10 People Who Rose From The Dead


Every now and then you see a story in the news about someone who’s miraculously come back to life. Maybe it’s a miracle, or maybe it’s just bad medicine — read these amazing tales and judge for yourself.

10. MaNdlo


“MaNdlo” is a prostitute from Zimbabwe who reportedly collapsed and died while having a wild romp with a client in 2013. The authorities were called to the Manor Hotel where MaNdlo and her client checked in. As the officials were placing her dead body in a coffin, she miraculously came back to life, shouting, “You want to kill me!” Shocked onlookers ran away in horror.

The officials who responded to the scene viewed the incident as a genuine miracle since they were certain MaNdlo was dead. She was escorted home, while the man who supposedly killed her escaped the crime scene.

9. Lyudmila Steblitskaya


In November 2011, the 61 year old Lyudmila Stebliskaya came back to life after being pronounced dead by doctors. She rose from the dead after spending three days in the morgue!

Feeling unwell, the retired cook was taken to Tomsk Regional Clinical Hospital, where she was admitted for several days. On Friday her daughter, Anastasia, called and asked the doctors about her mom’s condition. To her horror, they informed her that she had passed away. Anastasia began preparing the funeral, and on Monday she went to the hospital to get her mother’s body. However, she was informed that the doctors needed to perform an autopsy before they could release it. While waiting, Anastasia was approached by a horrified doctor who informed her that “her mother was not dead, but was in her bed breathing and alive.”

Stebliskaya couldn’t recall what exactly happened. All she could remember was that she was in the hospital on Friday and that on Monday she woke up at the morgue feeling very cold.

8. Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi

Egypt - Women Weep at a Funeral

Hamdi Hafez al-Nubi worked as a waiter in Egypt. While on the job, he suffered a heart attack and allegedly died. Hamdi’s family washed his body and then prepared it for burial — following Islamic traditions, he was going to be buried in the evening. Fortunately, a doctor was called in to sign Hamdi’s death certificate. While examining the body, the doctor found out that Hamdi was warm and still breathing. After learning the news of his miraculous “resurrection,” Hamdi’s family decided not to cancel the funeral and instead turned it into a resurrection party. Hamdi was 28 years old when this happened in 2012.

7. Brighton Dama Zanthe


Brighton Dama Zanthe from Zimbabwe was 34 years old when he died. His body was wrapped in blankets and sent to a mortuary where it was made ready for his funeral. The following day, mourners came in to pay respects and say their final goodbyes.

As Zanthe’s friends and relatives were filing past his coffin, a miraculous yet eerie thing happened — Zanthe’s legs moved. The first person who noticed this was Lot Gaka, Zanthe’s boss. Other mourners noticed it too, and they “jumped out of their skins and ran in horror,” thinking that Zanthe resurrected to “haunt them.” Later, when people finally overcame their fear and shock, Zanthe was taken to a hospital at Gweru. There he remained on life support for two days.

Like Stebliskaya, Zanthe couldn’t recall what happened. All he could remember was being on life support. He was very grateful to be “given another chance” at life.

6. Tony Yahle


Last year, Tony Yahle made headlines for coming back to life after being pronounced dead by doctors. The Ohio diesel mechanic was declared clinically dead after his heart stopped beating for 45 minutes.

Yahle has a son named Lawrence who was 18 at the time. While the nurses were preparing Yahle’s body, Lawrence pointed at him and said, “Dad you’re not going to die today.” Whether it was a coincidence or a miracle, Yahle responded to his son’s words and started to show signs of life. The doctors who had pronounced him dead were greatly surprised, and they started to revive him.

Dr. Raja Nazir, Yahle’s cardiologist, couldn’t explain what happened. He said, “In the last 20 years, I’ve never seen anybody who we have pronounced dead… and then for him to come back. I’ve never seen it.” Yahle, who is a member of Christ’s Church in Bellbrook, credits his faith for the revival.

5. Walter Williams


Walter Williams was 78 years old when he miraculously resurrected. Dexter Howard, coroner of Holmes County, Mississippi, was called in when a hospice nurse checked Williams for a pulse and found none. He was then pronounced dead.

Williams’ body was placed inside a body bag and was transported to Porter and Sons Funeral Home. The following morning workers at the funeral home were preparing to embalm his body when suddenly they saw something supernatural. Williams, who had been inside the body bag for five hours, started to breathe and kick. Needless to say, they were startled.

Williams was rushed to a hospital and his family was contacted. Dexter Howard, who declared Williams dead, had this to say about the incident, “God has the last word, not the coroner.” Unfortunately, two weeks after his miraculous resurrection, Williams died for good.

4. Carlos Camejo


In 2007, a Venezuelan man named Carlos Camejo got in a road accident. He was pronounced dead and his body was sent to the morgue, where examiners started an autopsy. As they were making incisions, they were surprised when they saw that Camejo was bleeding. Realizing that he was still alive, they immediately stitched him up.

The 33 year old Camejo said that the pain caused by the autopsy was so powerful it made him wake up. His distraught wife, who came to the morgue to identify his dead body, was ecstatic to find out that he was alive and well. The hospital in which Camejo was admitted did not give any confirmation regarding this miraculous event, but Camejo had the document ordering the autopsy and the facial scar to prove that he was pronounced dead by the doctors.

3. Yasmin Gomes


In 2013, Jennifer da Silva Gomes gave birth to a baby girl named Yasmin, who was pronounced dead at birth. Yasmin’s body was supposed to be sent to the morgue, but Ana Claudia Oliveira, a nurse at the hospital, placed the body of baby Yasmin on the altar of the hospital’s chapel instead.

Three hours later, Yasmin Gomes came back to life. This was witnessed by Yasmin’s grandmother, Elza Silva, who came to the chapel to get her body. According to a family friend who accompanied Elza, baby Yasmin “kicked a leg” and “opened her eyes.” She was then revived by doctors.

Doctor Aurelio Filipak, who signed Yasmin’s death certificate, said, “In 20 years of medicine, I have never witnessed anything like this.”

2. Li Xiufeng


Li Xiufeng, a resident of Beiliu, Guangxi, China, stunned her neighbors when she came back to life after spending six days inside a coffin. A neighbor tried to wake up Xiufeng but couldn’t, leading to the assumption that she had died.

Xiufeng’s body was placed in an unsealed coffin inside her house so relatives and friends could pay their respects. On the day before her funeral her neighbors were horrified when they saw that the coffin was empty. They searched Xiufeng’s property and found her in the kitchen cooking. She was asked by her neighbors what happened. She said, “I slept for a long time. After waking up, I felt so hungry and wanted to cook something to eat. I pushed the lid for a long time to climb out.” Li Xiufeng was 95 years old at the time.

1. Tasleem Rafiq


Tasleem Rafiq was 52 years old when she was given a second chance at life. The mother of four was rushed to the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading when she suffered a heart attack. Doctors tried to start her heart for 45 minutes before she was declared clinically dead.

After being informed of her demise, Rafiq’s family surrounded her dead body to say their final goodbyes. The family was warned that Rafiq’s body might make involuntary movements every now and then due to the adrenalin injected into her. And indeed, Rafiq made movements over the next two hours, giving her family hope that she might be alive. The doctor examined her and found a faint pulse, but informed the family that Rafiq “was clinging on to life” and that her brain suffered too much damage to survive.

But the family didn’t give up hope and continued to pray for a miracle. Shabana, Rafiq’s daughter, said, “Mum, if I have done something to upset you, tell me.” Much to her surprise, Rafiq responded with, “What have you done to upset me?” The following morning Rafiq was feeling alright. She was chatting and joking with her family “as if nothing had happened.”

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