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  • Keith

    Audacious list to attempt. Glad to see the early songs weren't included.

  • Beatlemania

    Paperback Writer? I love that song and I wonder why it didn't make the list. Of course I could say that about many of the Beatles songs. I agree with Keith, this is a tough list to limit to only 10 songs.

  • Ali

    This list is going to piss too many hardcore fans off. You need a TOP 100 list! That way you can put all the songs I wish were on there on there.

  • One of the good things about these types of lists is that you will likely learn something new. For example, I had never heard Run for Your Life before and after hearing it hear I think it is one of my favorite Beatles songs. Cheers for sharing this.

    I also think only the Beatles could handle a top 100 list, which says something about how great they were, I think.

  • Great list! I was very glad to see that you put A Day In The Life as number 1! 😀

  • Rev up the Volume

    Damn, none of the later years songs with Yoko screeching in the background made the list.

  • john

    Personally, I always liked the line

    "sitting on a cornflake waiting for the van to come"

  • Kiley T

    I can't say that I was disappointed by this list, as it was quite good. I was hoping I Am the Walrus would be on here. John is right in that the lyrics are obscure, which is what makes it such a wonderful, yet underrated song.

  • badabbott

    No Drive My Car?

  • Jill

    wow! im suprised you were able to do this list. If it were me, I personally would have put norweigian wood or something on here as well. very nicely done though.

    even after 40 years, the boys still rock!

  • Chris

    This is my beatles top 10 songs! This is not a joke, most of them are not very popular but i realy like these…

    1- Dig it

    2- You know my name

    3- It's all too much

    4- Tomorrow never knows

    5- Blue jay way

    6- Only a northern song

    7- Everybody's got something to hide

    8- Mean mister mustard

    9- Polythene Pam

    10 Yer blues

    • Owen

      You know my name (look up the number),totally awesome song,one of the great rare beatles songs that you will never hear on radio,would put at no.10

  • sean

    1. All You Need Is Love

    So simple yet so genius. No other band could have done this song it. The perfect example of Hippie ideals and what the Beatles (at the time) truely felt they stood for, which is a message so simple that anyone in the world could get it.

    There's nothing you can do that can't be done…

    All you need is love, love

    Love is all you need

  • Panther

    Ok… good list… but come on -.- If you don't know the difference between Revolution and Revolution 1 you got a problem >.< Revolution 1 is the acoustic version of Revolution. =)

  • Sean

    The words to the song Inner Light is taken from the Tao Te Ching. And I quote,

    "Without stirring abroad

    One can know the whole world;

    Without looking out of the window

    One can see the way of heaven.

    The further one goes

    The less one knows.

    Therefore the sage knows without having to stir,

    Identifies without having to see,

    Accomplishes without having to act."

    Tao Te Ching, Book Two, Chapter 47. Lao Tzu

    Makes me wonder if Harrison had read the Tao Te Ching and was inspired by it to write the song Inner Light.

  • heretoday

    Whenever I hear "I've Got a Feeling", I am immediately transported back to that magic winter, tripping around with my friends, and feeling that anything was possible. It's definitely one of my very faves.

    Another one of my husband's and my favourite songs is "I Will". We sang this beautiful song at our wedding.

  • Elaine

    "Twist and shout" is not a Beatles song.

    And making that list must've been one of the hardest jobs on Earth. I couldn't do it.

  • ABrutalKind

    I agree with 1 and 2 but I would have put Blackbird up there too.

  • mike

    Best song, hands down is Rocky Raccoon

  • Beatles

    Golden slumbers, carry that weight, and you never give me your money are my fav beatles songs.

  • Robert

    shoulda made a top 100 woulda been better and easier

  • tasmanian boy

    Strawberry Fields Forever hasn't had a mention. I think it is the best song ever written and the film clip has 60's written all over it. Brilliant.

  • Billius

    This is a tough list to compile considering how many number one hits they had. I've always been a big fan of the song "Helter Skelter," but I would be surprised to see it on a standard top ten list.

  • Mackenzie

    I would have put 'Maxwell's Silver Hammer' up there, along with 'Act Naturally'. Kinda underestimated, yet so good.

    • Xavier

      Mackenzie, if I'm not mistaken, "Act Naturally" is a Ringo Starr song.

  • beatlefan

    No In My Life, writers have said this is the greatest song of all time

    • Nicholas Lim

      in my life is the greatest love song ever.

  • Nicholas Lim

    nobody will truly know the best beatles song because every one has their own opinion and there are so many good beatles songs.

  • Owen

    " Across The Universe",beautiful no song in music even sounds like it,really excellent list only missing
    "I am the Walrus",anyway the top 3 are spot on,well done

  • maurizo

    I think "For no one" should be in any list of beatles best songs.

  • Kennypo65

    She's leaving home is my personal fave, but great list none the less.

  • Kelci

    A day in the life is my favorite beatles song. Besides happiness is a warm gun or something or while my guitar gently weeps. Haha

  • les96

    Great list!! I agree-must be hard to pick the 10 best Beatles songs-top 100 would have been better. Let it Be is my favorite Beatles song and maybe favorite overall song of all time

  • SmurfinLennon

    In My Life, should be there, in my opinion.

    It’s really tough to pick out the top few though.


  • andy

    1 very important song missing from the list; “in my life” one of the greatest songs ever written

  • SmurfinLennon

    Not a bad list.
    It’s tough to try to narrow the Beatles’ music down like that.

    Only thing is that I would put “In My Life” in there, but that may jut be because it’s my favourite song.
    “And these memories lose their meaning
    When I think of love as something new”
    And George Martin’s piano parts are genius in the song.

    But “everybody has a wet dream” is a winner too.


    • SmurfinLennon

      Did… did I post something months ago and then post the same thing?
      My bad….

  • Hi there Just let you know the people who owns those beatles video songs removed them

    Just let you know,

  • frank

    It’s never work trying to make top ten songs by The Beatles. Top 50 maybe appropriate?

  • Songs by Beatles

    For me “Here Comes the Sun” is the best.

  • grry

    10. Strawberry Fields
    9. Happiness is a warm gun
    8. Within You without You
    7. Let it Be
    6. Hey Jude
    5. A day in the life
    4. Something
    3. Glass Onion
    2. While My Guitar Gently Weeps
    1. She Loves You

  • andy

    while my guitar gently weeps
    in my life
    drive my car
    eleanor rigby
    get back
    here comes the sun
    for no one

  • Dap

    this is debatable everyone has their own favs but you cant leave out “got to get you into my life” “let it be”
    “strawberry fields” “norweigian wood” “I want to tell you” , I think “A day in the life” comes to mind for almost anyone

    better to list your top albums: mine our 1. Revolver 2. Beatles 65 3. Let it be

  • Nirvana

    Where’s Revolution 9? Oh come on, you have to admit it’s the best Beatles song ever. Forever.

    *Shivers in fear of it being being mentioned as number 1*

  • L R G V

    I still don’t agree that making a Top100 Beatles song would be easier.
    I’ve done it, or try to do it before myself but still a lot of classic songs were left behind.
    Goes to show the brillance of this band, even their “lesser known” songs would be a considered a classic. And other artists could retire and call themselves genius if they had written these “lesser known” songs by the Beatles

    On a side note, my favorie song of the Fab Four is “Don’t Let Me Down”

  • txswingster

    For “Run for Your Life,” Lennon borrowed the line; “I’d rather see you dead, little girl, than to be with another man” from Elvis’ “Baby, Let’s Play House.” Songwriter Arthur Gunter was pretty hardcore too, huh?

  • Rick

    When I’m 64
    Day in a life
    Let it be
    Obla di obla da
    Norwegian wood
    Hard days night
    Elanor Rigby
    Hey Jude
    You’ve got to hide your love away

  • Fabian

    You must put I Want To Hold Your Hand on this list, the reason why Beatles get a fame in us. “No sex, No drugs, No frustated love. They’re just want to hold your hand”.

  • dk

    Did you just randomly pick these?

  • Doobie Wah

    The “Dirty Dozen” in that order:
    3. A DAY IN A LIFE
    11. IN MY LIFE
    12. LET IT BE

    The Beatles were the very first PROG band

  • Mike

    I don’t understand the Beatles popularity at all, I’ve heard nearly every single song – being friends with a fan. But they do in fact SUCK. They are nothing more than the very first boy band.

  • Robert Spinello

    1-A Day in the Life
    2- Hey Jude
    3-I Want To Hold Your Hand
    4- In My Life
    6-Come Together
    7-Let It Be
    10-I Feel Fine