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  • John N

    Great list! That short clip from THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE was terrifying to watch, even from just a YouTube clip.

    • You should try watching the whole thing….

      It's an amazing, yet terrifying film.

      • John N

        Blast! Netflix doesn't carry THE PHANTOM CARRIAGE and I refuse to watch a film that looks so good on YouTube or some other website. That movie deserves to be watched on a large screen TV at night with the lights out. I'll keep my eye out for it.

        Thanks, Nathanael!

  • TriviaFan

    Awesome list Nathanael, in particular number 8.

    I had pointed out this exact similarity years ago as I had never heard anyone else mention it.

    You could probably make a whole movie out of the scenes Tarantino imitated, the opening of the case with a shining gold hue, the back of Marcellus head as he speaks to Butch, etc. etc.

    I remember watching that scene with the Willis character sitting in his car at that stop, and as Marcellus walks by in front of his car, he almost makes it past the car but then pauses and turns to look. When I saw that, I was like, hmmm, that looks like it came from Psycho.

    Here's also a list of great tracking shots:

    • Aww…Thank you! I always like getting compliments for my work.

      I actually spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out which Tarantino reference I would use. I eventually settled on the "Psycho" reference because…well…I could find video clips online that compared the two.

      The thing about Tarantino is that he very rarely actually copies other movies. He takes elements, plot points, and character traits from other movies and synthesizes them into his own films. It's very hard to find any instances where he copied another movie shot by shot.

      Also, thanks for the tracking shot list. I actually had already come across it while I was doing research for this list.

      • TriviaFan

        You are welcome Nathanael.

        I agree about Tarantino, he takes elements and ideas from other films and somehow makes it all original in his movies. One of his more popular ones is the 'Mexican Standoff' between armed opponents.

        In terms of the similarity between that scene in Psycho and Pulp Fiction, wasn't there also a similar sequence in Taxi Driver? I think it happened when Travis first 'meets' Jodie Foster's character as he almost runs over her at an intersection. I'm trying to find it on YouTube.

  • Excellent as always Nathanael

  • Trag Lee

    Fantastic list, I've seen 7 movies amongst the top ten…

  • asd

    You call it 'inspiration' i call it plagiarism or copypasta

  • bald bryan cranston

    Brian De Palma is a hack.

  • anon

    Confused yet? Yes.

    Dashiell Hammett's first novel was "Red Harvest," about the gangs of Butte, but later he wrote another called "The Glass Key," about the gangs of Baltimore. Was "The Glass Key" (the movie) based on "Red Harvest" or "The Glass Key" or some combination of both?

  • alli

    Thanx for mentioning Kimba and his stolen story. I watched Kimba faithfully until they took it off the air (when I was 5: I cried for the 3 weeks following the cancellation at the time Kimba was supposed to come on). I took Kimba pretty seriously so, as you may imagine, I was indignant when I saw Lion King (or Lying King as we called it). I still don't completely understand how Disney was able to get away with plagiarizing Kimba with no repercussions.

  • Steven

    Actually, Harold Lloyd in "Safety Last" was not "hundreds of feet" in the air. The building he is on was actually on a hill, and he was three stories high tops, with ample cushioning in case he fell.

  • ivangoddard

    What was infamous about the things you called "infamous". Don't you just mean famous?

  • Corporate Logo Design

    All very good.You could probably make a whole movie out of the scenes Tarantino imitated, the opening of the case with a shining gold hue, the back of Marcellus head as he speaks to Butch, etc.

  • Jason McCann

    Frankly you forgot one of the most famous images of my generation:

  • Mel

    What about the famous scene in Titanic?