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  • mighty black adam

    i cant believe that darkseid isnt on this list… he should be 3rd… 1st should be joker than lex than darkseid

  • mbagent15

    what about Loki?!

  • Stuart

    I am AMAZED that the Joker is not Number 1. AMAZED.

  • Carlos Giraldo

    Luthor first? Really? Though I agree he had to be in the top 10, I don’t think he surpasses the power of Magneto which IMO should be first, followed in second by the Joker.

  • ME

    Top ten
    1. Joker
    3. Darkseid
    4. Scarecrow
    5.Red skull
    7. Doomsday
    8. Brainiac

  • potentialKEN

    Technically Spiderman, NOT the Green Goblin, killed Gwen Stacy (with a little help from physics). Any later revision of the story aside, THAT is the whole point of ‘the death of Gwen Stacy’ as a lynch pin in the Spiderman mythology.

    And, of course I agree with everyone else who argues for Joker as the #1 comic book villain. Literally, symbolically, psychologically, allegorically, etc. He is the defining archetype of what it means for a ‘super hero’ to have an arch nemesis; an equal but opposite ‘super villain’ whose existence defines the hero (and vice versa).

    For all of the same reasons that I vote Joker #1; as much as I am a Magneto fan, I really have to question his inclusion on the list as a “villain”. He is Xavier’s ‘equal and opposite’ for the sake of the mythology but, particularly as the treatment of his character has evolved over the past 40 years, that’s really a question of ideology. The ‘evil’ of his ‘villainy’ is a matter of perspective. And, not to cause a riot at Xavier’s, but I too think “Magneto was right”.

    Finally, MUCH RESPECT to the commenter who brought up Hitler! [Unlike Stalin who was a US ally in WWII] Captain America fought (and punched) Adolph Hitler in the Golden Age. I get how it is counter intuitive to the type of fan-boy debates that these sorts of lists are meant to incite, but that was using reason and an impressive command of comic book history to find the ultimate loop hole in the question. The atrocity of his actions aside HITLER IS THE WORST AND MOST POWERFUL COMIC BOOK VILLAIN BECAUSE HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO IS ACTUALLY REAL!

  • devis

    I think that the Joker deserves to be at the top of this list because when you think about it he is a very insane man but his opponents are giants among men yet he still manages to bloody their noises.

  • Mitchell

    What about Doc Ock when he got adamentium tentacles he wiped the floor with the Avengers and X-Men while the other villians with him just watched.

  • Lex Luthor is simply not scary, he’s just boring (like Superman). The Joker should have been number one. He is more deadly than the other nine combined. The Mad Hatter, the Lizard, Dr Octopus and the Scarecrow should have been on the list too.

  • Deathstroke

    what da hell, Joker is the most influence,smart,funny,mad,insane villian to ever have been and u put Lex Luthor on top, why

    • This list was done before the Joker got world-wide fame in the Dark Knight movies. A new list would most likely have him at #1.

      • potentialKEN

        Having long since read and commented on this list I can admit that from a certain perspective I can almost accept a rational legitimization of Lex Luthor as the #1 villain over the Joker. However, reading your response I feel compelled to reenter the debate. Are you seriously suggesting that it was Heath Ledger’s interpretation of the character that established the Joker’s “world-wide fame”? If so, do you really think that you are qualified to be evaluating a list like this? Twenty years prior Jack Nicholson made quite a splash as the character and twenty years before that Cesar Romero beat out Frank Sinatra for the role (and all of that was twenty plus years after the character was created). Admittedly Luthor first appeared on the comic scene at around the same time. However, by your logic, I wonder if you are suggesting that it is the fresh memory of Kevin Spacey’s portrayal of the character (as opposed to Gene Hackman’s) in the mediocre “Superman Returns” which cemented Lex’s rank at #1. Maybe it was Michael Rosenbaum’s interpretation of the character for Smallville that secured the top spot? Perhaps it is simply that in a short-attention-span postmodern culture comic book mythology is only as good as it’s most recent cinematic interpretation.

  • mephisto

    Incredible Hulk……. He has beat the hell out of many super heros and villains over the years. Since way back in the day he has had his own comic appeared in others comics and has been confrintational to the piont when all heros combine there efforts to beat a villain they then have to deal with the hulk

  • This was our first list ever in May of 2008.

  • rehhhlff

    Carnage is VERY underrated…He killed more than a hundred people, some of which include his grandmother(pushed down a flight of stairs), and a little girl he pushed in front of a bus

  • ComicBookGeek

    Well, this list seems like it was made by a guy who only reads Marvel comics and then decided “oh, yeah, Lex Lutor and Joker are also up there and who’s another DC villain I can throw in there? Oh yeah, that Doomsday guy who killed Superman.”

    Seriously, out of all the villains DC has in their roster, you guys choose Doomsday to fill a slot in the top 10? Not Sinestro? Not Darkseid? Not Ra’s Al Ghul? Not Brainiac? Not Anti-Monitor? Not Black Adam? Not Mongul? I mean, Doomsday’s not a bad villain but he’s more top 20/30 than top 10.

    Also where’s Loki? You know, the guy who is the whole reason behind the Avengers forming? Red Skull?

    Galactic is a Mary Sue and Thanos is a Darkseid rip off.

    • Shell Harris

      In all fairness, this list was made in 2008, so things have changed since then. But thanks for all the great additions.

      • RobbyQue

        The list was made in 2008. These villains were made in the 40s and 50s enough time has passed