Ten Craziest Tribute Band Names


10. No Way Sis (Oasis)
9. Coverboy (Loverboy)
8. Greenish Day (Green Day)
7. Prudas Jeist (Judas Priest)
6. Oasisn’t (Oasis)
5. Metal Licker (Metallica)
4. Bjorn Again (Abba)
3. Sea Sea Arrrr (All Pirate CCR tribute band)
2. Chicks with Dixies (Transvestite Dixie Chicks tribute band)
1. Are We Them (REM)

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  1. I’m in a white stripes tribute band in Brighton called the $hite Stripes. I think that takes some beating =p


    Jack $hite

  2. hayseed dixie. they’re a bluegrass ac/dc cover band who have gone to cover other bands like green day, led zeppelin, kiss, among others.

  3. Can't find anything about Sea Sea Arrrr. The only place they are mentioned is this site and copy/pastes of this list. Being a big fan of both CCR and pirates I'd really like to learn more about them.