, Buck Dharma best guitarist ever!!!

  9. jra
    jra at |

    Rush needs to be in the hall of fame. Also Alice Cooper, J. Preist and what about Iron Maiden?

  10. AARON
    AARON at |


  11. Shebeast
    Shebeast at |

    Heart. Ignored every year. Pathetic.

    1. Tom
      Tom at |

      Good point. Ann and Nancy were breaking ground for female rockers before Kate Bush did.

    2. P Smith
      P Smith at |

      Heart were good for the first 5 albums, then Howard Leese ruined the band.

  12. Txdaddy
    Txdaddy at |

    I think a hall of fame should be reserved for those who change their artform or sport. While all of these people or acts are wonderful musicians none of them were trendsetters or groundbreakers. Now I would also say that some of the curent inductees also don’t belong based on the criteria I outlined.

  13. Melanie Lyon
    Melanie Lyon at |

    What about the Moody Blues ?

  14. Henry Coleman
    Henry Coleman at |

    I’m sorry, Kiss doesn’t deserve it at all.

    1. KarlosGreengos
      KarlosGreengos at |

      What kind of music do you listen to?? KISS obviously deserves to be there!

      1. Joe Michaels
        Joe Michaels at |

        KISS is a stage act. Their music is ridiculously poor and sophomoric. They’ve sold a ton of records to preteens caught up in their cartoonish attire. Sorry…I don’t think they belong in the HoF and, apparently, neither do the decision makers.

        1. Rob
          Rob at |

          Agree. They belong in the Pop-music HOF.

  15. Cindy Gloeckler
    Cindy Gloeckler at |

    Def Leppard Totally deserves to be in the Rock Hall!!! This is True Legends of Rock!!!

  16. DukesRocks
    DukesRocks at |

    The number 1 dissed band not in the RRHOF is RUSH. The rest of the acts on your list does not hold a candle to this power trio. Having said that, I hope Rush never makes it into the RRHOF. They are too good for them. The acts the RRHOF are allowing in right now is shameful, which destroys their credibility. I would not want a band that I grew up with, that inspires me, that includes real honest charitable individuals be involved in that corrupt piece of S%#* institution. As far as I’m concerned the badge on honor is to be excluded from that irreverent organization.

    I wish the boys from Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Metallica sent a letter to the piece of crap institution to revoke their membership status.

  17. Hank Spicer
    Hank Spicer at |

    Michael Stanley in the HOF? No bias there—-LOL. That will NEVER happen. Hell, he’s a poor man’s joe Grushecky.

  18. Dale
    Dale at |

    wow, you guys all came up with some great ones!! I agree with:

    Kate Bush
    Deep Purple
    Moody Blues

    plus most of the ones on the list.

    also are ELP or Jethro Tull in the HOF? They should be as well

    oh and Alice Cooper gets in next year!!!

    1. Nathan Duthoy
      Nathan Duthoy at |

      Yes and Where is King Crimson? this list aint that great.. Rush wouldn’t even be a band if not for K.C.

    2. stevesoc3
      stevesoc3 at |

      Tull, Rush, Styx, Heart,& ELO pretty sure no bands were any more popular or successful during the 70s

  19. Drue
    Drue at |


    Where is RUSH?

  20. Barry
    Barry at |

    Moody Blues and Jethro Tull

  21. The Dave
    The Dave at |

    What about Dick Dale? The man INVENTED a genre of rock and roll! Without him there would be no surf rock, no Beach Boys, hell, no reverb pedal for your guitar!

  22. BOC fan
    BOC fan at |

    I agree with the masses WHY NOT RUSH? Also my personal favorite Blue Oyster Cult! Add in some Jethro Tull, Stevie Ray and ELO and you have a nicely rounded off list!

  23. Dane
    Dane at |

    Randy Rhoads. Still has a strong influence on Heavy Metal guitarists even today, 28 years after an untimely death. Literally brought Ozzy back to life as a performer. Will always be in *my* HOF…and my car playlist.

  24. Maggy
    Maggy at |

    Warren Zevon!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Andy
      Andy at |

      Finally! I’ve been waiting for someone to mention Warren in one of these HOF snubs lists for years! One of the greatest songwriters ever!

  25. Angelo
    Angelo at |

    One song is not worth inclusion in the hall of fame. Journey has no business being in it. Which isn’t to say that everyone who IS included deserved it, but entertainment awards have always been a sham.

    1. Maggy
      Maggy at |

      Who’s in the Hall of Fame with only one song other than the One Hit Wonder folks? Journey is not my favorite, but they were pretty influential in their time.

  26. zak
    zak at |

    you know there’s a reason these bands aren’t in the hall of fame. Mostly because they’re awful. Except Michael Stanley, who I haven’t heard of. But really? Motley Crue? Styx? This is the Hall of Fame not the Dingy Alley of Lame

  27. Not STAN
    Not STAN at |

    how about underappreciated artists who were never allowed to be famous and thus not in the Hall………….say;


    1. Joe Michaels
      Joe Michaels at |

      Well said. Great band. Didn’t think about them. But, I’d put Badfinger in the HoF WAY before RUSH.

  28. Mike
    Mike at |

    Mr. Ted Nugent.

  29. Alien28
    Alien28 at |

    I’d put The Moody Blues, Yes, and Chicago before any on this list.

  30. JFauser
    JFauser at |


  31. Razz
    Razz at |

    I think Motley Crue might have been blanked because of the killing (DUI) of the drummer from Hanoi Rocks? Sure a wild past is ok, but murder is a little too wild isn’t it? Then again..

  32. mitchy
    mitchy at |

    maybe you should check out journey’s new singer. it’s kind of scary how much he sounds like perry

  33. Shayne
    Shayne at |

    Jeff Lynne and the ELO certainly deserve recognition. As do the Moody Blues and America. America was huge for a few years in the early to mid 70s, came back with a big hit in ’82 and continue to write, record and perform 100 shows a year today. Their last CD charted and was written with Adam Schlesinger (Fountains of Wayne) James Iha (smashing Pumpkins). While they have stayed true to their soft rock influences, they have built a strong, loyal following after 40 years. In fact, they have yet another new CD coming out in July.

  34. DrHappy
    DrHappy at |

    One man’s personal preferences: Would agree with ELO, J Priest, Joan Jett from the list, also Ted Nugent, Blue Oyster Cult and definitely Dick Dale from the comments.

    My own:

    Paul Revere and the Raiders
    The Monkees
    Rockpile/Dave Edmunds/Nick Lowe
    The Spinners

    Also, I can’t believe we are only, what 4-5 years from Nirvana being eligible. Where does the time go?

    1. Chase
      Chase at |

      Hey nirvana should be eligible for all they done. They better get in first year, but these bands need it to. Rush.

      1. DrHappy
        DrHappy at |

        If Nirvana isn’t in the minute they are eligible, they should close the HOF doors and hang it up. At the risk of being flamed, i must confess that I never got it with Rush. When we were kids, my brother and some of my friends were big fans, but I never saw it and still don’t. We all have our personal preferences, I guess. I, for one, would love to see a band like The Pogues get consideration. Probably won’t happen, but should.

  35. rob
    rob at |

    1st they should change the name to the The popular music hall of fame.
    so many of the inductes our no were close to rock in roll.
    just three examples:
    Micheal Jackson
    with that being said.
    #6 thur 10 I’m sorry but no. maybe someday dor some but there are so many more
    worthy artists.
    And on the top of the list is Rush. People may not like the singing or confused by the lyrics
    but Peart, Lifeson and Lee are masters of there insrtuments and well resepted by there peers and with a fan base that has kept them going for close to 40 years. Any doubters should what a live show in person or on DVD. you will be impressed.
    5 other acts are Heart, Kiss, Stevie Ray Vaugan,Journey and Ted Nugent

  36. Roberta
    Roberta at |

    Of all of the above acts, the only one that deserves to be in the Hall is ELO. There are dozens of acts in the Hall that should be “delisted”!

  37. cheapthrills
    cheapthrills at |

    The Rock and Roll HOF is full of enough garbage. None of the above deseve to even be on the ballot. This is pop rock. Check out Bo Diddley 1973, YouTube, the definition of R ‘n R.

    1. Dude
      Dude at |

      Did you just call the METAL GODS pop rock? Blasphemy!!

  38. Dude
    Dude at |

    When I heard of this list the two bands that I thought of were Judas Priest and Iron Maiden,while I see that you included Priest here,I see no reason of Iron Maiden not being no.1,or maybe No.2 after Rush.I mean,really,the guys sold 80 000 000 albums worldwide,their mascot,Eddie,which also shows up at their live shows is one of the most successful music merchandise around,having been made into posters,T-Shirts and even action figures.Plus,they are the only band in Rock’n’Roll history to have their own private plane that takes them to their shows,piloted by no other than frontman Bruce Dickinson!

  39. ibrad
    ibrad at |

    I don`t believe in the rock&roll hall of fame never have never will! I`ve seen whom they`ve let in & left out so far,it`s a farce. Some sort of elite hall of fame for who ,I have no idea?

  40. cheapthrills
    cheapthrills at |

    It’s the ROCK and ROLL HOF. It’s time to end the sham. How about The “POP” HOF, BLUES, SOUL, FOLK, HIPPIE/DRUGS, GLAM, HAIR, COSTUME, RAP, DISCO, GRUNGE, PUNK, GIMMICK, TRANCE, DANCE, etc. Rock and Roll died when it became big business. Those 17 year old kids in the garage playing their asses off for the love of the art. Yea art. I was about 15 when I heard The Sonics, “The Witch”. Hair on the bac of my neck stood up, same with the Kinks “You Really Got Me”. Rush, Moody Blues, BOC, give me a break. Babe Ruth or Barry Bonds. Same with R n’ R the mold was broken long, long ago.

  41. nutscrystal
    nutscrystal at |

    You seem to have forgotten Chicago!!

  42. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    I’ll mention a few…….UFO, Scorpions, Megadeth, Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Ronnie James Dio (posthumously), Kansas

  43. Vinnie
    Vinnie at |

    What about the Guess Who. They have some fantastic stuff!

    1. Joe Michaels
      Joe Michaels at |

      Guess Who was great. But, if Burton Cummings makes it in, that fulfills the Canadian quota. And then Rush remains a wanna-be.

  44. DC
    DC at |

    I actually don’t really care about this “hall of fame” since it’s a popularity contest and there are really no standards. Rush is my favorite rock band (seen them a dozen times at least). That they aren’t in there makes no sense. Their music has literally evolved in every album, their lyrics are actually meaningful, they have a massive following, and have been around since the early seventies. So… really… why aren’t they in the hall of fame?

    Check out some of the guys Rush got passed over for. And I like most of these too:
    Beastie Boys
    Neil Diamond
    Abba (realllly????)
    Genesis (decent, but better than Rush? Come on)
    Jimmie Cliff
    Run D.M.C.
    Isaac Hayes

    I could go on. Anyway, they shouldn’t call it the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but the Music Hall of Fame or something more original than that. I get where they are going, trying to put in influenced acts that were innovative. I like that, but it’s a misleading name. There. Venting done.

    1. Peter Boucher
      Peter Boucher at |

      @ DC. I am in 100%, total in agreement with you. My favorite group has always been RUSH (35+ years and continuing, ever since their first live album “All The World’s A Stage in 1976). I personally think that if RUSH were to get into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame, Alex, Geddy and Neil would probably just shrug their shoulders and say “Oh Well”. That’s just my opinion. Three laid back and relaxed kind of guys. Plus they have a great sense of humor, especially Alex. There is one point that I would like to make regarding your list. Genesis. Rush actually were influenced by Genesis and also the rock group Yes. But Genesis is one of those bands who “sold-out” to the masses of teenage, gum chewing teenagers. Listen to Genesis when Peter Gabriel was with them (1975 and prior). But I agree, its a travesty. They are the leading exponent of music in all of Canada. You can actually go to the point of picking out a song by RUSH (i.e. “Xanadu”, “Hemispheres”, “The Necromancer”, etc.) and type the name of the song into the Wikipedia and it will give you the entire story behind the song. If you’re not familiar with this amazing fact, its regarding the song “YYZ”. YYZ is the International Aviation Code for Toronto (when you get your suitcase there at the airport, it has the tag with the 3 letters YYZ). So being from Toronto they decided to make a song of it. The opening or the very first part of the song and its rhythm is YYZ in MORSE CODE. Ingenious if you were to ask me. Take Care

  45. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    The Michael Stanley Band ??????? Back in the late 1970’s I purchased a double live album of them. Listened to it once, put the album back into the sleeve and gave it away. It was terrible !!!

  46. canadaeh
    canadaeh at |

    Rush, The Guess Who should be on the list……There should be a special wing in the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame for 1 hit wonders who have otherwise have no chance of getting into the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame and another for backup bands (E St. Band; Silver Bullet band and The Attractions are a few examples).

  47. Joe Cogan
    Joe Cogan at |

    Styx? ELO? Def Leppard? Seriously? And Peter Frampton is permanently disqualified for that horrible “Sgt. Pepper” movie that sunk his career along with the Bee Gees.

  48. anthony
    anthony at |

    Kraftwerk, anyone?
    Inventive. Changed pop music. Pioneered electronics. Cutting ede=ge at the time, stolen from by many.

  49. Doug K.
    Doug K. at |

    What about Slayer, Megadeth & Anthrax — 3 of the BIG 4… Metallica is in (FINALLY) so why not the rest of the 4??

    Others that should be there:
    Thin Lizzy – one of the first bands to employ the use of double lead guitar. Influenced groups like Judas Priest, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, etc.

    Ronnie James Dio – His overall work with groups like Rainbow, Black Sabbath & even on his own has been some of the greatest music ever produced! His style was so unique and had one of if not, the most recognizable voices ever.

    T. Rex – One of the biggest influences in the glam rock, punk rock & Britpop genres. Without T. Rex, there probably isn’t a New York Dolls, Ziggy Stardust (aka David Bowie during one of his phases) which spawned off Gary Glitter, Suzi Quatro & The Runaways (with Joan Jett), Queen and Rod Stewart & Elton John to a certain extent. Which of course spawned off groups like Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, WASP, Motley Crue, Adam Ant and Flock of Seagulls.

    Diamond Head – While under-rated, they were still monumental in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal with influences from Free, Deep Purple, Led Zepplin, UFO & Black Sabbath. With their own unique sound, they influenced such bands like Metallica & Megadeth. When Metallica was a local group in the Bay Area, a record producer came up to the group after the show and asked “Do you know Diamond Head?” Lars Ulrich (drummer from Metallica) stated in response “Know em? We just played half their fucking set!”

    Motorhead – While still a pioneer of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, they still had a bit harder & faster of a sound. In my opinion, I would say Motorhead was the first band to attempt speed metal… 1 song alone: Ace of Spades! That came out in 1980 – just a couple more years before Slayer which mastered that style. Lemmy also proved the theory that you actually didn’t need to have a voice to make it big.

    Cheap Trick – Ranked 25th in VH1’s 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock. Have influenced major artists like Guns ‘N Roses, Ratt, Angus Young, Joey Ramone acknowledged them as his favorite group, Gin Blossoms, Pearl Jam, Weezer, etc.

  50. Mjslatt
    Mjslatt at |

    What about ZZ Top, how can they not be in. Rush also is a baffler.

  51. Doobie Wah
    Doobie Wah at |


  52. Ray
    Ray at |

    Let us not forget Jim Croce. THE Bad Bad Leroy Brown!

  53. Chris
    Chris at |

    Id say Moody Blues, Rush, and ELO deserve a nod. I am the biggest STYX fan there is, but they deserve to be in the “good” rock band category, not HOF. But I hope we could all agree on something: Id put every single act on the top 10 before MADONNA saw the light of day.

  54. Joe
    Joe at |

    Blue Oyster Cult should be in. In fact, like many bands mentioned here, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is not very creditable with their absence. Buck Dhama rules!!

  55. LoLo
    LoLo at |

    Grand Funk Railroad

  56. Charles Campbell
    Charles Campbell at |

    I was going to add Chicago but some one beat me to it! Yay


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