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  • Feature 9 is awesome. I didnot know that. 🙂

  • pranav

    search for “Recursion”

  • Wedding gowns

    The “You Are Here” marker show my exact location on the map (I’m not i a city, kinda the boonies). I’d expect that using my phone b/c of GPS & tower triangulation. I’m a little surprised that they can track a nonstatic IP to my address.

  • I found this rather useful particulrly the wallpaper search and video duration. OK some of the things were obvious but its best to remember not everyone is well versed in web skills.

  • @quicklics

    SMH awesome post. I knew few tips before but the dot in the email thing and the better than tip are pretty awesome

  • Tech Wishlist

    Is it just me or the title is a bit misleading? “Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with GOOGLE”? And most of these are not even tricks for Google, but other Google products. Hmmm…

  • kYur

    #1 is referred to the game “imposibble quiz” on… wherein question #42 states that “it is the answer to life, the universe and everything”. and the answer is 42

    • Kebubble

      Erm… Hitchhiker’s guide to the universe, maybe?

  • Pedro Parkero

    Are the email addresses really DISPOSABLE? From what I understand from the article is that you can’t block emails from a derived email, so if it gets spammed it still goes to your original email address…

  • Me You

    The e-mail thing is wrong. As it says: these are all functionally the same address. Therefore, they are NOT disposable! You can’t eliminate one or junk it or whatever without affecting all of them.

  • You know, as you say ; I Didn’t Know That I Could Do with Google, but now I know 😀 Hahaha, thanks for the share ..

  • Doug Soy

    “Disposable” e-mail addresses? Usually this means addresses that you can throw away and shut down and you won’t get anything in the future. That doesn’t apply here.

    This article is mostly yawn city. 42. 42, really? I’m not 19 years old anymore, Douglas Adams isn’t exactly my speed. I was expecting really insightful stuff (and a couple of them are, but not as a whole)


  • Kebubble

    If you have Chrome of Firefox, google do a barrel roll

  • Patchie8

    I just learned you can drag and drop photos from your computer and search for them in google! How awesome!