10 Paintings by Dave DeVries – Kid Drawings as Realistic Paintings


You may have seen this Dave DeVries artwork on other sites, but there are a few new pieces he has added for this top 10 list.

Dave DeVries has been realistically rendering kid drawings for 12 years now under the name The Monster Engine. These twisted creations are part of an art/interview book that is on sale at his site. DeVries also does detailed demonstrations/presentations at colleges and elementary schools worldwide.  He recently added new art to his site as an exclusive for TopTenz readers.

Dave is also working on a free webcomic called Blueshift. Think “Blade Runner” meets “An Inconvenient Truth.” The site has fake ads including this hilarious take on a submerged Comic-Con 50 years from now. Dave has also contributed to the field of comic art which you can see at DaveDeVries.com.

I have included a bonus painting at the very bottom. This is the first time Dave has shown this published work. It is only a portion of the larger artwork that can be seen on his The Monster Engine website.

10. Batgirl

9. Robin

8. Pencil

7. No No No

6. Max

5. Giant Evil Chomping Baseball

4. Dinosaur

3. Boy

2. Big Big Big Big Mouth

1. Superman

Bonus: Exclusive for Toptenz – Spooky Heart

This is just a cropped portion of the Spooky Heart. See the entire artwork.

Thanks once again to Dave DeVries for sharing his wonderful art and his unique vision of kid drawings transformed into surreal, realistic paintings. Be sure to check out all of his sites at the links provided in the beginning of this list.

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    • When I titled this article I was thinking of realistic in terms of if the creature in the drawing actually existed, not if it existed and looked normal. What would be the point of that

  1. To be honest, I find that there are slightly more details added than I would like.. for example.. how batgirl has breasts.