10 Two-Headed Animals


Well, the saying goes, two heads are better than one and these 10 two-headed animals put that saying to the test, literally. Be warned before watching, some of the videos may be disturbing.

Bicephalic or tricephalic animals are the only type of multi-headed creatures seen in the real world and are formed by the same process as conjoined twins: they result from the secondary union of two originally separate monozygotic embryonic disks. While the most common animals with two heads are two-headed snakes and tortoises many other species have had two heads as well. Take a double look at these two-headed animals.

Two-headed Kitten

Two-Headed Snake

Two-Headed Turtle

Two-Headed Goat

Two-Headed Bearded Dragon

Two-Headed Pig

Two-Headed Cow

Two-Headed Dog

Two-headed Cockroach

Three-Headed Frog (bonus head)

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  1. A BiPolar Guy on

    Some of these are actually not two headed, merely two faced. One big difference is fully two headed animals have two brains, two faced animals have only one brain.