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  • Walter

    I disagree with the statement that Acme products were defective. Actually the products did work exactly as they should have. The use of the products was defective. For instance, the rocket skates accelerated at a tremendous rate but Wil E Coyote didn't take into consideration the curve of the road or the cliff or etc. But the products themselves were terrific, wish I could get me some.

    • Mahnu Uterna

      I especially dig the eaerthquake pills!

    • kaztaylor

      In fact, ACME was an acronym for "A Company Making Everything," which of course it was in the Looney Toons universe.

    • randy

      …and don’t forget ACME Building Disintigrator used in ‘One Froggy Evening’ by the guy who discovers singing Michigan J Frog in the future, it worked pretty good.

  • Mahnu Uterna

    What, no Binford Tools? Not only was the brand integral to Home Improvement, it made a cameo in Tim Allens other 90s project, Toy Story.

  • efrain

    Well…. ACME Does exist. My family owns an office supplies store and we sell ACME for decades!!!

    most common knew are stapplers… there are literally thousands of companies that uses the word ACME in their names, but the one i talk about is knwon since the 70's.

  • daroofa

    No Vitajex..? I'm dissaponted

  • Jay

    Surely the best product name EVER is vaPOOrize in that film with Ben Stiller envy

  • Steph

    Errr… ACME does exist (or at least did exist), my dad used to work there, they made those plastic stripes you use to close boxes, and I have ACME cups, notepads and more office stuff at home from those days, so either there´s some missinformation here or my Dad was actually a russian spy with a fake office, fake paper and fake business cards to back up for his fake job.

  • Fictional brands are fun finds in tv and movies. Here are 10 of the best.

  • joe

    duff beer is now available in italy .. ive had some very good

    • Ian

      Berlin as well. Was not bad.

  • Office Cleaning

    Heisler Beer, Training day never thought of checking that brand out.

  • Along with Big Kahuna burgers you should have included Tarantino’s other fictional brand, Red Apple cigarettes. The brand, notable for its pack with a green worm in the apple, has also appeared nearly every one of Tarantino’s flicks, especially “Pulp Fiction”.

  • James Herbert

    You can buy ACME beer which is made in California, US.

  • canadaeh

    ACME puts Amazon to shame when it came to delivery of the product.

  • randy

    Best fake company/product for me hands down is SKYNET
    Also a big fan of Devlin MacGregor makers of Provasic from Fugitive and spoofed in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

  • val

    ACME Brand now exists

  • Turd Ferguson

    Brawndo is obviously supposed to be a sports drink ala Gatorade, NOT an energy drink like Red Bull.

  • lakawak

    Arnold correctly pointed out to the kid in Last Action Hero that there are far more than 10,000 numbers that begin with 555 when you consider area codes.