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  1. huh
    huh at |

    isn't this a lot like the other top ten list of gift ideas for guys?

  2. TopTenz Master
    TopTenz Master at |

    I have many great writers for toptenz.net and occasionally I get two similar lists. I guess I could have saved one for next year but I like them both and they are both very funny so I decided to run them both. Hope you enjoyed them.

  3. Hugh G. Rection
    Hugh G. Rection at |

    You can only TOLERATE King of the Hill? King of the Hill beats the hell out of family guy! Unless you don't get the subtlety of its satire…

  4. Tanya
    Tanya at |

    Hey it's not nice to mock someone just because they have different tastes than you! Oh wait, my whole list is doing that… never mind…

  5. JP Jones
    JP Jones at |

    First let me point out that truckers are not trashy. They are often owner-operators who work long hours to support their families. At this time of the year they are right up there with Santa’s elves: making sure we get our parcels, our turkeys, and our toys.

    ok, first of all I am a trucker, and thanks for pointing out that we are not ALL trashy. However, no self respecting truck driver would ever be caught dead wearing cartoon emblazoned undershorts. Ever. Or sleep pants period. Just wouldn't do it. And as a group can we go on record denouncing anything having to do with American Idol. Or pretty much any of the modern reality tv programming. It just simply doesn't have anything to do with reality. Otherwise, any woman that wants to get me anything else on the list is just fine!! And, btw, keep this lists coming, love this site, got some very cool and funny stuff here!!

    1. Tanya
      Tanya at |

      Thanks, JP!


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