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  • hjro2


    number 10 is image search….who doesn't know how to search for an image

    most people who use google surely know how to use all of these things.

    • Racer

      I use Google so long but I dint know that I can get for my desktop as per the resolution

    • Shalon

      Um, I have used google for 5 years, and other than the image search and google maps, I didn’t know any of this. And I know quite a few people who don’t even know about images or maps let alone the rest. granted, most of those are older people, or dumb people, or people with lives outside the net… but…

  • Josh

    Hitchhikers Guide FTW

  • Equalizer

    Additional info for this topic.

    If your searching for any information that is related to "Linux", type this to your url:

    All your searches will be base on Linux.

  • frog

    Just remember the one thing Google will not do is find Chuck Norris.

    • john

      Mr T might catch him though

  • I appreciate the tip about PDF files. It takes FOREVER to open a PDF file in Adobe, so it's good to know you can get a quick view to see if the file is worth opening.

    • KPOLOI

      Use Foxit. Get Adobe Acrobat off your system

      • eric jackson

        Definitely ditch the adobe reader and go with foxit. I did when it first came out and never looked back. Adobe reader not only slows the pdf read but your entire system

  • Microsoft and (especially) Apple aren't surrendering as the evil empires just yet. Google, so far at least, is settling for empire without evil. And you forgot Android on your list, open source and leaving everyone else in their dust! 🙂

  • Curious Cat

    Hah.. Google will infiltrate your consciousness if you let it. It wants in, to find out everything about you, your fiends, your family, their friends, etc.. so it can package what it knows and market it back to you.

  • thomas

    yeah but i knew all this already, except the rss feeds…

  • spammer

    these are great ways to educate the users of google on what things they can do

  • Your search for "better than " is no more than a strict search. This does not mean that it's going to search for things that are better than x – it's going to search for "better than x" – displayed exactly like that – in an article.

    Putting quotes around a google search simply specifies that you want your results to contain exactly that phrase, including any misspellings, errors, omissions or anything else you may have included.

    Very useful for when you want to look up something that fits your criteria, but in no way does it actually search for things that are better than a product – the results are still going to be based on opinion, conjecture, or empirical data, depending on the source – certainly not fact.

    You can, however, make some VERY powerful searches utilizing strict searches combined with standard words as well as the minus sign, which restricts your search to documents and articles that do not contain the indicated word or phrase.

    Still a very useful tool – perhaps you should change the copy to reflect this?

  • Cortex Cerebri

    Found some new interesting/useful things related to Google.

    Well written.

  • Sarah

    Tip #7, searching for products that are "better than X," is not really a search for products that are "better" — it's just a string search where Google will search for websites containing the exact words "better than X."

    As you can see, in your example, none of those products are listed because Google thinks they're better — they're listed because "better than iPad" is in the actual text of the webpage.

    • hi sarah

      Hi Sarah! I’ve been looking for you all my life! What’s your email address?

  • josh

    number 1 is actually a joke from a movie LOL

    • DrFrankLee

      Is the joke and the movie that you and number 1 are referring to on the Google top ten list "HITCHHIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY"?

    • TW

      josh – logoff and open a book.

  • sweet

    what's goin' on here??? 🙂

  • seoauths

    LOL GREAT!!!

  • Nihar

    Thanks for the wonderful post…


  • Keith

    The best feature about the Google search bar is that it solves math problems.

  • The last one is really hilarious…

  • rybart

    Try and google “french military victories” and pick on the irst link


    You have image search and video search on here but not the elmer fudd and pig Latin translation tools or “once in a blue moon” probability? Tsk.

  • Ben

    I did’nt realize how much google does and what you can actually do with it

  • ztronics

    Google is the most innovative company in the world, it has changed the way people use internet. They always come up with new ideas to make our work easy and smooth.

  • hellababe

    Search Where is Chuck Norris?

    • hellababe

      and hit the “I feel lucky” button.

  • SEO Cincinnati

    #10. 42 is the answer, but can Google find the question?!?

    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is a book written by Douglas Adams.
    I believe he also wrote some of the Dr. Who scripts. Can anyone confirm?

    • yes – he did –

      • Mark

        @/A\V/[dev] Thanks. LMGTFY is Awsome! I love it.

        I remember watching a Dr. Who as a kid and seeing Douglas Adams name in the credits.
        I could have “Googled” it but I was trying to make conversation; it worked.

        very cool. Thanks.

        The Hitchhiker’s Guide = The Internet!

        • Yeah – i generally don’t use it – cause it’s often “rude” but i figured it appropriate for this article =D

  • Richard

    I’ve made my living with Google over the past ten years. I learned how to do SEO Google-style, and it’s worked out great for me. It’s not simple, but it pays pretty decent dividends.

    A couple other great things you can do with Google:

    Find the nearest Taco Bell (or any other local business) using Google Maps (also included as part of Google’s Universal Search results if the right search words are used.

    Insert news feeds and other dynamic information into your blog or web site using Google’s JSON newsfeed API.

  • Feature 9 is awesome. I didnot know that. 🙂

  • pranav

    search for “Recursion”

  • Wedding gowns

    The “You Are Here” marker show my exact location on the map (I’m not i a city, kinda the boonies). I’d expect that using my phone b/c of GPS & tower triangulation. I’m a little surprised that they can track a nonstatic IP to my address.

  • I found this rather useful particulrly the wallpaper search and video duration. OK some of the things were obvious but its best to remember not everyone is well versed in web skills.

  • @quicklics

    SMH awesome post. I knew few tips before but the dot in the email thing and the better than tip are pretty awesome

  • Tech Wishlist

    Is it just me or the title is a bit misleading? “Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with GOOGLE”? And most of these are not even tricks for Google, but other Google products. Hmmm…

  • kYur

    #1 is referred to the game “imposibble quiz” on… wherein question #42 states that “it is the answer to life, the universe and everything”. and the answer is 42

    • Kebubble

      Erm… Hitchhiker’s guide to the universe, maybe?

  • Pedro Parkero

    Are the email addresses really DISPOSABLE? From what I understand from the article is that you can’t block emails from a derived email, so if it gets spammed it still goes to your original email address…

  • Me You

    The e-mail thing is wrong. As it says: these are all functionally the same address. Therefore, they are NOT disposable! You can’t eliminate one or junk it or whatever without affecting all of them.

  • You know, as you say ; I Didn’t Know That I Could Do with Google, but now I know 😀 Hahaha, thanks for the share ..

  • Doug Soy

    “Disposable” e-mail addresses? Usually this means addresses that you can throw away and shut down and you won’t get anything in the future. That doesn’t apply here.

    This article is mostly yawn city. 42. 42, really? I’m not 19 years old anymore, Douglas Adams isn’t exactly my speed. I was expecting really insightful stuff (and a couple of them are, but not as a whole)


  • Kebubble

    If you have Chrome of Firefox, google do a barrel roll

  • Patchie8

    I just learned you can drag and drop photos from your computer and search for them in google! How awesome!