10 Ridiculous Theories People Have About the Moon


While scientists aren’t quite sure how the moon got here, most theories they have are pretty vanilla in terms of what we know of the formation of celestial bodies. However, theorists who have always been fascinated by the moon think that such explanations are far too boring. As far as they’re concerned, something absolutely crazy is going on with that big hunk of rock floating around our planet, and it is up to them to discover and announce the real truth.

10. The Theory That The Moon Is Just A Hologram Being Projected Into The Sky

Most people understand we landed on the moon, and of course, others are not quite so sure. However, there are those who are convinced that the moon was never real in the first place, so the entire argument about landing on it is kind of pointless. They’re convinced that the moon changes size and moves around too much throughout the night and from day to day, and that it has unconvincing ripples that show it is actually a hologram.

Of course, most of us know how the optical illusions in regards to objects like the sun and moon work, but this has not stopped many people from thinking this all the same. As for who is projecting this hologram, the theory seems to be that aliens are doing it, although why seems to be another matter entirely. We can only speculate, but perhaps the aliens are simply bored and having a laugh at our expense. After all, there doesn’t really seem to be any point to projecting a fake moon.

9. The Moon Is An Asteroid That Was Pulled Into Earth’s Orbit And Mined Hollow

You may have heard that when NASA tested the moon for seismic activity, they found some. In fact, the “moonquakes” (as they were dubbed) seemed to shake the entire moon like a bell. Now, some suggest this is because of the physical makeup of the moon, its relatively small size, and other factors, but some theorists are convinced that NASA has let the real truth slip out. The fact that it rings like a bell when the moonquakes happen, the theorists suggest, must therefore mean that the moon is hollow.

They believe this only makes sense if the moon was once an asteroid that was dragged by space aliens or ancient, super-advanced humans so they could mine it for valuable substances like Helium-3 — which our scientists speculate we could mine from the moon. Of course, this theory would require incredible feats of technology that would basically be magic to our current understanding of the universe.

8. The Moon Is A Fully Functioning Artificial Satellite, With Its Own Sun-Like Light Source

Some people cannot accept that the sun is powerful enough to reflect light off the moon with so much intensity, and are convinced that scientists and the government are all lying to us all. This is something that many Flat Earthers believe, although they aren’t the only ones. Some claim that the moon cannot be natural because its light is not natural. (Um… sure.) These theorists are convinced that the moon must have some kind of incredibly powerful artificial light source that’s all its own.

Of course, for this theory to work, the moon would have to be some kind of artificial satellite constructed long ago by some kind of ancient aliens, for who knows what purpose. This satellite still seems to be functioning (if the theory is somehow true), so it brings up the question as to whether aliens are still supposed to be operating the moon, or whether it’s just working on a cycle it was left on some time ago.

7. The Far Side Of The Moon And The Strange Space Noise That Alarmed Theorists

Some conspiracy theorists like to point to a declassified recording from 2008, about the Apollo 10 astronauts. They had been on the far side of the moon for a while, and commented on an eerie sound they heard over the radio while out of contact with mission control. The sound was described by the astronauts as “outer space-type music” and set conspiracy theorists’ hair everywhere ablaze. However, while some suggest this was aliens trying to communicate with the astronauts, NASA — and the astronauts themselves — don’t think it was anything special.

NASA and the astronauts from the mission described it as radio interference, and said they did not give it a thought beyond the incident itself — they simply didn’t think it that notable, despite rumors that they (at first) didn’t tell their superiors for fear of being thought crazy. Of course, conspiracy theorists who remain convinced will say the government just told the astronauts to go with the official story of radio interference, and that the real truth is still out there.

6. Stanley Kubrick Faked The Moon Landing And Hid The Evidence In The Shining

This one is slightly more well known, but we cannot do a list on this without mentioning it because it’s just so incredibly insane. The theory posits that Stanley Kubrick, the genius filmmaker of old, was so great at what he did that the government decided they needed him for their greatest project, and his greatest project ever: faking the moon landing on a closed set. This makes very little sense (even if the government wanted to do such a thing); using a famous director would be a really bad way to keep things classified and under wraps. He was also a director we now know incorporated government secrets into his film Dr. Strangelove, so he wouldn’t have been a great choice for such a job.

The theory also claims that Kubrick was resentful about the government forcing him to do such a terrible thing, to the point where he hid clues of the deception the movie The Shining. This sounds entirely insane, as The Shining has nothing to do with the moon whatsoever. But there’s quite a comprehensive theory based around this, and the belief is so prevalent that Snopes even had to debunk it, telling people that no, Kubrick never publicly admitted to such an act.

5. The Moon Landing Was Real (But The Footage Was Faked)

Most people think it’s obvious that we landed on the moon, and that it’s absurd to question otherwise. After all, we have pretty well proven our rocket technology at this point, and many different countries have now made it into space and launched satellites and lunar probes. However, some of these people also feel that there are real inconsistencies in the original video and photos that we’re shown of the moon landing, and think that something is very, very off. Like we said, these people believe that if we truly hadn’t landed on the moon, the Soviets would have been all over it for propaganda purposes. So they admit we probably did land… they just take issue with the footage itself.

These theorists are convinced that, for one reason or another, the government either couldn’t get proper footage on the moon itself (perhaps they couldn’t get the equipment to work properly, or it was too poor quality to show) or they were trying to cover up what the astronauts really saw. Either way, the theorists claim that while we did land, the footage and photos we’ve all seen was indeed created on a closed set somewhere by the government, so they would have something good to show people that would still hide any potential classified information that would get out before the US government wanted people (and rival governments) to know about it. To this theory’s credit, NASA allegedly had much better quality footage than what aired on TV… but they taped over it. Oops.

4. No One Has Ever Made It To The Moon Because Of The Van Allen Radiation Belt

Even most who say that we never landed back in 1969 generally admit that we have made real lunar trips since. Part of the reason for that admission is that other nations have done so as well, so it would have to be a really massive worldwide conspiracy to cover up the “fact” that there have been no moon landings at all. However, despite the fact this conspiracy doesn’t appear to make too much sense, there are plenty who are convinced of it all the same.

Some people believe that the radiation belt outside of the earth is simply too strong, and that we don’t have anything to adequately shield our astronauts — and certainly didn’t back in the days of the Apollo missions. For this reason, some theorists strongly believe that not only has no one ever landed on the moon, but that no biological being has gone past earth’s orbit at all. Some take this a step further, suggesting the radiation is so strong that even unmanned craft haven’t actually gone past Earth’s atmosphere, and that everything NASA, the government, your parents, and your teachers have all been telling you is just one big, fat, fake lie.

3. The Far Side Of The Moon Is The Site Of Space Wreckage From An Ancient War

Some people have read multiple theories passed around the internet (truly, a 100% reliable source of information!) where various astronauts claim to have seen space wreckage while orbiting the far side of the moon. Naturally, this has caused people’s imaginations to run wild. Theorists talk of an ancient space war that occured between powerful races that are either long extinct, or have long left this part of the universe to go to a galaxy somewhere far, far away. Many of these theories also suggest that there are the remains of alien bases around the moon, and that the entire region must once have been the site of incredible armed conflict.

Now, there’s unfortunately (and obviously) no evidence to support these claims. If NASA has any photographic or video evidence of space wreckage or secret moon bases on the far side of the moon, they certainly aren’t sharing it with the public. And, if as some theorists claim, there are still living aliens in these bases who have made contact with us, we have even less evidence of this encounter (or encounters) occurring. While it does stir the imagination, and like many conspiracy theories cannot be disproven, there’s also little if any reason to believe it, either. Of course, there is a ship graveyard on the far side of the moon, but it’s a modern one created by NASA, where old probes are often deliberately crashed.

2. Many Perfectly Rational People Insist That The Full Moon Makes People Crazy (…Or Crazier)

Nurses and doctors are typically some of the most educated and rational people on the planet. However, when the full moon comes out, they sometimes turn into were-conspiracy believers, and attack those around them by saying the most ridiculous things, which would normally sound absurd coming out of the mouths of medical professionals. Oh, and they will do so with an entirely straight face. Nurses, especially those who work in emergency rooms, will swear up and down that there are more crazy calls — and crazy people in general — on nights of a full moon, despite strong evidence to the contrary for years now.

If anything, the only crazy thing going on here is folklore being so ingrained in people that some of the most rational people cannot give up a ridiculous belief that makes no sense, is not grounded at all in science, sounds entirely like magic, and has been literally 100% proven false. And yet many nurses and other emergency personnel remain unconvinced, and continue to believe in a conspiracy theory. Unfortunately, while nurses should know full well how confirmation bias works, they fall prey to it on this issue on a regular basis in order to continue believing the magical tale of the moon’s power.

1. Nobody Ever Really Thought The Moon Was Made Of Cheese (Except Young Children)

The popular cartoon Wallace and Gromit made an entire claymation stop motion film about a man and his dog going to the moon because it was made of cheese, and they needed more to go with their crackers. This goes back to an extremely old joke that turned into an old hoax many people still believe. Long ago, in the 1500s, some writers used the moon being made of green cheese as an expression for something ridiculous that only a really gullible person might believe. The green part simply was a way, at the time, to say that the cheese was fresh.

While some people point to a survey where Americans were asked what the moon was made of, and a strong contender was cheese, this “survey” being cited may as well be considered a joke. It was taken back in 1902, and they were questioning children about the moon. Children, of course being children, said things like cheese, or dirty rags, and other silly things. They had no real idea and were just naming stuff — some of them, not knowing what a lump of space rock might be made of, likely just guessed cheese because they had heard it as part of the old expression. In the end, the only truly gullible people here are the adults who believed that anyone aside from a small child ever thought for a moment that the moon was made of cheese.

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