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  1. Daniel
    Daniel at |

    An extremely interesting list ,thank you ! Although I do find Although a bit overrated.

  2. Ian Presnell
    Ian Presnell at |

    What this is pretty much the best list EVER!! Although I’m probably bias because I wrote it. Update* I do actually have a paper route now and have a “real job” in the works. haha

  3. Nicol Klaus Howard
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  4. Charles
    Charles at |

    As far as I can tell, it appears that most developers test to make something work, not to break it. I have never encountered the lessening return, however the other side where stripped down testing is finished.

  5. beyondliberal
    beyondliberal at |

    I’m very surprised “Running with Scissors” isn’t on the list. I’m sure it must have been banned SOMEWHERE, as the story is incredibly disturbing.

    1. republicansir
      republicansir at |

      Never read that one. I own it though. Some people close to me loved that book. Ill have to drag it out of the attic

  6. Ian
    Ian at |

    best list ever


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