10 Crazy Gambling Wins (and the Stories Behind Them)


In 2016, $80 billion was spent on lottery tickets in the United States alone. For comparison, that same year the US spent roughly $30 billion on video games. It’s very revealing how much people hold on to that dream even though their odds of winning big from a video game and a lottery ticket aren’t that far apart.

So what are some of the biggest stories of gambles paying off? What’s the largest amount of money horses have ever made a member of the audience without even slightly understanding why they were running in a circle? How does that compare to the most a single roll of the dice won someone? And more important, how did that win change the life of the gambler? As you’ll soon see, the results of those dramatic gambles are often as surprising as the wins themselves.

This is an encore of a previous list, as presented by our YouTube host Simon Whistler. Read the full list!

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