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  1. schuyler
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    Pinky and the Brain

  2. ParusMajor
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    The Simpsons

    1. TJ
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      ^ This.

  3. hanna
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    how is daria morgendorffer not on this list?

  4. Omg
    Omg at |

    A worthy top stop. Kelsey Grammer is an amazing actor and he brought the character to life. He is a perfect example for a minor character that turned into something amazing thanks to good acting. Another role that pops into my head is Amy from Everybody Loves Raymond. Lets forget that she “slept with the producer” (as Phil Rosenthal puts it himself frequently in commentary as a joke), she can turn a whole seen into something brilliant. She’s so unique in that family and she’s so out of place that she just fits perfectly in. In the first season when she was introduced she was nothing special, but the moment she married Rob and became a constant regular in the series you couldn’t imagine the remaining series without her.

  5. James
    James at |

    Daryl Dixon might be on a list like this several years from now, with the way things are going.

  6. HBG
    HBG at |

    Harry Morgan – known for playing Colonel Potter in Mash. He appeared in an earlier part of the series as a visiting General. They were that impressed, that they had him added later in the series to replace Henry Blake.

  7. merl
    merl at |

    Fonzie wasn’t allowed to wear his leather jacket unless he was on or near his motorcycle. Only thugs wore leather jackets unless they had motorcycles. Then it was for safety.

  8. Nick
    Nick at |

    Martin Sheen was originally only supposed to have a guest role on The West Wing, appearing for a couple of scenes from time to time. Walton Goggins was not originally supposed to survive in the pilot of Justified. Both plans got scrapped after enough people got to see the pilot episodes (in the case of TWW, I think, it was even earlier, so impressive was Sheen during shooting).

  9. Maroto
    Maroto at |

    Chandler, Joey and Phoebe of Friends were supposed to be secondary roles…

  10. Bob
    Bob at |

    SIMPSONS #1 Spinoff. Was around before Frasier and is still around long after.

  11. Hjro
    Hjro at |

    Neil Flynn as the janitor/ Dr Jan Itor from scrubs, was supposed to only appear in first episode but Scrubs creators liked him so much they gave him more lines, originally in the first season it was only going to be JD who acknowledges him as he is a figment of his imagination but was expanded to become a major supporting character in the sitcom.

  12. Jasper
    Jasper at |

    If a character was going to be cited from Buffy, I think it should be Spike (James Marsters). He was supposed to be around for a few episodes, was originally supposed to be southern, but he was such a hit he stayed through the duration of the show. I would argue he had more of a long-term impact on the characters and the show. Just my two cents.


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