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9 Responses

  1. Ooga Booga at |

    Bad Santa was comic genius.

    For shame.


  2. J at |

    i also loved bad santa!!

  3. steve at |

    Grow up why dont ya. Bad Santa is so funny! Santa's slay with goldberg is damn funny too! Who ever made this one obviously is way to christian to enjoy these movies!

  4. Mary at |

    I agree that Bad Santa is one of the worst santa's ever. I watched that movies for the first time and I did not like it one bit. What an awful way to show a santa like that to little kids.

    1. Garrett Staats at |

      Gulp, whaaaa? [spittake] QUOTE: "What an awful way to show a santa like that to little kids." Are you freaking serious? This is an ADULT movie, not for kids, with ADULT humor. no kid would even like or understand it.

      Too bad that some people cannot appreciate films of the "dark," ironic, and surreal variety (Bad Santa, Nightmare before Christmas, Willie Wonka (original), Coraline, Madeline…etc.. Does the director have to be blasting sunshine, puppies, and Shirley Temple curls all over TV to qualify as a good movie?

      Also, being "way to Christian" has nothing to do with it. Just because I AM a Christian, does not mean that I can't appreciate a wide variety of cinema. Just because I watch Bad Santa and enjoy it, does not mean that I participate or condone the actions of the character.

  5. James at |

    Your list isn’t bad but I have to argue on a few points. IMHO, for a Santa to really be a “bad” movie santa, it needed to be trying to be serious and fail utterly. I wouldn’t have included such Santas as “The Christmas story”. Only because that was exactly how that Santa was supposed to be. Directed and acted to perfection for the part. He was supposed to be a off kilter Santa Claus. Anyway, thanks for the list. some of them were hilarious!

    1. TopTenz Master at |

      Good point, James. The Christmas Story Santa was perfect in the movie.

  6. Georgina at |


  7. Priscilla at |

    I really enjoyed this list. I completely agree with you on The Escape Clause. I loved Bernard. He was my favorite character. He probably left when he realized how bad the third movie would be. I also agree with you for A Christmas Story. I really hated that Santa. He was an a**hole. I remember thinking when I saw this movie, “What kind of Santa is he? He’s a jerk. Who would hire him?” Lastly, I can’t believe there are so many killer Santas in movies. Are they actually trying to traumatize children?


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