10 Great Walking Tours in Tenerife


Walking in Tenerife is definitely worth a try even if you are not hiking-savvy. From your base at the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel el Mirador you can explore the island away by foot. Many people have thought about climbing Mount Teide, and you’d be no different for having the same aspirations, but the island has lots of fascinating landscaping to view and walk around, and Mount Teide is by no means the only walk you’ll consider.

Here’s ten great walks for you to try:

One-day hiking tour to Masca Gorge

There is a one-day hiking tour to Masca Gorge – a 7.5 km hike which runs along a stream bed down to a ravine leading to Masca Bay. On the way you’ll see high cliffs, unusual flora, and in the winter some gorgeous waterfalls. It takes about four hours and the waters are crystal clear when you reach your destination. Masca itself is a small town to the north-west of the island and about 650 metres above sea level.

Walking day tour of La Gomera

You could also try out a walking day tour of La Gomera – on the northern tip of the island. You will encounter the natural charm of the unspoiled Garajonay National Park, the historic community of San Sebastian, and the thrilling peak at the Roque de Agando. On your walk, you will learn about the ‘whistling’ local language – Silbo – once crucial for communication between the island’s farming industry and which is still taught in schools in Tenerife. Stop off for a bite to eat and it’s a great walk.

La Gomera walk

The La Gomera walk has a second wind too, for you can take the climb down to the bottom as a different hike to be had. The descent takes you through the small towns of Chipude and El Cercado, where you can stop by the volcanic formations of Rocque de Agando. Also see the Church of Asuncion, where Christopher Columbus stopped to pray before his final journey in the Atlantic Ocean.

Stroll around Puerto de la Cruz

Take a stroll around Puerto de la Cruz, the second-most populated city of the islands. Breathe in the sea air and the utilize the therapeutic qualities of the black-sand beach, by stopping off to dip your toes in the water and touch the sand. You can explore by foot Lago Martiánez, a leisure complex with pools designed by César Manrique, and stroll through the hubbub that is Plaza del Charco of the town centre. It’s a great day out without over-exerting yourself walking too far.

Walk at the stunning Botanical Gardens

File:38400 Puerto de la Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain - panoramio (150).jpg

Meander around for the walk at the stunning Botanical Gardens (also in Puerto de la Cruz), first established in the late 1700s. There is a steep, hilly climb, but if you are unable to get up the hill you can get a taxi from the beach front. Once there view some deeply exotic plants from around the world with trees such as the little-known ‘sausage tree’ or the ‘maracas tree’.

Walk around Playa Jardín

Try out a walk around Playa Jardín, another black-sand beach with gardens and shops, another garden designed by famous the artist and architect Csar Manrique, who shaped the nearby island of Lanzarote for what it is today. This resort also houses historical favorites such as the Hermitage of San Telmo or the Jardín Sitio Litre, which were originated in the 18th century and saw to Agatha Christie on their soil.

Walk around La Caldera

Walk around La Caldera. This is a large volcanic crater which nestles between pine trees of the upper La Orotava Valley on the north-west coast of Tenerife. Endless trails dip and dive amongst dense forest with amazing views of Mount Teide on the horizon and the vista of La Orotava Valley at your feet. The air has a strong smell of hot pine, so it’s hard not to feel relaxed taking this delightful hike.

Cruz del Carmen

Image result for Cruz del Carmen

Cruz del Carmen is a little-known gem of a walk. You will drop into deep, unforgiving ravines, and try and catch sight of birds that tweet but never appear. Walk past, in wonderment, the rows of tiny whitewashed cottages and take in the classical goat farm, almost lost in the subtropical forests.

La Rambleta to the summit of Teide

Image result for La Rambleta to the summit of Teide

If you’re looking for a reasonably short hike, then try out La Rambleta to the summit of Teide. This is accessible by cable car too. It’s in Costa Adeje on the southern coast of the island.

Mount Teide

Mount Teide is the stunning height of 3,718 meters high, its altitudes are literally breathtaking, but you can try and walk it, although the altitude breathing can make it quite difficult. There’s a path all the way up the mountain. From the bottom of Montana Blanco there is an uphill trek that takes about four hours until you reach the Altavista refuge. If you’re feeling ultra-adventurous, it’s another steep uphill climb of about three hours from the refuge to the peak. If you want to go to the summit you need to obtain a summit permit – so do make sure you have this before your trip.

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